Saturday, May 30, 2009


Me with the Girls bright and early this morning...sans a shower...give me a break I was up at 6:15am.

Olivia - being the adorable lil White Trash Cyclist we know and love...check out that visor she is sporting, its her fathers. You can't see them in the picture, but she also has her father's Dark Green Croc's on...Size XL.

I believe this was taken Thursday Night, I took about 84 photographs of her playing with the hose, it was quite a scene.

Notice the facial expression, the water was FREEZING, but she was having a blast. Again, fully dressed.

Avery (3 Months) & Olivia (22 Months)

Our poor children have the immune systems of a HIV patient, and I know that sounds terrible, but GOOD LORD. Who gets sick in May? So I picked up the girls on Thursday, my first day picking them up since I have been back at work, and I noticed that Olivia felt hot, so Donna took her temp before we left, it was 100.4, so I gave her some Tylenol when we got home, she didn't eat a thing for dinner, and she went to bed. At 10pm the poor thing was moaning, so up we went, her fever had gone up to 103, so I gave her some Motrin, she went back to sleep and was up moaning again throughout the night, but was up for the day at 5:30am. I had talked to Dr. Shook the day before about Avery and had scheduled an appointment for her at 9:15 on Friday, so I called first thing Friday Morning to see if they could fit Olivia in too, and that meant moving the Appointment to 10am - FINE BY ME. So I clearly had to work from home...shucks! The girls and I had fun spending the morning together and then jumped in the Yukon and set off for Chippenham Pediatrics...
Avery with her adorable/devilish smile.

Olivia - No fever, but CRAZY double ear infection. One of her ears was so bad Dr. Shook said she wouldn't be surprised if it burst and drained - GROSS. 10 days of Amoxicillin (sp?) for her. She weighed in at 28lbs, which is exactly what she weighed at home that morning.
Sweet Angel Avery

Avery - I had scheduled the appointment because she has been congested, spitting up a TON, fighting her bottles and had been extra fussy. So Dr. Shook increased her dose of Zantac and gave me a Rx of Amoxicillin for her as well, but told me to hold off on filling that until Monday. She weighed in at 14lbs 4oz.
Noisy Avery sucking on her fingers.

And on top of all that, Brad and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary on Friday...with a little takeout from Don Pepe at 9pm after the girls were in bed.
Don't you love the monogrammed outfit, outfit from Kids Layne Sale and Monogramming done by non other than GOT ME IN STITCHES (

Olivia woke up around midnight moaning again, her fever was back, so Brad gave her some Motrin, walked back into our room to get her "cuppie", took it back into her room and in that short amount of time she had puked in her crib, the poor thing. We cleaned her up...and back to sleep she went. She slept until 8:45am this morning, and appears to be feeling better, but her nose is still GROSS.
We took Avery to get her 3 Month pictures taken Saturday Morning, she was a little angel, so cute. We can't wait to pick them up on June 9th. We got a few good shots of the girls together, but I am looking forward to Olivia 2 Year Pictures and Avery's 6 Month Pictures, more picture opportunities, I am obsessed with getting their photo's taken as you can tell by all the shots I spread throughout this post.

We then went to Toys R Us and bought the girls (okay, Olivia...) a "Beach" (a.k.a a Sandbox) and an "Ocean" (a.k.a a Pool), and then we had a delicious lunch at Chick-fil-A. Too bad it was their 8th Anniversary and the HUGE COW was there, scared Olivia half to death, she screamed bloody murder and then when the manager escorted the cow away she said through her tears "Bye Bye COOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW". Classic.
Sunday we spent the morning playing with the girls. Brad left around 12:45 for the airport and the girls and I hung out until naptime, then I ran around like a crazy person getting everything ready for Insley's Shower and the rest of our week.
Avery @ Insley's Shower, sitting with Reese.

Avery with Reese

La-La playing in the Pool with Dadda this morning before he left...notice she is FULLY dressed...thats how we roll in the Turner Household.

