Thursday, July 30, 2009


Its 4am local time here in Manila and I am packing up, shutting the computer down and checking out. We are off to the airport for our 6:45am flight. We land in Richmond at ~4pm on Friday. I cannot wait to see Brad and the Girls. I am just a tad worried about our tight connections in Detroit, being that we have to go through customs, lets hope its quick and we don't miss our flight. Fingers Crossed.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Put Your Prayin' Shoes On

Sweet Stellan is in a fight right now for his precious little life. ( Many of you have followed Stellan's Journey and its been a roller coaster and right now he is holding on for dear life.

When I read about his fight and I read the words coming straight from his Momma's heart my heart just breaks for her and their entire family. It just isn't fair. And of course, reading his updates from across the globe, in a hotel room by myself I can't help but think about how I need to cherish the time I have with my girls, and feel guilty about being away from them for a week. Every time I read his updates and its bad news I always go and check on the girls, usually I am catching up on my blog reading after the girls are in bed, so I tip-toe into their rooms, peek over the edge of their cribs and watch their healthy bodies sleep in peace, with tears streaming down my face, we are so fortunate that our girls are healthy and so blessed that Avery's rough start was just that, and nothing more. I think every day about how lucky we are that her stay in the NICU was so short and that she came home a healthy baby, it could have been a very different story.

I wish I could help Stellan and his family, but I can pray long and hard, but its strange, if there is one little boy I don't worry about having prayers coming his way, its Stellan.

22 Hours...

and I will be boarding a plane, just beginning my journey home to my very much missed family. I have really enjoyed my time here in Manila and found that my new role at Capital One was a very good move for me, I am passionate about our customers and these agents are the first line of defense when it comes to improving our customers experience. Dorky, I know.

So my manager/friend, Carver and I have had a very solid routine this week. We work from 9pm-5am every day, come home, head down to the pool at 6am for our version of water aerobics, at 6:45am we get out, dry off, head to our rooms, change, and meet one of our colleagues from Canada downstairs for breakfast, and then I would usually have a spa treatment scheduled, and by 11am I was back in my room getting ready for bed. I have really enjoyed getting to know the agents that work for me, they are just precious.

The food has been so-so. We have breakfast at one of the hotel restaurants (Circles) and this morning I ordered dinner from room service (strange to say this morning followed by dinner), but all other mornings I just skipped dinner and went to bed, and we would just grab snacks at Starbucks during the night while we were working. God Bless Starbucks. So seriously, if I have gained weight I am going to be furious because I haven't eaten a thing. We haven't left the hotel other than for work and shopping on Sunday, and for that I will have big regrets, but I know I will be back, likely in just a few short months, so I am promising myself I will see more then.

Olivia hasn't wanted to chat with me over the phone, while it makes me sad, I know its normal and I am trying not to take it too personally, I have to tell you though, I cannot wait to see her, just hearing her voice through the phone pulls at my heart strings. And it sounds like the girls have been angels, other than Olivia's typical Monday attitude, they have been great for Brad, sleeping very well, and now Brad's Parents are in town so he has some help, which is great. He was even planning on going for a ride tonight...between you all and me...he is one lucky duck, I never get a minute to myself when I am home with the girls alone, and he is going for a ride? Are you kidding me? He has the life.

TV here...not fabulous, but I haven't really had time to watch, however right now I am watching/listening to CSI NY as I type.

I am really looking forward to the Kids Layne Sale on Saturday, but I have to hold myself back, I am only allowing myself to look for Christmas Outfits and a Birthday Outfit for Avery. And on Sunday we might be packing up and heading to VA Beach. My good friend Adam, his fiancee Kearstin and their son Jayden will be in VA Beach visiting friends and having Jayden dedicated, so we would really love to be there for the occasion as its very important to us to support them and their family, but with all the travel and time changes, I might want to die, so I am hoping I feel okay and we can make a day of it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obsessed with...

1) Stationary, can't get enough, can't stop buying it, probably have enough to write Thank You notes until I am 74 years old.

2) Monogramming

3) Diet Coke

4) My BlackBerry

5) Buying dresses for Olivia & Avery

6) Tote Bags, I want 43 Lands End Boat Totes...I have a serious problem.


8) Reading Blogs, I think everyone should have one.

