Thursday, September 20, 2007

Two Months...and too many shots.

Oh it happened...Olivia got her first set of shots, five to be exact, three in one leg and two in the other, and she also had an oral dose, so make that six. Leigh has been preparing herself for this day since the day Olivia was born, but it still didn't help matters, as soon as the nurse walked in Leigh had her head in Brad's shoulder and the tears started coming fast and furious. We wish we could report that Olivia took it like a champ without a peep, but no such luck, she screamed her adorable little head off, took a quick nap in the car on the way home (with just Mommy, since Daddy had to go to work) and then continued to cry for almost an hour before she passed out for the afternoon. And we should mention that Leigh had stopped crying by the time Brad got home from work at 5pm, take note, her appointment was at 9:30am, it was a rough day for Leigh. Poor Olivia.... She got the typical fever that many babies do, she was restless all night and therefore Leigh didn't get a wink of sleep. Needless to say, we are not looking forward to the 4 month shots, however it will be down from five shots to four...phew.

So on to the exciting stuff, her stats:

Weight: 13 lbs 2 oz - 95%
Height: 24 inches - 95%
Head - 16 - 90%

She is a big healthy "little" girl, and according to Dr. Shook she is still "perfect". Leigh of course forgot to mention to Dr. Shook that Olivia has been spitting up more than normal, we are going to self diagnose with a mild case of Acid Reflux, and we do this with a great deal of experience with our group of friends who are going through it...

Other than the 2 Month Dr. Appointment, this has been a fairly quiet week, however tomorrow Leigh and Olivia are excited about their lunch date downtown with Lindsay and Leslie. The weekend should be fairly quiet with an unavoidable trip to Target and maybe a walk around the Short Pump Towncenter with Auntie Megs.

Next week the real fun begins, we are gearing up for our first weekend away from home since the early Spring, don't worry, Olivia is coming with us. We are heading to Massanutten for a weekend, Leigh can't wait to show Olivia good ol' JMU and of course make a trip to Dave's Taverna Express, delicious! Brad has been very busy at work preparing a couple of large bids, we are hoping they go well, Leigh keeps telling Olivia that all of Brad's hard work is going to pay off and she will get a "new pair of shoes". Liv just laughs at her.

We ordered Liv's Halloween Costume this week, its a surprise, so you will have to check back after Halloween to see how adorable she is going to be. We should also mention that YaYa Worden is coming on Halloween day to spend a week, Brad will be out of town for a week so Leigh is looking forward to the extra set of hands/help.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Wedding Weekend

Well it was a family filled weekend for Miss Olivia. The Jones Family arrived on Thursday night and couldn't wait to hold her, she loved the attention her cousins Leah and Ellie gave her. It was the first time the Jones Family had met Olivia, so her Auntie Shannon was very excited to get her in her arms for some quality cuddle time.

Grammie, PawPaw and Great Grandma Martin arrived Friday Afternoon and then were off to the rehersal dinner, it was dinner at home for the Turner and Jones families, Leigh was thrilled because Shannon offered to make dinner.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

8 Weeks old...oh how things change...

Well the last few days with Miss Olivia have been quite different than the first 7.5 weeks, things she used to love, she now doesn't, however at least she has replaced them with new things, so that Leigh isn't constantly searching for new ways to soothe her. She loves sucking on her own hand, and remarkably so she can fit almost the entire fist in her mouth, she is only a mediocre fan of her pacifier, she does still enjoy tummy time, but her favorite position these days is sitting up on our laps so she can scan the room and check everything out. She loves to watch Riley move around the room, we can see not only her eyes follow him, but she actually moves her head around to follow him as he chases his toys and begs for attention.

Leigh is convinced she is going through a growth spurt, she was fussy on Tuesday, which isn't like her, and she ate every 2 hours, but now she is back to her normal happy self. She graces us with smiles as soon as we peer into her co-sleeper in the mornings. We can't tell you how great it feels to see her grin up at us, its a great way to start the day. She is still sleeping in her co-sleeper, we are expecting to move her to the crib or at least her own room sometime in the next month or so.

Olivia started sleeping through the night right at 6 weeks, so about two weeks ago, however some nights she is getting up at 4 or 5 to eat, but since she is going down at 9pm, its still a full night of sleep for her, and when she gets up at 4 or 5 to eat, she usually isn't up for the day until close to 9am, so Leigh is able to get up and shower before Liv even wakes her pretty face up.

Leigh had a "Girls Night" out on Saturday night with April, Megs and Courtney, they had a great time at Brio. Leigh is hoping to make it a re-occurring event. Speaking of "Girls Nights", Leigh is headed out with the Newby's Mill Girls (that's our neighborhood) tonight for dinner and drinks at The Boathouse, one of our favorite spots in Richmond, right on the water.

Leigh's parents were here for a few weeks while they closed on their house, it was GREAT having them five minutes away for a few weeks, it will be even better when they are here from Thanksgiving through March every year. We can't wait.

Brad's family, including Shannon and her family (that's his sister and our nieces) will be in town this weekend, staying with us for Alex's wedding. Leigh will be at home with Liv, Leah and Ellie on Saturday night, it will be a true test to see how many little ones Leigh can handle on her own.

Olivia goes back to Dr. Shook next week for her 2 month check up, the big one, the one with all the mean shots. Leigh is scared to death, so we are all hoping that Brad can make the appointment to hold Miss Olivia while Leigh waits outside with her ears plugged. We are taking bets on how much she weighs...Ya-Ya Worden is guessing 32 pounds...not quite yet :)
Leigh and Olivia have a play date tomorrow with Courtney, Isaac, April and Anna. And today Leigh and Olivia went to Capital One to visit all of Leigh's co-workers and deliver her broken computer to the savvy IT folks, lets hope they fix it SOON.
And for those of you that are worried about Riley abusing Olivia, don't worry, he didn't really roll over on her (picture above), she didn't even make a peep, she loves her big brother and its clear that the feelings are mutual.