Bedtime is the hardest as a single Momma. Tonight it about broke my heart, I was trying to read to Olivia, listening to Avery fuss in her chair downstairs (she was safe, don't worry), I was reading as fast as I could, I finished the book and Olivia said "More Gooks", clearly she wanted me to keep reading, but by this time Avery was fussing, the phone was ringing, neither girl had taken their last dose of meds for the day, so I threw Olivia, and by threw I mean placed Olivia gently in her crib, all the while she is yelling "Sit Down Momma", because she wants me to sit back down in the chair and keep reading, I tell her I will be back, I run downstairs get Avery, all the meds and come back up with bottle in hand, feed Avery, tell Olivia I will be right there, run in and give Olivia a book to read in her crib, feed Avery, give her the meds, put her down, run into Olivia's room, give her the meds, pick her up, read her two more books all the while Avery is fussing...put Olivia in her crib after many kisses good night and go check on Avery who is already off to she was just fussing seconds before is BEYOND me. Phew, are you tired yet, can you picture me running around the house with syringes in my mouth full of meds...

Brad took Olivia upstairs and read her a few books around 8pm tonight, its 9:25pm right now and she is still having a full blown conversation with herself...lets hope she sleeps in again tomorrow, but don't you worry, no one is allowed to sleep in with Miss Avery in the house, that chick pops those eyes open and starts chatting it up at 6:30am, she's so happy in the mornings though, you can't really complain.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Snots in May?

Olivia has become a huge fan of Strawberries...thank god we have miracle stain remover...and yes, those are pigtails, her hair is finally long enough for pigtails.
Our little darlings are both full of snots, Olivia's nose is running like a faucet, I'm painting a beautiful picture for you aren't I? They don't seem to be too bothered by it though, however I am not going to count my ducks before they hatch because sleep is usually the most difficult when they are congested.

Speaking of sleep, Avery has been sleeping from 8 or 9pm until about 5am, she wakes usually around 2am, but I put her paci back in her mouth and she is out until about 5 when she gets up to eat and is back down again until about 8am, at least that has been her schedule the last two nights.
I am officially back at work, and seriously, I don't think I could have been put on a more high profile, more urgent project, its horrible. I was so looking forward to easing my way into it, but this couldn't be any further from "easing my way back into it". This is nuts, we are even working this weekend, and that just doesn't happen at Capital One.

I need to tell you all again just how obsessed I am with I bought a Tutu for Olivia, its adorable, she has yet to wear it, but it just arrived today, I can't wait for her to try it on. I had planned on her wearing it for her Two Year pictures. And I bought 10 appliques, which are iron on letters and numbers made out of adorable/fashionable fabrics. I got 3 "O's" and 3 "A's" and then the numbers 1-4, for their birthday shirts. Brad's Mom has agreed to help me secure them if the ironing doesn't cut it. Phew.
Isn't Brad a handsome little bugger?

Saturday Night we had the Koehler Family over for a cook-out. And when they left, Zack planted a big wet one on Olivia, it was so cute, Insley and I just screamed. They are in love, its so sweet. And check out this delicious dessert I made:

Brad's Parents arrived Mid-Day on Sunday, they had a wedding here and spent the night with us, it was a great short visit, and the girls got some loving from their Grammie and PawPaw.
Avery & Grammie - Happy 3 Month Birthday Sweet Girl.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Broken Ear

And I should also mention that Riley has done it again...he has fractured his ear...its gross. I won't go into detail...but he spent the day at the Vet's...and upon pick up I signed over my third born...I swear, he is the most expensive dog EVER. And while I am at it...the brat still doesn't sleep through the night...he is 4 years old, GIVE ME A BREAK RILEY DUKE OF FENWAY TURNER.

First Step...

The first step with any addiction is to admit you have a problem...well, here I go...I have a serious addiction to I can't stop myself. I want to buy every single cute baby/toddler/home item. I just ordered these iron on Letters and Numbers in fun fabrics so I can make the girls shirts with their respective "O" and "A" and then shirts with the numbers 1-4 on it so they can wear them for their Birthday cute.

American Idol - while I can recognize that Adam has talent, I just don't see myself buying his album, so my vote is for Kris. I have been a huge fan of his all season, for me it was Kris and Matt, but Matt has been gone for a while, so my loyalty is 110% for Kris these days.

We haven't sold our car yet...oh wait, have I even mentioned that we are trying to sell our TL? We listed it on Craigslist last week, and we have had two people come look at it, both have thrown out offers, but we aren't ready to negotiate that low, so we are holding on to see what happens.

One Tree Hill - really felt like a series finale, not just a season finale, not sure where the show is headed. Rumor is Lucas and Peyton won't be back...can it really survive without them?

Gossip Girl - GREAT, and I mean GREAT season finale...gave closure to a few story lines and opened the door to several new ones, high five to the writers.

