Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yummy Yummy in my Tummy

Look at that excitement, the little one was beyond READY to try "food" for the first time. As soon as strapped her into the High Chair it was all smiles, squeals and giggles. She could hardly contain herself. We decided to wait until she turned 6 months old, we adore her Pediatrician so we took her advice, better to be safe than sorry when it comes to food allergies. Grammie and PawPaw Turner were here to witness the milestone. Olivia did a great job, as soon as the spoon came near her face she opened her mouth in anticipation. There were times when she would make her "Razzberry" sound just as the Rice Cereal was about to enter her mouth, making a huge mess, but it was adorable so we don't mind cleaning up after her one single bit.

As you can tell, she had trouble keeping it all in her mouth, but that's the fun of being a baby, you can make a mess and someone else cleans it up. Oh the joys of childhood.
We are going to stick with Rice Cereal for the rest of the week and then will start with either carrots, green beans or peas. We are starting with veggies in the hopes that she develops a taste for them and doesn't get spoiled by the sweetness that comes along with fruits. With the way this girl can pack food away we are doubtful that she will turn up her nose at anything.
Olivia had 2 of her 6 month shots yesterday, we have decided to spread them out due to the awful reaction she had at her 4 month shots, so she will go back on Monday for another one. She managed to pee on the scale and then did a #2 while she waited for the Pediatrician, all in a good day's work.
Weight: 18 lbs 15 oz - 97%
Length: 26 inches - 90%
She is still growing like a weed, but has remained consistent from the beginning. We are hoping she will slow down a little bit once she starts "moving" around a little more. Other than her "Jumparoo" exercise she has no desire to move, no desire to roll over and while she is perfecting the act of sitting up, she isn't showing any signs of crawling or creeping, with the weight she is carrying around who knows when she will have enough muscle strength to carry herself around.

Happy First Birthday Anna & 6 Month Photo Shoot

Shots from CLIX

We took Olivia to CLIX (in the West End) for her 6 Month Photo Session, we had a ton of great shots to choose from, but we wanted a good variety. After our morning at CLIX we headed over to The Tillars for Anna Wrenn's First Birthday, can you believe its already been a year?

Anna's Birthday Theme was Snowmen and Snowflakes, of course the little darling's dress matched the theme to a T. Anna enjoyed her cake and managed to eat it without getting it in her hair, we were all very impressed.

Happy Half Birthday Baby Olivia

Its been an amazing 6 months filled with laughter, tears and lots and lots of hope. Watching a little one grow up has to be one of life's greatest joys, everything is new to her, the world is so bright, it isn't the scary place that we all see on the news and read about in the papers, its refreshing to see the world through her eyes now and then, and at times it scares us to death that our little one will one day lose that innocent lens she currently sees the world through.

Her Half Birthday was celebrated on January 18th, we had friends over for Pizza and Cupcakes, Leigh attempted to spell Olivia out on the cupcakes, but we all know her middle name isn't even close to Martha Stewart, Leigh is hoping that Olivia will look back on the pictures when she is older and remember the lesson she was taught at an early age "Its the thought that counts".

Mommy and Daddy gave Olivia a Jumparoo for her Half Birthday present, we are thrilled with her reaction, in her eyes its the greatest toy on Earth. With every bounce/jump a smile spreads across her face and she generally falls into a fit of giggles within seconds. She LOVES it.

YaYa picked Olivia up early from "school" so that she would be home when Leigh got home. Leigh had a rough week of work and needed some quality time with Baby Olivia.

Grammie and PawPaw Turner arrived around 5:30pm to spend the weekend with the "Birthday Baby". With them they brought two new toys for Olivia, which she adores, she loves the new sounds and shapes, but what Olivia really loved, even though she doesn't know it yet, is that Grammie and PawPaw brought Brad's old Red Flyer Wagon that was given to him as a child by his Grandpa Martin, she will treasure it.

Olivia was given the green light to stay up "past" her bedtime, usually we have to hold her eye lids open to keep her awake until 7pm, but she was bouncing in her jumparoo until 9pm like a little rock star.

Besides the Red Flyer wagon Brad's favorite present that Olivia received would have to be the Redskin outfit from The Koehlers, Olivia had a blast playing with the hangers. Leigh's favorite would have to be the new Pink Shoes she received from Brian and Molly :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Back to the Ol' Grind

Riley is very upset over Leigh going back to work, he has been losing sleep at night just thinking about being in his crate all day after 7 months of freedom, he has been caught napping during the day to catch up on his lost sleep (see above). He looks stressed doesn't he?

Baby Olivia has lost her little voice, we are thinking she might be getting sick, but right now she just has a cough that makes her laugh and a very scratchy voice, its adorable. She tries to giggle and it barely comes out, she tries to do her dinosaur growl but its very deep and scratchy.

We have a quiet weekend planned, Brad and Leigh's Dad are going to the shooting range for some "practice" on Saturday morning and then of course we will all be glued to the TV at 4:30 to cheer on the Redskins (Leigh and her parents are saving the majority of their cheers for next weekends Pats Game, but just as Brad cheers for the Sox, Leigh returns the favor and hopes for a big W for the Redskins). And then of course numerous errands to get the whole family ready for Leigh's return to work.

Olivia is looking forward to Miss Kristen's visit next weekend...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Turner Family...we are happy to report that everyone is feeling like a million bucks today despite a few glasses of champagne. Baby Olivia had her second sleep over at YaYa and GaGa Worden's last night, and was a perfect little angel (so they say). Brad and Leigh spent the evening with friends at Brian and Molly's house, they were having a little get together, they enjoyed great company, delicious food and of course yummy champagne, and witnessed Robbie Maddison break the world record for jumping 320 ft on his motorcycle (Leigh is slightly embarrassed to admit this).

Brad and Leigh are going to focus their energy on eating better and having a good balance in their life for 2008, while Baby Olivia is hoping to hit some major milestones such as: First Taste of Baby Food (Late-January), First Step and First Word...all will be very exciting and we will be sure to keep you informed. Leigh started planning Olivia's First Birthday Party, for those of you that don't know Leigh very well, this is normal behavior, planning ahead is her middle name. Leigh is also running around the house like a crazy person trying to get everything in order so she feels at peace with going back to work on Monday.

Sad News: Megs officially has left Richmond for her new life in Columbus, Georgia. She will be arriving at her brand new house and will be living in sin with her darling fiance, Tim, and starting her new job at Aflac on Monday. While Leigh, Brad and Olivia will miss her to death, they are thrilled for her that she is beginning a new chapter in her life.
We are all excited about Aunt Kristen's visit in 1.5 weeks, it will be the first time Olivia has met her, we can't wait for her to get here.
We are looking forward to celebrating both YaYa Worden's Birthday and Olivia's Half-Birthday the third weekend in January. Cupcakes all around :)
We hope you all have a wonderful 2008, a year filled with health, happiness, love and lots of laughter.