Wednesday, October 7, 2009


And no, I am not talking about Mrs. Jefferson...sweet Olivia is a sick little bugger. I took her to Dr. S yesterday afternoon after I heard the wheezing. I have to admit, I am surprised that the wheezing is so bad because I really didn't think she was all that congested, it must have gone straight to her lungs, and her cough sounds horrible.

So Dr. S is going to watch her for Pneumonia, but for now has her on Breathing Treatments 4X a day and prescribed her a Z-Pack. Hopefully we will see an improvement over the next few days. She is spending the day at my Mom's so that we can keep up with the Breathing Treatments.

Brad is finally back at work today after staying home sick the last two days. It appears as though he is feeling better. He is heading to Baltimore tomorrow for work and will be home late on Saturday. My Mom heads home on Saturday. I am thinking Sunday will be a good day for Chili. Yummy.

I am thankful for:
  • Long lasting friendships...that defy the miles that separate us. My dear friend, Adam and his super sweet, absolutely love her, fiancee, Kearstin have asked me to be in their wedding next September. Adam and Kear spend a good part of the year across the world, as Adam is a Professional Basketball Player. He and I just have that type of relationship that despite the distance we will always be close...I am so thankful for friendships like that. And being that I moved away from home after high school, I happen to have several friendships that fit into this category.
  • Advil - because I have a headache the size of Texas right now.
  • Blogs - those about others lives, their struggles, their triumphs, reading about their day to day trials put life into perspective for me. I also enjoy reading blogs about the everyday lives of people I know, I love to read about their daily experiences, what their children are doing, house projects they are working on, how work is going, it helps me feel connected to people.

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