9) Planning trips that I may or may not take, I book hotels, then cancel, then book different ones, all because I love to dream and plan. Don't worry, I don't go as far as to book the flights, those are non-refundable.

10) Baby Names, I seriously want 12 children so I can name them, I just can't stop brainstorming names I love. I will be crushed if I don't get to name another child...for several serious reasons, not just the what appear to shallow reasons listed in my #10.

Show us the Dress

Some of you already know that I follow Kelly's Korner and every Friday she asks us (her readers) to join in the fun in sharing our lives with her, it started out as a tour of our homes, we would share our rooms with her and she would share her rooms with us, but we have moved on to other areas of our lives, this week was Share your Wedding Dress Friday.

I instantly fell in love with my dress. I was living in McLean at the time and found the dress online, there was a boutique in Old Town that carried Amsale (the designer) and then a boutique in Richmond (Karen Eagle, at the time, now Bella Rosa) and turns out after a visit to Hannelores in Old Town if I wanted to see the actual dress I would have to make the trip to Richmond, as Hannelores didn't carry the dress, they could get it, but didn't have a sample of it. I combined my visit with a work trip, Allison (close friend from college) met me at Karen Eagle, I tried it on and knew right away it was the dress for me. Allison agreed. Its very me, simple...and classic. It was made out of Satin Organza, Empire Waist, from the waist up there was a thick Satin Trim and the same Satin Trim lined the hem as well.

Here you have it...

This gives you an idea of the back...I could have left the bow off, but the designer discouraged it.

Brad and I married on May 29th, 2005 and will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary next May with a Family Reunion at Reynolds Plantation, Georgia. We had planned on taking an Anniversary trip and renewing our vows, just the two of us, I was going to wear a white dress and he the suit he wore at our wedding, but now it looks like those plans will have to adjust a little since we will be with our family that weekend, either we renew our vows with all family present, or we wait and do it another time. Jury is still out on that, I am thinking we will wait, no need to take the focus off the Family Reunion and put it on our renewal of vows. I am hoping for our 10th Anniversary we can renew our vows again, on a beach with the girls present.

If I had to do plan beach wedding or renewal ceremony right now I would go with a dress similar to the one in the following link:

Don't be me the dress.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

The good news is, I know when I will be back again. As I type, I am blogging from my gorgeous hotel room in Manila.

Check it out:

This is likely the longest distance blog I shall ever type. As many of you know I am here for work for a week. I left the US on Friday at 12:35pm, flew from Richmond to Detroit, had a short layover in Detroit, boarded a plane for Nagoya, Japan, had about 90 minutes in Nagoya and then boarded another plane (actually the same plane) for our final leg to Manila, Philippines. Carver (my manager) and I flew Business Class from Detroit to Manila, it seriously is the only way to fly considering you are on a plane for a long, long time. We left Detroit at 3:45pm on Friday and landed in Manila at 10:30pm Saturday Night. Granted, there is a 12 hour time difference, but still, a long long time.

I had a teary goodbye with the girls and my parents, as they will be heading back to Northfield on Monday, so I won't see them for a few months. They will be back in September after their first visit to Camden Yards to see the Sox played the Orioles. It was our Anniversary Present to them. I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but every year we get them tickets to a different ball park, cool huh? I sure think so.

So back to my trip. As I sat down in Business Class for our first leg from Detroit to Nagoya, I was greeted by a fabulous glass of Champagne, and I enjoyed several glasses of Riesling before and during dinner and then it was back to water, so I wouldn't get dehydrated for the long haul across the globe. I dined on Crab Cakes which were delicious, Carver enjoyed Filet and Shrimp Scampi...she claimed that they were delicious as well. There was an adorable family upstairs (we sat Upstairs in Business Class) with us, 4 little ones and two beautiful young parents, the two youngest were Olivia and Avery's age, so of course my heart ached for the girls, I was so impressed with how they all handled the flight, but more impressed that they paid for 6 Business Class flights, that's like $30K, are you serious? Yikes. I watched: 17 Again with Matthew Perry, cute and cheesy, just the way I like um, then I watched part of Gran Torino, but I couldn't get into it, I was too tired, so I tried to sleep, but that didn't work, so I watched The Reader with Kate Winslet, VERY STRANGE, but powerful. I then watched Two and a Half Men, and then He's Just Not That Into You, and of course I slept a little...or I tried, even with the comfy reclining seats, its tough to get comfy. The food from Nagoya to Manila was rough, so I ordered room service when I got to the hotel a little after 11pm.

