Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shame on Me

For joking about Beauty before Boogers, because my sweet Avery is one sick little bugger. She has been fighting a fever all weekend and today it got the best of her, she clocked in at 103 degrees this afternoon after her nap, and she was none too happy about it, she didn't leave the couch for about an hour and just put her head down on me, so sweet, but so unlike her, so you clearly know she isn't feeling well. And what could make a Mom feel worse when her little one is sick...a business trip that will take her away from her darlings. I am dreading it. I hate being away from them as it is, but when they are sick its pulls at my heart strings with sumo wrestler strength. I am so scared that Brad is going to take her back to the Doctor tomorrow and they are going to say her lungs are so bad she has to go to the hospital...I figure the antibiotics should have cleared up anything going on in her ears, which by the way were clear when I took her to the Doctor on Thursday morning, so who knows what is causing this fever...maybe Bronchitis, her lungs were bad on Thursday, but not "need to go to the hospital" bad, so we shall see what they say tomorrow afternoon when he takes her. I of course will be on a plane/an airport and will have zero, zip, zlich control over the situation and for those of you that know me well know I won't deal well with that. Big ol' Control Freak, thats me, and not afraid to admit it. So the plan is, Brad will get out of the house early in the morning, possibly take Olivia to school if she is up, and then will be back to take me to the airport around 10am. He will then spend the rest of the day at home with Avery...have I mentioned that I hate leaving her when she is sick. I feel bad leaving Brad with them in general, but leaving him with a sick little girl makes me feel like a deadbeat Mommy.

So can I just complain for a second about Stride Rite...I know they have great shoes, constructed well for the little ones feet, but I just can't fall in love with their shoes and my stomach hurts when I fork over $48 for a pair of shoes that will be covered in mud within hours and shoes that will be out grown within months, its just not my idea of a good time, not to mention there is always a line, it takes today we went in the hopes we would find some cute Spring/Summer sandals, just in time for Easter, and found some we did, but not ones I loved, and turns out it was slim pickings in the girls sizes, so after waiting for a good 20 minutes to have their feet measured we ended up walking away empty I came home and ordered them some non-dressy Keen Sandals that should get them through the summer, now I just need to find them some cute white sandals/shoes between Saturday Morning when I get up and Sunday Morning when we Easter rolls around, wish me luck.

Beauty before Boogers

That's right folks, I did it, I left my snot filled children with my darling husband and set off for a day of pampering.  I had scheduled a long over due hair cut for 2pm yesterday and Brad surprised me by calling the salon and scheduling a pedicure for me, so I set out around 12:15 for an afternoon of beauty. Too bad the salon doesn't also specialize in liposuction...

Well the pedicure was wonderful, despite the love triangle drama the technician decided it would be appropriate to tell me about. I can't tell you how many words she used that don't even fall into my vocab, because I lost count at 12. Good Gracious! But she did a wonderful job relaxing my feet and making them pretty, which not to be gross, is a tough thing to do, I hate feet. The hair cut was just a trim, but I hadn't been since September, so to my earlier point, it was long over due. I am letting my hair grow, with two weddings this summer/fall I want to have up-do material to work with...

A quick update on the girls, Avery is still a mess, struggling to breath, coughing her face off and not eating all that much. Friday night she went to bed at 6pm and didn't wake up until 5am, we thought she was just going down for a nap, so we just put her down, little did we know she would be down for 11 hours, the poor thing wasn't even in her PJ's. Last night wasn't such a good sleeping night...but we are hopeful that she gets back to her normal sleeping routine while I am away for the week so Brad can get some rest. Olivia is still coughing and her nose is a mess as well, but she is dealing much better than Avery is.

We are hoping to hit the mall quickly this morning to run a few errands. I have to return a few things to Old Navy...brace yourselves...I need a SMALLER size. Wahooo.  I want to get another pair of Long and Lean Jeans from The Gap (I happen to love them and could write a whole post just on my mad love for these wonderful jeans) We have to get a water filter at Sears, and then we are going to get the girls feet measured for some "Spring Shoes". Olivia has been talking about it all week since I mentioned it a few days ago, so we need to take action or we are going to be hearing about it until we actually do it.

I went shopping on Friday afternoon by MYSELF...right after work, it was heaven. And I actually had fun shopping for the first time in a long time. I mean I have a long, long way to go, but I was able to buy smaller sizes and try on cuter clothes,  I mean don't get me wrong, I didn't purchase anything with a single digit size, but we are working on it :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Breathing Treatments & Business Travel

Sweet Avery is back on breathing treatments and meds and Olivia joined her last night as well. Avery looks and sounds terrible, her cough is deep, wet and the sound of it makes you cringe, the poor thing. And wouldn't you know it, I just booked a week of travel for me, beginning Monday, its not like I had a choice in the matter, I said it like I had a choice, but I didn't, my entire team is getting on a plane this weekend, lucky for me I don't have to leave until Monday morning and thats only because I am traveling with my boss and he doesn't want to give up his weekend traveling for work. Thank goodness I am not headed back to Manila though, I will be in Idaho and Colorado, which won't be too bad...lets hope the weather holds out for me. And the good news is I got out of the Managua trip the week of 4/5, wahooo.