90210 - Haven't watched the season finale yet, HOWEVER, I have read several reports that Luke Perry is coming back to reprise the role of Dylan McKay...WORD. I am thrilled.

YaYa heads back to Northfield tomorrow, she got a little teary eyed saying goodbye to Olivia, those two really have a blast together.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Northfield 01360

Thursday May 7th - we packed up and headed for the airport, our flights had us arriving in Hartford, CT at 1:50pm, but United Airlines had a different plan for us. After about 4 hours at the airport our flight was finally cancelled and we picked up our bags and piled back into the Yukon and headed for the homestead, only to try again the next day. The silver lining...Friday was a much nicer day and I was able to dress the girls in matching dresses. Adorable, if only I would have snapped a picture...

Friday May 8th - we arrived at the airport at 6:10am, realized that United Rebooked us incorrectly on the USAirways flight, hung out at the counter until 7:10am, heard them page us over the loud speaker to get to the gate, we ran, Brad got flagged for extra Security Screening, Olivia was running around barefoot, mashing her cereal bar into the carpet as I waited for them to screen our Formula Water. What a zoo. But we made it, and the flights went well. Home at last. Olivia was so excited to see YaYa waiting for her, she screamed YaYa and jumped into her arms, it was one of those airport reunions that give you a the goosebumps. Olivia loved the "Airplane" and its now one of her favorite words at the slightest sound of a plane in the sky she snaps her head back and looks for the "airpwane" Olivia flew in October of 2007 when she was 3 Months old, so Avery beat her, she was 2 Months old when we left for Northfield.

Avery was thrilled to see YaYa and GaGa, check out that beautiful smile.

Since our flight was cancelled on Thursday we weren't able to get the girls photographer by our favorite photographer Dan Roggi, hopefully one day we will get another opportunity for him to capture our girls.
Brad spent the weekend with us in Northfield and on Sunday Evening he flew back to Richmond. We spent the weekend catching up with old friends and even managed to get out for a few drinks on Saturday Night.
Avery (2.5 Months) and Olivia (21.5 Months) in good ol' Western Mass.

A March Mommie Meet Up (April & her beautiful children: Grayson, Sequoia and Logan), notice Olivia screaming her face off...HA.

As many of you likely know its been a busy few weeks for Boston Sports Fans with the Bruins, the Celtics and the Sox all on, and many nights all on at the same time, we were very busy flipping through the channels to keep an eye on all the scores.
Our Little Sox Fan

The girls with "Uncle Justin" - Justin is one of my best friends from home...

I spent the week rushing around like a crazy person, from 9am to 1pm every day we were slammed with visits and outings. Then it was nap time, what a nice treat to have boy of the girls on the same schedule for the whole week, lets hope that continues. Oh and I forgot to mention that our first night in Northfield Avery slept through the night...but it hasn't happened since, so really it isn't all that newsworthy.

Olivia and Jayden Harrington at Unity Park

The girls entertained everyone that came to visit, and Olivia had a blast playing with all her little friends. She especially loved the park, and the "wing", a.k.a the Swing.

Olivia and her YaYa had picnics on the lawn and enjoyed every single minute together, they are like two peas in a pod, its adorable to watch.
YaYa flew back with us yesterday afternoon and will stay for a few days. Yesterday when we got back, Olivia and her friends Zack and Madison played outside in the sprinkler. Olivia wasn't too sure what to make of it, but Zack was a big fan. Then today we celebrated Zack's Third Birthday at his party, Olivia and Zack are so cute together, I really think they missed each other while Olivia was away. Last night she saw him playing outside before bed, and when he went inside, she turned around, looked at me with her huge brown eyes and said "Where Zackie Go?", it was so sweet.

Olivia at Zack's Birthday Party

Over the last week I have noticied that Olivia's vocabulary has really taken off, she is putting several words together and is quick to pick up on new wods. I always feel like this happens when she is home with us for a week, and when she goes to daycare it goes back to normal and she isn't challenged enough...hopefully that will change when she goes to "school" in January.
In other big news...I go back to work tomorrow. But I will likely be working from home as much as possible until Late June. As it stands now I am not sure which job I am going back to, my old one or potentially a new one, as I have mentioned before there have been several rounds of layoffs at Capital One over the last month, so everything looks a little different these days, so who knows where I will land.
And how could I forget...Shannon is expecting a LITTLE BOY. Finally one for Team Blue in the Turner Family. He will be the loan boy cousin among 3 girls, but hopefully one day we can add another little one to the mix, and maybe, just maybe, our little one will be another for Team Blue as well. At least with Shannon having a boy after two girls it makes Brad realize it can happen and that we aren't doomed to have 3 little girls...HA.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Around Virginia in 4 days...