The hotel is wonderful, its in Makati, close to designer stores, the Hard Rock, TJI Friday's and California Pizza Kitchen, I will post pictures when I get back. And it has a 24/7 Starbucks.

I ordered a Grilled Swiss Cheese, cheese choices here are slim, and it was horrible, but the French Fries were delicious and the Coke Light was to die for, and after talking to Brad and my Mom I hit the hay, but not before taking one of the best showers of my life, seriously, the water pressure is one I really need to write home about, the best I have experienced. I took another one this morning after I hit the pool for an hour.

We will work East Coast Hours, so we don't go to work until 8-9pm Monday Night, which is 8-9am Monday Morning at home. So today Carver and I are going shopping and will then take a nap, and will have a yummy Japanese Dinner tonight before just laying low. We will likely try and stay up for several hours tonight to try and get on the schedule we will keep for the week, but I booked a Massage for 10am tomorrow morning, I cannot wait.

Oh yeah, and its hot and humid...and I mean HUMID with a capital HUMID.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Friday Night while I was putting Olivia to bed I held her a little longer than normal, and the tears just started flowing. We were rocking in her glider after reading books and it hit me, she is two years old, going on 18, next step going away to college. I want to freeze time and savor every moment with her, I adore her and every second we have together.

Olivia in the Pool at her Party...

I took the day off on Friday to spend with her, a tradition that I started last year on her first birthday. We started the day with pictures at Portrait Innovations...and let me tell you, it wasn't easy, she didn't want to cooperate and for the first time at PI I was less than crazy about the photographer. We rushed home and hopped in the car with Kimberly and Madison (our neighbors) and headed off to the Pocahontas Pool where the girls had a blast playing together while Kimberly and I chatted and supervised. It was great until about 12:30 when the thunder rolled in and we all had to get out of the pool. We came home, ate lunch, listened to the thunder, all while Olivia was yelling "dun dun", and asking to see it. It was a tough concept to explain that she couldn't see the thunder aka "dun dun". Down for a nap she went...

Birthday Party Favors...

Saturday Morning she woke up, played outside and around the house, opened a few presents from YaYa and GaGa and Pattie Jo and Bill Messer and basically just ran around until it was time to head off to McDonald's with YaYa and GaGa for Lunch. She had a blast and gobbled up her Kids Meal, all while trying all the dipping sauces and making some sour faces, wish I would have gotten those on camera. Then down for a nap she went and we all ran around like crazy people to get everything ready for her party which started at 4pm. I had to wake Olivia up around 4:15pm, I was worried she would be a bit timid being that the house was full of people, but she handled it like a champ and within minutes she was off to the Pool. I don't think she got out of the pool once, or at least until we made her get out to cut the cake, guests were getting ready to leave, I wanted to make sure she cut the cake so everyone could enjoy it. She didn't make it through Happy Birthday without a few tears, but everyone warned me about that, so I wasn't surprised. Actually I had been practicing it with her for the days leading up to her birthday and the outcome was always the same, tears...poor thing just gets overwhelmed.

All of her friends were so generous and she got so many great toys. She really got into opening her presents this year, I can't wait for Christmas. Sunday was a lazy day...a much needed day of doing nothing after a crazy Saturday.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

T Minus 2 Days...until the BIG 2

I can't believe my little girl is going to be two years old on Saturday. We will be hosting 17 of her "friends" and their parents, along with several of our friends, likely close to 45-50 people for a cookout on Saturday Afternoon. The favors are done, I will post pictures on Saturday of the event and be sure to include the favors, I think they are cute, simple but cute. I am a tad nervous about the weather, it appears as though the weather folks are calling for rain, I am just praying that it holds off and waits until the little ones have gone home, I don't know if our house can handle 17 little ones running around. And Friday I have big plans for Olivia and I, we are going to spend the day together, and again, the weather folks are calling for rain...urg. Hopefully we will be able to spend the day at the pool, after we have pictures at 9am...