My parents are heading to Florida today for a few Sox Spring Training games...lucky ducks.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Crazy Busy Week

So tonight Brad is out of town, tomorrow night my dear engaged friend Allison is spending the night, and Wednesday Brad is out of town again....oh and did I mention that I could be working every single night until 8pm with the amount of work I have to get done before Thursday? Oh, and I will be traveling next week so that means I need to get in all the kid-time I can before I head out for a week, talk about being pulled in a million directions at once...I am feeling beyond torn.

Totally off subject, but Brad got another HOTY award over the weekend. He had heard me telling my Mom about this Mederma Stretch Mark cream I was dying to try...thats right ladies, this chick has some serious "love marks" as I like to call them, god bless my two darling children and the stretch marks they will have later in life....and he came through like a champ, he ventured out to CVS on his own without me asking and came home with a surprise...the cream I was yearing for. I apply it twice a day (if I remember), I will keep you posted on the progress.

Avery had a great first day in her new room. It was only her and one other little boy, so she was spoiled to death, which I happen to think she deserves. Both of the girls are congested, and Olivia ended up running a slight fever today so my parents picked her up at lunch and she napped at their house, thank god for them.

Avery is a walking machine these days, toddling around the house...but she is still scooting around with the best of them. The girls is growing up...I still need to schedule their TB tests with Dr. S but my schedule isn't all that open these days, so it will have to wait until the week of 4/5 because I will be out of town all next week. Ick.

The girls got me a gift card to Salon del Sol for my Birthday, and I was hoping to use some of it for a Pedicure on Thursday evening, but a 4pm-5pm meeting just popped onto my calendar that I can't miss so I guess I will be cancelling that appointment first thing in the morning. I am very much looking forward to my hair cut on Saturday though...I am counting down the days, it is LONG overdue. Nothing too drastic, just a trim, my bangs are starting to look like a flock of seagulls.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A bicycle built for....two.

(Cute eh?)

(Sweet Photo)

(Riley waited patiently for them to return)

(Sweet 1 Year Old Baby Avery)

(Trying on Olivia's helmet so Brad knows what size to get her this week)

(Aren't those just priceless...if only I had captured her screams on the FLIP)

(Avery's new car from Bina & PawPaw...yes you read that right, AVERY's new car....too bad Olivia didn't get the hint)

The Girls...and their Chairs

My parents got Avery her very own PBK chair for her Birthday...the girls love their chairs.

San Juan, PR

(View from our Ocean Front room at La Concha)
Well, its about time huh? I mean we have only been back for a few weeks already...where does the time go? That reminds me, I need to mail in our "Free Cruise" voucher this week...more on that later.

We arrived in sunny San Juan around 12 noon on Wednesday March 3rd...we had a very early flight out of RIC to Dulles, and then from Dulles to San Juan, we both slept almost the entire way which (SNOB ALERT) was a great thing, because I am not used to flying like a sardine, after trips to Manila in Business Class, this whole sitting in Coach thing for longer than an hour was a rude adjustment.

(The pool, but notice the city in the background)
If you recall Brad and I were just getting over the stomach bug, or so I thought...when we left. As we were landing in San Juan, we both commented on how Urban and US like it was, I mean I am not sure what we were expecting, it really is the US, but I think our benchmark was Aruba and Punta Cana, so we weren't prepared for another Miami, but in San Juan. So needless to say, we were a little disappointed with how city it was, it wasn't the relaxing beach vacation we had hoped for, but thats okay. 

(Brad laying by the pool, just before we ordered our $16 Chips and Guac)

We went straight to the pool for a few hours and then ventured out for a walk to the local Walgreens for some Diet Coke and Pringles, you know, the vacation essentials. And another reason for the trip to Walgreens has to do with my photo comment, everything at the hotel and turns out in San Juan in general is HIGHWAY ROBBERY. Granted, we were staying at a gorgeous hotel, but seriously, it was a fortune...everything was, good thing we stayed for $25/night, which was the upgrade fee for Ocean Front.

(This was on our way to Walgreens...strange right?)

We were both exhausted after getting up at 3:45am (a big THANKS to my Dad for taking us to the airport), and our stomachs were starting to act up again, so we ended up ordering room service around 9pm after I took a few hour nap...romantic huh? Our first night in San Juan and we get a burger and club sandwich and eat in our bed...good grief.

