Saturday, June 28, 2008

And 11 months later...she walks

We can't believe it, she is already 11 months old, approaching the big 1-2. We are preparing for her birthday party and can't wait to see everyone who is making the trip. Olivia is especially excited to see her Grandparents, both sets will be here, she loves all the extra lovin.

Olivia took her first steps this past week, we don't have it on video yet, but we are hoping to capture it this weekend. Her max in a row is 10, but most of the time its just 2-3 at a time before she sits herself down, no big diggers yet, but we are sure its bound to happen soon.

Sweet Olivia had an "ear check" appointment with Dr. Saliskar on Monday, all clear and no talk of tubes. She weighed in at 23 lbs 6 oz, but fully dressed, we are waiting to get the official 12 month weight in a few weeks when she goes back.

Brad is training hard for another race, next one is July 6th at Camp Hilbert, last time he raced there it was about a degree outside so Leigh had to leave Olivia at home with YaYa, but this time we are probably going to be dealing with 100 degree temps, something we are not thrilled about, but we need to support our Captain Lycra.

We are going to venture out and find some fireworks this year, last year we stayed in, but this year we are going to venture out with The Koehlers. And then Saturday the 5th we are cooking out with The Koehlers and The Harris's, just a low key neighborhood get together. We are guessing Zack and Olivia will take a dip in the baby pool.

Olivia would like to give a Birthday "shout out" to her friend Natalie Johnston who turns 1 today, and her friend Kaylee Rogers who will be 1 tomorrow.

Also, great news to report, Leigh's good friend April Tillar is expecting a little baby boy in November, we are all thrilled for them, we are guessing Addison (the Dad) has already gone out to purchase the tikes first camo onesie.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy 1st Father's Day Captain Lycra

What a weekend - Phew. So much to blog little time, so here is the quick and dirty update.
1) Olivia spent Thursday and Friday at Aunt McRae's Daycare while Donna took a few days off. Olivia loved every second of it, she had her first experience on a swing and squealed the entire time.

2) Brad's Parents arrived Friday afternoon for the weekend

3) Olivia's Top Front Tooth is fully through, and looks hilarious because the other one isn't even breaking the gum yet
4) Saturday was spent at the James River Adventure Games ( Brad raced in the Urban Assault and guess what....he won. He came in first place. We are so proud of him. We wish he would have put some shorts on over that Lycra after he crossed the finish, but apparently he had to be photographed in "full uniform" when he was awarded his First Place Medal. After hours in the heat we all retreated home to watch Olivia play around in the Baby Pool with Zack.

5) We celebrated Brad's 1st Father's Day with a nice relaxing day with his Parents and then went to Outback with Justin, Insley and Zack.

We are looking forward to a quiet week, but a big weekend is ahead. Leigh is heading to Atlanta/Columbus, Georgia for Megs "Girls Weekend" Celebration. Leigh is looking forward to some QT with her college gal pals, but will of course miss Sweet Olivia, Brad and its debatable whether she will miss Smelly....we mean Riley.

Olivia turns 11 months on Wednesday, we can't believe how quickly time passes. Check her out below, she loves walking around behind her toys, when she goes out on her own, without the toys it isn't pretty, so for now she is sticking to the stable toys.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Family Field Trip to Patient First

So another month, another ear infection for Baby Olivia....and of course, another tooth, or two. The poor thing has been a river of snot and drool for the last 10 days and finally this weekend Leigh caught her pulling on her ear, so once Brad got home this afternoon we took a family trip to Patient First since Brad was still fighting off the yucky cold he caught earlier in the week. We arrived at Patient First at 12:55 and didn't see the Slow as Molasses Doctor until 3:07 and at 3:18 we were discharged. Olivia and Brad both had Rx to fill so off to CVS we went...

Brad left early Friday morning for Winchester, Virginia. His fraternity brother, Matt Bloyer got married on Saturday evening. Brad had a blast, he caught up with his old pals and they all traded pictures of their little ones, a big change from the college days they spent together. He blabbed the entire way home about how great it was to see everyone, Leigh is bummed she missed it, but someone had to stay home with baby Olivia, we aren't trusting Riley with that duty just yet.

Olivia's last swimming lesson is Wednesday night, but with an ear infection we are thinking she should probably skip tomorrow night, we are hoping she can go back on Wednesday for the last night, but we will wait for the green light from Dr. Shook before she takes the plunge.

Leigh is in training until Thursday, so it will be a long week for everyone...we are looking forward to the weekend. Grammie and PawPaw are coming to visit and Brad has a race on Saturday morning downtown, so the plan is to cheer him on, however if its another 100+ degree weekend we might be waiting for him in the Yukon (AC on full blast). And of course Brad's First Father's Day is Sunday, Leigh already has the whole day planned...Olivia can't wait, she is already done with her shopping and can't wait for her "DaDa" to open his present. Happy Early Father's Day to all you "Dad's" out there.