Olivia is madly in love with Molly, my good friend and neighbor. As soon as Molly gets home from work Olivia yells "Molly Home", and if she sees Molly coming over she yells "Molly coming, Molly coming" and does a crazy dance, and tonight she said "Wanna see Molly, Wanna see Molly", so we called Molly and Molly came outside and when it was time to go inside she kept saying "Hug, Hug Molly", but you could tell she was a little shy about it, so she would back away, and then said "Hug Molly', again and get a little closer, then back away and say "Hug Molly" again and finally she did it. It was adorable.

Brad will be traveling tomorrow night, so we will scramble on Friday Night to get everything together for the party, and of course a last minute trip to Costco on Saturday Morning before we pick up the finishing touches.

And I found out at work today that I will likely have two more trips in the next few weeks, that means 3 trips in just over a month, a lot more than I was planning on, but hey, I am thankful to have a job, so I am going to do my best to keep it. I feel for Brad though, it isn't what he signed up for, but I guess that is what marriage is all about, rolling with the punches...I didn't sign up to marry a crazy cyclist, but clearly we are still married despite his obsession.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The important things in life...

The Bachelorette...

Seriously folks, what a show. And before I even get to her selections, I have to just say that Ed's Shorts and Wife Beater were HORRIBLE, what was he thinking? He did make up for it a little bit with the Seersucker Blazer, but the shirt he wore under the blazer...again, what was he thinking? Reid is adorable, I could just eat him up and Kiptyn is just Kiptyn, nothing really sticks out about she picks Kiptyn and Ed and Ed is the one that flopped on their date, go figure. I am sad for Reid, he was my favorite. Ed was my second favorite going into tonight, but now with how his date went and his green short selection, I just don't know.

I also think the Dating in the Dark show is one of the dumbest ideas ABC has come up with in a long, long time.

I have seen the Wendy's Sweet and Sour Chicken Commercial about 83 times in the last two hours and I want someone to tell me if its as good as it looks, because it looks delicious.

Jessica and Tony broke up...yup, that would be Simpson and Romo, we are tight, so we are on a first name basis. I am actually very upset about their split, I thought they were adorable together. But with Nick and Vanessa broken up...could that mean a Nick and Jessica reunion?

On a serious note, my parents are a little ahead of schedule, they left Northfield today, and will be here tomorrow, we are all very excited to see them, no one quite as excited as Olivia though.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Man to Man Defense

God Bless Molly. She joined us for our adventure to Sears this morning to have Olivia's 2nd Birthday Pictures taken. I don't know how Mom's go places with two under the age of two on their own. I mean, seriously, I could take them shopping in the double stroller, but not if one was out walking around, the other had to eat, etc. I can't thank Molly enough. After pictures, which went just so-so BTW, we headed to Chipotle for lunch, that was heaven on earth and both girls were little angels.

Brad is in NY at Mike Stolarcyk's Memorial Golf Tournament this weekend, he said its going to be a tough day, by 8am, he had already seen Mike's Mom and said there wasn't a dry eye in the place, such a tragic event. But I am so glad that Brad is there to show his support to Mike's Family, and to spend time with his Fraternity Brothers, if we learn nothing else from Mike's passing too soon its that we need to take advantage of the time we have with our friends and family each and every day.

I have to admit, I am a bit nervous to go up and get Olivia up from her nap. Last night when I checked on her at 9:30pm she was 100% naked, but still awake, so I was able to dress her, change the sheets, since last night we weren't so lucky, and put her back down, lucky for me this morning she was fully dressed when she got up.

Avery slept from 8pm-6am last night, I was so proud of if only Riley would get with the program and sleep through the night we would be in business, but of course not, he was up at 12:15am and 5:00am...jeesh.

We have a busy week ahead of us. My Parents arrive on Wednesday, we can't wait to see them, Brad is out of town on Thursday and Friday, and Olivia's Party is Saturday. We can't wait to see everyone and we hope the Birthday Girl has a day to remember. I am planning on taking Friday Off to spend the day with Olivia, as of now we are planning on going to Pocahontas Pool with our neighbors Kimberly and Madison (Madison is just about 6 weeks younger than Olivia).

And I have some sad news to report...Whalie..aka our inflatable pool...perished. And I don't think we can bring him back, the holes were too serious, we did all we could, but we just couldn't plug them all that means I need to rush around and find another pool by next Saturday. And wouldn't you know it, Wal-Mart isn't carrying the Bubble Wands anymore...that was going to be part of the party favors...back to the drawing board. SON OF A NUTCRACKER.