My stomach bothered me until Saturday Morning, so I spent most of Thursday in bed sleeping, outside of an hour by the pool. Friday it rained on and off, we tried to spend more time at the pool, but it kept raining on us, so we ended up giving up.  We had a couples massage, Brad's was amazing and mine was the worst massage I had ever had, Olivia has more hand/arm muscles than this dude did, it felt like he was just softly patting me, horrible and of course it too was HIGHWAY ROBBERY.

Friday Night we tried to go out for dinner, we headed to the neighboring Marriott, ran into a guy I work with, very small world-ish huh? We had dinner and hit the Casino for a few hours...and when we got back home there was a wonderful small black box on my pillow...could it be? My birthday surprise? Sure enough, a beautiful new David Yurman Diamond Ring, it was just perfect, I was thrilled and couldn't love it anymore. Great Job to Brad on that one!!!

Saturday it poured all day, but since we were both finally feeling close to 100% we weren't going to let the rain get us down, we were going to venture into Old San Juan for a day of sightseeing and despite getting soaked, I am glad we did. Old San Juan is beautiful, but the rain really killed our ability to see the cool Forts, etc. We ended up taking the free trolley around the city a few times just to take everything in, but we were still getting soaked. We ate at Senor Frogs, how very spring breaky of us, but we both wanted something bland and easy on our stomachs so Chicken Tenders it was...

We dressed up and headed back to Old San Juan for dinner on Saturday Night, Brad had been given several recommendations for this wonderful Italian restaurant, and it was delicious, but my stomach was still a bit iffy, so I just had Gnocchi, and he had a Filet, no wine or anything...I had ONE, count them ONE Pina Colada the ENTIRE trip...which for our wallets was a good thing, but seriously I had such high hopes.

Olivia's "New" Bed

I am thrilled to annouce that the transition to the Toddler Bed is going swimmingly, she has only gotten out of her bed on her own once, and that was after Brad went in, opened the door, to encourage her to wake up one morning, and next thing he knew, she was streaking down the hallway screetching about Gracie's Birthday Party and wanting a Dora Birthday Cake for her own party in "Juuuuuuuulllllyyyyy".

We did go to Gracie's Birthday Party this weekend at a local Gymnastics School and Olivia had a blast. I warned all the parents about her issues with the Happy Birthday Song, and low and behold she screamed her darling little face off the first time we sang it, but made it through the second time, which was the important one...they were smart to give her a trial run so she wouldn't ruin Gracie's 3rd Birthday Video. All the parents thought it was hilarious that she screams everytime the song is sung...I have to admit, I think its pretty darn funny too. I was so impressed with Olivia's ability to listen to directions, the teachers were giving her verbal instructions on how to get through the obstacle course and she listened so well and followed right along, took turns, etc, its amazing what 2-3 months of school can do for a girl.

My MIL has skills...

Check out my Birthday Present from Mrs. Sheila Turner, aka my MIL and aka "Bina" (thats what the girls call her). Doesn't she have some serious talent?

I have to admit, I 100% stole the idea from my dear friend Theresa, whose Mother made her some very similar (hers are Black, not Red, so I wasn't a super duper copy cat), but copying is a sincere form of flattery right?

You know what else she has...great dress picking out skills. She was browsing at Belk in good ol' Martinsville, and found these adorable smocked Easter dresses for the girls that will go perfectly with the darling little Lily Pulitzer pink cardigan's that their Terrific Aunt Martha gave them for the ones I purchased from TCP are on their way back, these are the most perfect little dresses for the girls, now I think I will have to set an appointment at Portrait Innovations...they will be too cute to pass up.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Morning with Momma

Friday, March 19, 2010

Decision Made

So I went ahead and ordered Olivia's Big Girl bedding, the one from a few posts ago. I figure I will take a look at it against her walls and make the final call then, but for now, its been ordered and we are just waiting for it to arrive.

I also went ahead and ordered the girls Easter Dresses from The Children's Place, while I am not madly in love with them, they will do, now I am on a hunt for white cardigan sweaters...

Tomorrow Olivia and I are going on a date. We are going to lunch, just the two of us, and then we are going to Gracie's Birthday Party, one of her friends from school. We might even do a little will all depend on how she handles the no nap situation. Which if I were to judge based off yesterday, when she didn't take one, I think we will be just fine.

Brad held strong last night, and let Avery cry it out when she woke up at 4:30am, 8 minutes later the little cuss was back asleep and woke up talking this morning around 6:40am happy as a clam. The poor thing took a tumble yesterday at school and they had to fill out an accident report, the little klutz.

We are all looking forward to a weekend of no travel and good weather. I hope to have some photos to post sooner rather than later, I know the blog isn't as fun without them.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top of the Morning To Ya...

