Sunday, November 25, 2007

Liv's First Thanksgiving

Olivia's 1st Thanksgiving was spent in Bassett, Virginia with the Turner Family. The greatest thing about Thanksgiving is being able to spend time with family, and when you go to Bassett you get family in full force, there were close to 30 guests all piled into Brad's parents house.

It was a bitter sweet Thanksgiving, the first with Sweet Olivia but the first without Cousin Ricky, we all remembered him throughout the day and prayed for his family as they enter the first Holiday season without him.

Olivia was able to spend the day with all three of her Great Grandmother's (Martin, Turner and Hoskin), pictured above is GG Martin and GG Hoskin. Olivia calls them "GiGi Martin, GiGi Hoskin, etc.

Olivia was finally feeling more like herself after a horrible reaction to her shots. She had her 4 month shots on Monday and was finally starting to smile again on Thursday, Leigh was VERY worried about her and talked to the Advise Nurse at Chippenham Pediatrics numerous times during the week, 102 fever freaked Leigh out and the fact that her usually happy baby was no longer a happy baby scared her to death, Leigh lost more sleep worry about Olivia than she did in the newborn days. After all the horror stories Leigh had read about what shots can do to babies she is more than relieved to have her darling little girl back. We have decided though that Olivia will be taking her 6 month shots in several doses, not all at once, the reaction just isn't worth it.

Leigh spent the weekend decorating for Christmas, the tree is up, the Christmas Village is up and the stockings are hung by the TV with care. Our goal for the rest of the weekend is to take our Christmas Card pictures so we can get them printed in the next week or so. Olivia has her formal Christmas pictures taken tomorrow, but due to a few MAJOR scratches on her face, they may be postponed. We hope everyone had a wonderful, healthy, happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Survey says....

Miss Olivia weighed in at 16 pounds 8 oz, which is still in the 97% and measured 25.25 inches in length, which is the 90%. Brad and Leigh both thought that she was longer than 25 inches, they had measured her a few times and had seen at least 26 inches, but I guess the professionals know what they are doing. Dr. Seliskar was impressed with Olivia's strength, her ability to stand for an extended period of time and her neck strength. Brad was impressed that Leigh only cried for about 10 minutes this time instead of a full 30 after the shots were adminstered. Olivia screamed while Leigh cried, go figure.

Brad and Leigh had a wonderful night away, Leigh took Brad to the Virginia Crossings Resort, but not without a quick but delicious stop at the James River Winery. They spent Saturday night at the Crossings and headed back to Olivia and Riley after a yummy brunch on Sunday morning. For those of you in the Richmond area, the resort was beautiful and a great place for a quick getaway. Brad and Leigh were thankful that Grammie and PawPaw Turner were able to come up and stay with Olivia, they knew she was in great hands and didn't worry a bit (well not too much). For the record, Leigh only called home twice to check on her, impressive huh?

YaYa and GaGa Worden arrive today for the winter, everyone is very excited about their "new home". Olivia bought them flowers and a "Turkey" cake to welcome them to their new home, she even displayed them in the kitchen for them to see as soon as they walked in the house - what a thoughtful little girl she is.

We all (including the Worden's) will be spending Thanksgiving in Bassett with the Turner family, we will head down in the morning on Thursday and will be back Thursday night. Great Grams Sandra will be joining us in Bassett and then will follow us back to Richmond for a few days, we are looking forward to her visit, look for some great pictures of the "generations" of "Hoskin" women...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy

Olivia is ALMOST 4 months old, the big day is on Sunday, we can't believe 4 months have already come and gone - where does the time go? Speaking of time, Brad hit the big 3-0 on Thursday, we celebrated by going to lunch with ladies from his office during the day and then joined our friends Brian, Molly, Insley and Megs for dinner at Chammps, where Brad enjoyed $2.00 Highballs - what a cheap date he was.

Olivia has hit a mini-milestone - she now rolls over from her stomach to her back, but only in one direction and of course just like Riley never on command. Brad has yet to catch her in the act, Leigh is hoping to catch it on camera one of these days.

Brad's Parents arrive this afternoon for a weekend of celebration and quality time with Olivia. Brad doesn't know it yet, but Leigh has planned a surprise for him this weekend and don't worry, there is no risk of this post ruining it since he probably doesn't even know the blog's URL. Check back to get an update about the surprise...

Sunday, November 11, 2007


So first things first...

1) William Stratford Butner, "Ford" was born at 4:26am on November 10th, his proud parents Greg and Angie are both doing well, bless her heart, after 32 hours of labor Ford was finally born via C-Section. Greg and Angie are our friends from Wilmington, NC, this is their first little one. Ford weighed in at 8 lbs 8 oz and was 21 inches long. Olivia can't wait to meet her new friend, we are planning a visit in late Decemeber/Early January.
2) Megs and Tim are engaged - he proposed in Georgia over the weekend, at the beautiful Calloway Gardens, she is on cloud nine and we couldn't be happier for her.

Now on to the Turner Family News...nothing nearly as exciting or life changing as the above events, but as Brad prepares to kiss his 20's goodbye on November 15th, we kicked off the week long birthday celebration with a Surprise Dinner Party Saturday Night. Brad went "hunting" with Reese, Ryan and Brayden for the afternoon (Reese did a great job keeping him out of the house), Leigh ran around like a crazy person preparing dinner for 20+ people while she kept Olivia alive and fed. Leigh was amazed that she actually pulled off the surprise, Brad was shocked and speechless for a few minutes.

YaYa Worden flew back to Northfield on Satuday, but while we miss her, we are looking forward to her return, she will be back (with GaGa) the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and will be here until late March. Leigh was VERY thankful to have her Mom here for the week, Olivia had her moments and Leigh was so grateful to have her Mom here to help, not only with Olivia, but also Riley - he was a royal pain in the rear the entire week Brad was gone.

Brad's Parents are coming for the weekend to celebrate his 30th Birthday, we are looking forward to their visit.

Leigh is counting down the days as she prepares Olivia and herself for the first day at daycare, Olivia will be joining her good friend Zack at Miss Donna's on December 3rd. Brad is going to be in charge of dropping Olivia off, Leigh is fairly certain she wouldn't be able to handle it as she generally cries the entire way to work when she has to drop Riley off at Doggie Day Care.