We did get some great news this morning through. Olivia and Avery's cousins, Leah and Ellie will be joining us on Saturday for Olivia's Birthday. They are spending the week in Bassett with Brad's Parents and will be coming along for the day, we are very excited that we will get to see the girls, we don't get to spend enough time with them.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Avery: Update

She had her two remaining 4 month shots today, the little trooper barely made a peep, so brave. And I asked the Nurse to measure her head, she was a little hesitant, as she clearly had read her chart to see that she was going to see the Doctor about it in a few weeks, but she did, and the good news is, it hasn't grown any, still 17 1/4. Phew.

Two of my loves...

Last Night...

I have very few words to describe the scene in Olivia's Crib last night when I went to check on her before I went to I thought a picture would do it justice. (notice, the diaper is also on backwards, so she tried to diaper herself again, and it didn't work)

And while we are on the subject of embarassing Olivia, I thought it would be fun to show you what her "timeouts" look like. It just breaks my heart...but I couldn't pass up the photo opportunity.

Picture it....July 4th...on July 6th.

The girls showed their spirit on Monday at daycare by dawning their Fourth of July garb since I was too lazy to change them into it on the actual holiday, but like I stated before, their baby books will never know the truth.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yup, that is how my legs feel right about now. I attempted to go for a run tonight...for those of you familiar with my neighborhood, you know it isn't all that big...well I ran that and then walked the rest of the way through the other neighborhood and then walked our neighborhood again, all while jamming to Michael Jackson and my girl Brit Brit on my iPOD. I really enjoyed getting out of the house alone, its the second time since Avery's arrival that I have done it and both times I have kicked myself for not doing it more often. The diet is still going fairly well, I have remained fairly even over the last several days, but I have cheated quite a bit with a few work lunches, but I am hoping to get back on the diet horse and drop a few more lbs before Olivia's Birthday Party.

I am so bummed, I found a fabulous cake maker, she actually works at C1 with me (but I don't know her), but she is already booked for next weekend, so it turns out that we will be dining on UKROPS cake again this year...not that I am really all that upset, it is FABULOUS cake. But I am looking forward to using Barbara (Cakes by Barbara) for a Baby Shower this Fall and likely for Avery's Cake in February.

Avery goes back to the Doc on Friday for her two remaining 4 month shots and a head measurement, fingers crossed her melon hasn't expanded. Also, on Friday, I am looking forward to my lunch break, I am going to visit my dear college friend Lindsay and her sweet baby boy Colt. He was born on June 13th, so he is coming up on a month old...already, wow. I can't wait to meet him and hear all about her first month of motherhood.

And my work trip to Manila is booked. I leave at 12:35pm on Friday July 24th...please send all your prayers to Brad as he prepares to be a Single Dadda for a week. God Bless our parents. My parents will likely be able to help out the first weekend I am gone, as they will still be in town for Olivia's Birthday, and when they head back to Northfield, Brad's Parents will likely "tag in" and help out until I get home. I am dreading the trip, I can't imagine being away from the girls for a full week, it will be my longest stretch away from Olivia and my first trip since Avery's birth. Olivia is usually a big Momma's girl, but the last few days she has spent a lot of time with Brad and actually called out for him the last two times she hurt herself (the silly goose, walked her head right into the door frame last night, I just watched her bounce off the frame, I didn't expect her to walk right into it, of course she cried, and wanted her Dadda).

Olivia has a new trick to get us to come into her room while she is trying to fall asleep. She puts her feet/legs through the slats of her crib and yells "Ouchie Momma" and just fusses until you come in, then when she realizes you are there, she moves her foot...sometimes, and sadly enough, sometimes it really is stuck, the poor thing. She also asks for "more hugs, more hugs" after you put her down into her crib, because she knows its tough to hug while she is down in the crib, she has figured out that kisses are possible without removing her from the crib, so she doesn't ask for those anymore...the little turkey.

Avery has been an "average" sleeper lately, she had two nights in a row of sleeping through the night over the weekend, but since then has been waking once a night to eat. Yesterday she woke at 5am to eat and then went back to sleep, which was heaven sent, I was scared she was going to think it was time to play. This morning she ate at 3:30am and then woke for the day around 7am.

Riley on the other hand. GOD BLESS!!!. Can you put dogs on eBay? Seriously....