I am betting that is how Brad is feeling these days...check out his schedule:

Last Thursday - Charlottesville and after a long day we all loaded into the Honey Wagon and set sail for Bassett.

Friday - Radford and Blacksburg

Monday - Martinsville and Galax (sp?)

Today and Tomorrow - Tidewater Area...the man is a traveling machine. He has put 3,000 miles on the Honey Wagon in less than a month.

So our weekend in Bassett was FABULOUS, minus me going to the Doctor and Brad getting sick at the movies...and yes, that included him puking. Woof. Friday the girls and I spent the day with Brad's Mom and of course they loved all the Grammie Lovin. Olivia had fun playing outside with Grammie. Grammie Turner pulled out some of Brad and Shannon's old toys...

And Grammie and Olivia had fun walking around the yard, picking flowers, etc. Avery and I chilled in the grass and blew bubbles.

I went to the Martinsville Urgent Care on Friday, it felt like I was swallowing daggers...and the cutest little NP took care of me, she was wearing denim scrubs, sounds tacky, but they were really cute. She gave me some meds for a Sinus Infection and while I am feeling somewhat better, I am not 100%, so I am guessing I need some allergy meds too.
Saturday Morning Brad got his hair did, and Olivia entertained the entire salon/spa. Then it was off to the Blackberry Church Fun Day. It was just Olivia, Brad and I. Grammie and PawPaw offered to keep Avery...which was a lifesaver since we forgot a stroller...who does that? Jeesh. And I am not even a Mom rookie...
Olivia LOVED the bouncy house. Brad and Chuck (Brad's Close Childhood Friend) bounced around with was adorable. Chuck got injured doing a swan dive...I laughed until I cried. Here is our lil bouncer...and can I just say, she LOVED the quality time with Momma and Dada, she didn't ask about Avery once. HA.

Brad and Olivia also enjoyed the bouncy was so cute. All the older kids let her go first. This one little boy took her hand and helped her up said "Hey There Little Girl, my name is David and I am in the 5th Grade at Sanville Elementary, its so nice to meet you". He was so cute, I almost cried.

They also went on a hayride...pulled by a 3 wheeler...HA. Again, I laughed. Olivia had a blast though and we got her a few "Ba-LOONS". We lost two in the sky, Chuck tried to save them, but he we had to get her a few more.
Friday Night Great Grandma Martin came over for dinner, the girls will call her GG Martin once they start calling her something. Poor GG Martin, Olivia was a little scared of her...

Avery enjoyed all the cuddle time with Grammie and PawPaw, extra hands to love on her...she was happy as a clam.

Cuddle Time with PawPaw

Saturday Night Brad and I went to El Ranchito, Chuck joined in. We had a delicious dinner and then headed to the movies to see Ex-Girlfriends Past (or whatever its called), Brad started feeling ill soon after the movie started, he suffered through for a while and then gave in, went to the bathroom and puked...poor guy. We left before the movie ended...think the local theater will let me in for the last 20 minutes? Doubtful. Shucks...anyways, what I saw was good...
Sunday we all went to church, Olivia went to the way could that girl stay quiet for an hour. Avery ate and then slept the entire time. We had a delicious Turkey Dinner Sunday Night...Brad was feeling a little better by then, so he was able to enjoy it.
We watched Seven Pounds Sunday What a movie. I loved it. Monday Brad got up and hit the road early, the girls and I hung out with his Mom, went to visit her work friends, Olivia tore up the place, running from office to office, good thing she is cute. Then we came home and can see, Olivia is such a good helper. HA.

We arrived back in Richmond last night around 8:30pm. Brad packed up and headed to the beach this morning, he will be back tomorrow night just in time to pack again for our trip to the 4-1-3-. I can't wait to see everyone :) Its been way too long.

And a WELCOME TO THE WORLD shoutout to Luella Braidwood, lil Lulu. She joined the world last night just before midnight. Congrats to Ashley and Robb...she is a cutie with a full head of hair. Ashley was due June 5th, but delivered her first, Big Brother Sam at 32 weeks, so she was expecting an early lil girl...

I can't believe my Maternity Leave is over...I go back to work as soon as we get back from Northfield. THANK GOD I get to work from home for the first 4 weeks, I will need time to adjust.