Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Showers...

What a weekend...a weekend full of showers...Bridal and Baby that is...not rain showers. We celebrated Megs Bridal Shower on Saturday and April's Baby Shower today, it was great to get everyone together to celebrate the wonderful occasions. Leigh is exhausted, she still isn't feeling great and all the preparations and hosting had her on her feet most of the weekend, so she is looking forward to two days of downtime. Oh wait, she has a toddler...that won't happen.

Leigh has had some crazy dreams over the last few days...the last one involved the baby wearing a pair of Brad's Boxer's and he (the baby, not Brad) resembled one of the Macy's day parade balloons, it was a little scary.

Leigh has already scheduled her 20 week Ultrasound, she couldn't risk someone jumping ahead of her and getting the 8:30am Ultrasound on Tuesday morning, since her Dr doesn't see patients on Monday's this was the first available slot. We are all just hoping this one "shows us the goods" the first time around unlike Olivia and that Brad stays safe and out of the hospital so he can actually attend the appointment with Leigh. So we are taking votes, what do you think it will be? a little brother for Olivia, or a little sister?

Next weekend is the Richmond Race...Gretchen and Rob Ragsdale will be in town for the weekend and Brad has his last Mountain Bike race of the season on Sunday Sept 7th (tears of sadness for him, tears of joy for Leigh).

We have a very busy fall planned, but we are looking forward to spending some QT with friends.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Olivia the Big Sister....

We are thrilled to report that Olivia is going to be a big sister....we are expecting and due March 2nd, but with any luck the baby will be delivered mid-late February to avoid another large and in charge child. No offense Olivia...

So if you are doing the math, that means the little buggers will be 19 months apart...close, yes, but nothing to compared to some of these stories I am reading on a very side note, this one woman delivered her first child 7 weeks early and 5 weeks post delivery she found out she was pregnant again, so yes, that means she got pregnant even before her first child was due...scary huh? We are excited to watch the little ones grow up together, but of course are nervous about managing two toddlers...we have been told that the first two years will be the worst, unless of course its another girl and then I am guessing their teenage years could give the first two years a run for their money.

We have had two Ultrasounds already and everything is looking good, but of course its still early, only 13 weeks along, but we are keeping our prayers loud and our fingers crossed.

Olivia has a blast poking at Momma's yucky, squishy stomach, and she wacks it often, we try and tell her gentle, but she just laughs at us.

We are all looking forward to the long weekend...Leigh and Brad are taking Friday off to spend the day together, and Leigh will be preparing for Megs Bridal Shower on Saturday and April's Baby Boy Brunch on Sunday, and Leigh is going to be taking Tuesday off as well to get the house back in order and relax. Vacation to burn is a wonderful thing....

YaYa misses Olivia and is trying to find a time to come down and visit....

Monday, August 18, 2008

ER.....take 2

So we were hoping Olivia was on the mend, turns out the infection was just starting...Brad and Leigh got a call while they were in Fairfax at Rob's Wedding, the "blister" had grown and her whole thumb was red and swollen, and moving into her hand. They rushed home and when Leigh saw the thumb she almost threw up. The blister was purple/red and the size of two huge gumballs (the ones you get out of those machines at the store), it was awful. So we all went on a field trip to the ER. They ended up opening it up and taking a culture and drained all the blood and puss. The Dr. and Nurse were amazed at how big it was, and lil Olivia didn't make a peep when they cut it open, she just sat there like a brave little soldier. Dr. Thompson (who saw Olivia when she was dehydrated) thinks its a staph infection, so she is on two different antibiotics and once the culture comes back late tomorrow we will know for sure whether she is on the right stuff or not. For now its bandaged up, which means no thumb sucking for Olivia, which also means crying her eyes out at night...the poor thing.

On a positive note, we had a great time at Rob & Gretchen's Wedding, very casual affair, but we are super happy for them.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

QT with Grammie and PawPaw

Leigh and Brad are headed to Northern Virginia for Rob Ragsdale and Gretchen Hamm's Wedding this afternoon, and Sweet Olivia is spending the weekend with her Grammie and PawPaw Turner here in Richmond. We are looking forward to some husband/wife time, but of course will miss Olivia and will head home first thing tomorrow morning.

Leigh and Brad took Olivia to the Doctor this morning, she has been having some issues with a very red and swollen thumb, the one she sucks of course, and turns out its infected, so the little one is now on some meds and hopefully is on the mend.

Everyone is looking forward to celebrating PawPaw Turner's Birthday tomorrow, lunch at Maggiano's is in order, we can't wait.
Also, Leigh's Best Friend Beth turns the big 3-0 tomorrow....we wish we could be there to celebrate with her and remind her that she turned 3-0 first. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beach Baby....

We all had a blast in Duck, NC. We spent the week there with The Koehler Family and Brian and Molly Harris. Zack and Olivia had a blast with each other, or I guess we should say, Olivia had a blast with Zack, she followed him around and he wanted nothing to do with her, typical male :)

The weather was beautiful, two storms, but both during the night, so we had plenty of beach and pool time.

Olivia had a quick trip to the Beach Hospital after a potential allergic reaction, turns out she was just having a bad skin day and had a potential case of Ringworm, but that has since cleared up without medication so we are guessing that was just another skin issue as well. She was a trooper.

Olivia is spending the week with her grandparents, YaYa and GaGa Worden have her Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then Grammie and PawPaw Turner arrive on Wednesday evening to man Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Olivia. Donna (Olivia's Daycare Momma) is off all week and we are heading to Rob Ragsdale's Wedding in Northern Virginia on Saturday, we are looking forward to an Adults Only trip, but we had a blast spending an entire week at the beach with Olivia.

We are not looking forward to going back to work, we all agree that next year we need two weeks of vacation, one just doesn't cut it.

YaYa and GaGa are heading back to Northfield on Thursday morning, we will all miss them very much as they have been a big help with Olivia and a big help for both of us as well. They will be back for the Winter beginning on Thanksgiving. Leigh and Olivia are thinking about a trip to Northfield this Fall, but its still up in the air.