The Tour de France bellows through our home for the entire month of July, we only watch VS HD (thats the channel its on). I do have to admit, its more exciting this year with Lance back, but I can only watch so much cycling...Brad on the other hand, can watch it for HOURS...and I mean HOURS, he DVR's about 8-9 hours a day....snooze.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Olivia loved them...couldn't stop talking about them...or so Brad says. I wish I could have been there to witness one of her firsts, but its cool that Brad and Olivia have started to do things on their own as well...and when I say on their own, I mean with Justin and Zackie.

Watermelon is Patriotic....right?

Please note, both of the girls OWN 4th of July outfits, however they had planned to wear them to the Tillars tonight so after a nap and a roll in "The Beach" we just didn't have time to get them all cleaned up to warrant new, clean outfits, so they will have to wait until tomorrow, we will do the right thing, pose the girls in their outfits, and pretend in their baby books that they actually wore them on the 4th of July...
And I must mention...Avery..."the bad sleeper" slept through the night last night. Of course it was "Brads Night On", so I didn't get to reap the benefits of it, since Riley still got me up twice, and Insley called me at 1am worried that Juliette was having trouble breathing...just some snots and spittage coming out of her nose, nothing to be too concerned about, but I am glad that she called. I am so thankful I have neighbors that I know I can call at 1am and that are comfortable calling me at 1am. I am hoping that Avery has a repeat performance...the only change we made was adding a sleep sac, maybe she was waking up because she was cold...heck it was worth a try, and you bet your bottom dollar that she will be sleeping in a sac from here on out.


We had big plans to spend the afternoon/evening with the Tillar family, but sweet Anna woke up from her nap yesterday with a fever, so April took her to the Doctor this morning, the little darling still has a fever, and with Olivia's year of poor health we can't risk it, so we are staying home this afternoon. We are still debating about fireworks tonight...the jury is still out.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Ring & Our Sweet Girls

This is the ring that I blogged about on Father's Day...I love it.

And our Sweet Girls finally cooperated for a "group" shot...

Bath Time Fun

Bath Time for Miss Avery

The End

"I love you both"

One of my dear Mommie Friends, Wendy shared this with me. She just had her second, Owen a few days after I had Avery and her first, Ava is just a few months older than Olivia, we both had a lot of the same feelings while pregnant and soon after having our littlest ones. I am so thankful that I didn't see this before having Avery because even now, two lines in I am a teary mess, I tried to tell a friend at work about it and broke into tears...but this will hopefully give you an idea of how I felt and still feel to this day...

"I walk along holding your 2-year-old hand, basking in the glow of our magical relationship. Suddenly I feel a kick from within, as if to remind me that our time alone is limited. And I wonder: how could I ever love another child as I love you?Then he is born, and I watch you. I watch the pain you feel at having to share me as you’ve never shared me before.

I hear you telling me in your own way, “Please love only me.” And I hear myself telling you in mine, “I can’t,” knowing, in fact, that I never can again.

You cry. I cry with you. I almost see our new baby as an intruder on the precious relationship we once shared. A relationship we can never quite have again. But then, barely noticing, I find myself attached to that new being, and feeling almost guilty.

I’m afraid to let you see me enjoying him—as though I am betraying you. But then I notice your resentment change, first to curiosity, then to protectiveness, finally to genuine affection.

More days pass, and we are settling into a new routine. The memory of days with just the two of us is fading fast.But something else is replacing those wonderful times we shared, just we two. There are new times – only now, we are three.

I watch the love between you grow, the way you look at each other.I watch how he adores you — as I have for so long. I see how excited you are by each of his new accomplishments. And I begin to realize that I haven’t taken something from you, I’ve given something to you. I notice that I am no longer afraid to share my love openly with both of you.

I find that my love for each of you is as different as you are, but equally strong. And my question is finally answered, to my amazement. Yes, I can love another child as much as I love you — only differently.

And although I realize that you may have to share my time, I now know you’ll never share my love. There’s enough of that for both of you – you each have your own supply.I love you - both. And I thank you both for blessing my life."- Author Unknown

Change of Plans

No pictures were taken of this almost two year old...this is the 3rd time we have tried JcPenny's and the 2nd time we have walked away without a single snap of the camera, they just aren't quick enough for Olivia and she was less than cooperative today, so needless to say I was just a tad frustrated, but there was no point in forcing the issue with Olivia because that wouldn't have yielded us a smile, so we will just try again at Sears next Saturday Morning.
Grammie and Avery - last weekend.

