Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our Little Model....

Olivia had her one month photo session on Friday - we couldn't have asked for a better mood, she was so well behaved, like a little angel.

We had a great time at Portrait Innovations, Ya-Ya and Gargaroo Worden came along for the ride and had a blast watching Olivia ham it up for the camera.

No one could believe she was there for her one month photo's, we are guessing it is because she is a little bigger than most one month olds.

After about an hour at the studio, she was a tired little girl, so the grown ups went out to lunch while Olivia took a much needed nap. Olivia then went home with her Daddy and spent the afternoon cuddling on the couch, while Leigh went shopping with her parents for house supplies, they close on Wednesday, so everyone is excited about the new house.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No sleep for these girls...

Well, we are exhausted to report that Olivia and Leigh are averaging about 90 minutes of sleep per night, last night Olivia, Riley and Leigh played from 2am-7am, not exactly Leigh's first choice of activities for those wee hours, but it could be worse, Olivia could have been screaming her face off the entire time, but we are blessed that even though she is a very "alert" child, she is usually very happy while she is awake. If anyone has any advice on how to get her to sleep longer than 90 minutes, please pass it along.

The Worden's arrive on Thursday, not a moment too soon, we are all very excited for their visit, they will be here until after Labor Day. They will close on their new house on August 29th and their furniture will arrive on the 30th. Riley can't wait to have a new home to dominate. The Worden's have offered to babysit on Saturday night so Brad and Leigh can go out for dinner without the little one, it will be their first time away from her since she was born - and for those of you that aren't keeping track like we are, she turned 1 month old on Saturday August 18th.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Olivia hits the town...and her Tummy.

Well its been a busy last few days for Olivia, she had lots of lunch plans last week, that we are all happy to report went very smoothly, Megs did however have to help Leigh put pepper on her Chicken Salad, its tough to grind pepper and hold Olivia at the same time.

Yesterday she hit a big milestone, Brad was sticking his tongue out at her and she started to immitate him and now will stick her tongue out if you stick yours out at her first - not a very charming milestone, but we are proud of every accomplishment at this stage.

She has been smiling a lot more lately, but we are still torn between whether its gas, or whether they are slowly becoming legit smiles, we are hoping for the later, but we still aren't sure, we will keep you posted.

Olivia started Tummy Time last week, we are happy to report she doesn't hate it, please don't confuse that with her loving it though, the jury is still out, but we are just thrilled she doesn't scream her little face off.
This week we have lunch plans with Molly that also include a mini-shopping trip to Leigh's new favorite baby clothing store - TJ Maxx, we hope to get together with Megs for lunch and Thursday may involve a play date with Carsyn Delph.
Brad is happy to report that he was able to attend a local Mountain Bike race on Sunday, one of his friends from DC was racing, and took second place. Brad is having major withdrawl from biking, he has only been twice since Olivia arrived but he has big plans to ride at least once this week and also on Saturday with Rob Ragsdale, who is coming down to meet Olivia.
Leigh is hoping to do something for herself in the next few days, maybe a Pedicure on Saturday morning before the boys head off for their big ride.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Our naked noodle

Olivia had a very exciting little Saturday, we took a family trip to Target, purchased the important stuff - diapers and wine (how great is it that Target sells wine, and cubes of wine at that!) And then we had dinner with Justin and Insley at their place, Zack only tried to crawl into Liv's carseat a few times (with her in it), but other than that he was very gentle with her. She was on her best behavior at her first dinner party, she slept the entire time, including while we tried to wake her to feed her.
We are hoping for a few successful nights sleep this week as Brad heads back to work tomorrow, Leigh and Olivia have a very busy week planned, lunch with Capital One friends on Monday, a play date with Isaac Tan on Tuesday, a trip to Brad's office on Thursday to show off Liv and lunch with Megs and Dana on Friday. We will have to report back on how the week went, Leigh is a little nervous, hopefully it will all go smoothly.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Olivia Turns Two Weeks Old

August 1, 2007 - Olivia is now two weeks old. Its been an exciting two weeks for everyone. Riley is enjoying his lil' Sis, but every time we put her in the car seat, he gets a little too excited thinking we are "taking her back to where she came from" since the car seat is what she came home from the hospital in.

We have been fortunate enough to have Brad's parents here with us for the week to help not only with Olivia but help keep our house in order. Brad's Mom is heaven sent - she can calm Olivia when it seems impossible - boy are we going to miss her.

Today Liv went to visit Dr. Shook for her two week check up, Dr. Shook is amazing with her and makes us feel like great parents, she is always complimenting Olivia on how perfect she is and how we have done a great job with her so far, hence the reason we absolutely LOVE Dr. Shook. Leigh is already in a panic about her two month check up, that's the big one when Lil' Liv will get 5 shots - we are taking bets who will cry more, Leigh or Liv, our money is on Leigh.
Here are Olivia's two week stats:
Weight: 10 lbs 12 oz - 97%
Height: 21 3/4 inches - 95%
Head: 15 - 90%

So needless to say, Liv is a healthy "little" girl.

Brad & Leigh were able to enjoy a peaceful lunch at Chipotle after Olivia's Dr. Appointment, she slept the entire time, what a little angel.
Tonight we are going to join our friends at a surprise birthday party, Leigh can't wait to dress Olivia up, it will be her first "Party", Leigh has been talking to her about outfits all morning, and Leigh has also been talking about enjoying her first post-baby beer. The last sip of alcohol Leigh enjoyed was on November 4th, so its been a long long time, it should be interesting!!