Oh it was a fun filled morning in the Turner Household.  I had laid out Olivia's new Green Polo Dress to wear today in celebration of good ol' St. Patty's day, but she decided to have a mind of her own, and wanted to sport some pants under her dress...that didn't even come close to matching. Oh well, to be a 2 year old again. I hope to have some photo's to share later today...but these days, the girls are coming home looking like rag-a-muffins because they are playing outside at school.

Avery was also compliant with the required green attire. And heck, so was I...and almost my entire department, I was super duper impressed with how we represented.

Also, big news, Avery is moving up to the next classroom and hold onto your seats....I am NOT freaking out about it.  But the reason I am not freaking out is because 1) she is starting to walk on her own a lot more and 2) they are opening a "transitional" room for babies from 12m-16/18m, which makes me feel a whole heck of lot better than if she was moving into the 12-24m room, which was the original plan.  She has been transitioning to the 12-24m room for the last week or so, and its gone well, which makes me even more excited that she will be moving to the transitional room...and won't have to deal with a 2 year old stomping on her chubbiness. It's cute, when we pick her up, the little toddlers say "Bye Bye Baby", cute eh?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Easter Dress Hunt...

Yes, you read that right, I am not on an Easter Egg Hunt, I am on an Easter DRESS Hunt. I broke down and bought the girls ugly dresses at Target on Thursday for fear I wouldn't see the inside of a store for another two months and the girls would be ill prepared for Easter, but I am not satisfied with my purchase, they will be going back to the store, but I need something to put my little darlings in on Easter, I mean really, their first Easter to be dressed alike...if you recall Avery was just a blob last year at this time, so this is the perfect opportunity to get two matching, adorable dresses, but NO, I can't find a single dress I love...who am I kidding, I haven't even found a dress I really like...there I go, kidding myself again, I honestly haven't found a dress I even kinda like. So what is a girl to do? I don't want to break the bank. I love the smocked look, but don't want to spend a fortune on these dresses. Any suggestions on where to look?

Another Bedding Option - Opinions Please

So what do you think for Olivia's Big Girl Bed? Too Grown Up? Just Right? I love it so much I would marry it if I could, Olivia tells me she loves it and wants it for her bed too, but the girl would likely agree to Star Wars Bedding for all I know and we all know how I feel about Star Wars - woof.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bad Blogger

That would be me, a bad blogger. I am in a blogging rut and can't seem to snap out of it. I owe you all photographs of our trip to PR, but I have yet to upload them, so there you have it, no photos to share as of now. Work has been crazy with a capital "C", and Brad was out of town two nights this week, so that adds to the craziness. What on Earth would I do without my parents, goodness gracious they are saviors.

On a side note, you know Spring is approaching when yourYard Guy calls and $700 later, your Yard will be covered in mulch and a new drain will be installed on the side of your house...good grief that is a lot of clams for yard work. What I could do with $700....

Tomorrow night I am hoping to leave the office around 4:45pm, pop in on a Going Away party for a colleague, who is leaving Capital One to be a Director of an Orphanage in Thailand (very cool, right?), and then arrive home in time to see some Family Friends who will be in town visiting my parents for the weekend, but  if the last week of work has taught me anything, its that things rarely go according to plan, so I won't be holding my breath.

We are headed to Durham on Saturday for Sweet Lily's First Birthday Party, as long as Avery gets a clean bill of health tomorrow at her 12 month well visit. Her cough has been lingering and her nose runs every now and then, but we are hoping she is a-okay so we can be there to celebrate with Sweet Lily (and her Momma).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

I will catch you all up later when I get a second to breathe...but for now I thought I would leave you with something that makes me smile every second of the day...sweet Avery and her crazy hair. And I should also mention that Brad does this every chance he gets, and it cracks him up, he is like a four year old spiking her hair, and perfecting the look, its quite entertaining.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh Olivia...

So earlier today she was playing in her kitchen, and I hear "Oh my God, Oh my God Diego". She is one funny kid. Diego is her best friend and she spends every waking moment with him.

And then later today, I thought she was napping with Brad upstairs while I was working downstairs and all of a sudden I hear the pitter patter of little feet and she appears around the corner....totally naked. Brad was sleeping, and she undressed herself and ran down the stairs...

As I type she is in her crib and all I hear is "Oh Man, Oh Man, Oh Man". Crazy girl!


We'll its official, the stomach bug has made its way through our house and is hanging on for dear life. Avery is still suffering from super loose stools, Brad and I are both out of commission, but Olivia seems to be feeling better. This morning was rough. We had to try and get the girls up out of their cribs, but neither Brad nor I could stand up without having to throw up and run to the bathroom, so it was a long morning. We are seeing signs of improvement, but its going to be a long, long day. I feel so bad not being able to work today, considering we are leaving for Puerto Rico on Wednesday morning at 6:30am, tomorrow is going to be my only day in the office, which basically means I have only been in the office for 3 days in the last 3 weeks, not good.