The hallway/wall outside of Avery and Olivia's rooms. I ordered these photo art prints from And the sign in the middle says "There is nothing like a dream to create the future"

This is a picture of our Master Bathroom, I was so thrilled Brad finally hung these framed cards I just couldn't contain myself, I had to have a picture of it.

You might recall that I mentioned we were changing out our light plates and our door knobs, well the following two pictures are just proof that we did it, but oh boy, it just highlights the fact that our doors are FILTHY and need a paint job in the worst way. So while we crossed a few things off the list, several more just crept onto the list.

Avery is growing and changing right before our eyes, I can't believe how big she is. I ran to my parents house yesterday after work to pick up some 6-9 month clothes for her, now that she is sleeping unswaddled I had to grab all the sleepers that we had yet to use, too bad we didn't get much use out of the 3 month or 3-6 month ones. While I am on the topic of clothes, I have to say, I am a bit frustrated/confused with the whole sizing thing as of late. I bought the girls several matching outfits while we were in Northfield, all at the Carter's Outlet, Carter's has always run true to size for me, at least with Olivia, who if you recall was a large child too. Well everything I bought them for this summer is snug, and not just on Avery, the 24M stuff is snug on Olivia too, but in other brands, specifically other brands that historically were smaller, such as Old Navy, Avery fits easily into the 3-6 month stuff, oh, and I should mention for comparison, the stuff I bought Avery at Carters was all 6 month stuff. So I asked my Mom to make another run and pick up a few pairs of 9 month bottoms to get us through the summer, that Carolyn really is a lifesaver. And I should also note, all the other 24 month stuff Olivia fits her very well, including some other Carter's stuff we have, just not the stuff/styles we bought while we were in Northfield. I don't know what the deal is...but the outfits are all so cute, I am hoping Campbell can wear some of them next summer and maybe Juliette can wear some the summer after that. Thank goodness we have so many baby GIRLS around here.

Avery and I went to UKROPS this morning, and I just have to say...WHAT A ZOO. That place was packed at 8am this morning. And I must also note, that the rest of the house was still asleep when we left...I was a good wife, I showered in silence and that includes keeping Avery in the bathroom with me the entire time, impressive I know (picture me taking a bow). Back to UKROPS...the crowd was gathered around the Sweet Corn display, at 10 cents an ear it was a great deal (I didn't purchase any though), but seriously, they were 3-4 people deep surrounding the thing, it was so picked over when we made our second pass through the produce section.

Did I mention that I got my HepA shot yesterday for Manila? Yup, and the Typhoid capsules and of course an Rx for an antibiotic for Traveler's "Doo-Doo". YUCK. Good Lord, help me if I get that.

We have yet to book our flights, at last check the flights were $4600 and climbing as the days tick away, but it is what it is...we will likely book them this week and the countdown will be on.

12, 4 and 6...

Seriously...this child of mine just isn't a good sleeper, she had a few tolerable nights this past week that gave me hope, but last night it was back to normal, up at 12:00am (good thing I was still awake), 4am and up for the day at 6am. She is in the best mood when she wakes up so you can't help but want to jump out of bed to play with her.

Last night Molly and I went to BRU to finish up her registry, she is so on top of things and so excited to meet Miss Campbell, I can't blame her, I can't wait to meet that little darling myself.

This morning we are taking Olivia for her first round of "formal" Photographs, today we are off to JcPenny's. I am trying to work the system this time around and just buy the basic package at each store (JcPenny's, Sears and Portrait Innovations) to save some loot since I could seriously go broke buying pictures of my children. So last night I asked Olivia which outfit she wanted to wear this morning, gave her two choices and she proceeded to look at them, point to one, say no, point to the other and say "and no", so now I guess we need to find a 3rd option, good thing the girls have so many matching outfits to choose from.

Then this afternoon its off to a cookout at The Koehler's House. Tomorrow we are spending the late afternoon/evening with The Tillars, Sunday is Addison's 30th Birthday so we are going to celebrate a day early, I am really looking forward to our weekend full of cookouts with great friends.

We are still unsure whether we will venture out to see Fireworks tomorrow or not...they start so late, we don't want to ruin Olivia's much needed sleep, but hey, it only happens once a year.