Sunday, April 27, 2008

Liv loves Baby Jayden

Olivia's long distance boyfriend came into town for a quick weekend visit and she enjoyed every second of it. Adam, Jayden and Kearstin stopped here in Richmond for a few days on their way back home to Western Mass after the basketball season ended for Adam in Tulsa. It was the second meeting for Olivia and Jayden, but Olivia was only 3 months old the first time they met, so she had a lot more fun this time. They even "smooched". Luckily for Liv, Jayden has learned how to give close mouthed kisses, Liv still has a little way to go with that one.

As you can tell by Liv's reaction, she was floored by his smooch. The timing could have been a little better, not of the smooch, but of their visit considering Liv was a sick little bugger, the poor thing had to go to the Dr. twice in three days, and even had a breathing treatment, but she was a trooper. We are afraid Liv might have passed her germs onto Baby Jayden...the price you pay for love.

Leigh was very glad to have the company, as it was the same weekend that Brad was in Leesburg, Virginia competing in the Bakers Dozen 13 hour Mountain Bike Race. Brad did get to spend a little time with the Harrington Family before he headed out in the....RV.

Brad and Baby Jayden enjoying a little quality time before Brad hopped into the RV, and did we mention that Brad would love a little The three of them piled into the RV for the trek up to Leesburg. They had a guys weekend of roughing it...they had a great time. Scott, Steve and Brad came in 22nd out of 48 teams, which is great for the competition they were riding against. And great considering it was their first 13 hour race together. Leigh was just thrilled that Brad came home safe and in one piece.

As you can see Adam had his hands full....

Another first for Olivia (after her first boy kiss) was meeting Cousin Debby and her husband Jim from Montana. They were stopping through for a night on their way to Williamsburg with their son Tyler and his GF Angela (whom Olivia has already met a few times since they relocated to Raleigh). Olivia had a great time playing with Debby and her bracelet.

And we can't forget Isaac, Olivia went to her other boyfriend Isaac Tan's First Birthday Party. Courtney (his Momma) did an amazing job with the theme, Rubber Duckies, they were everywhere and the cake was amazing. Isaac had a blast. Poor Olivia didn't feel so hot, so she cuddled with Momma the majority of the afternoon.

See what I mean....

Rainy Day Fun...

The weekend weather is 50/50, one nice day and one rainy day. Saturday was spent running errands and being outside, hence the nice day. And Olivia spent Sunday Leigh watched Olivia make her way over to the stack of frames she just had taken down from the wall shelves...and Olivia turned herself around to play with the frames. It was adorable watching her entertain herself and pick up and put down one frame after another. And then she found the box and that was a fun toy to climb on, until it started to slide away from her, of course instead of going FORWARD to get it, she went back to the frames, since they were behind her...yes, still only in reverse. Leigh watched in silence as Olivia talked to herself and playing for several minutes before even turning around to confirm that "Momma" was still right behind her. Leigh remembers her Mom telling her a story about one time when she caught Leigh talking to herself (Leigh was really talking to Toto, her imaginary friend/dog) it brought tears to her eyes to watch Leigh as she held a conversation by herself and played alone...the same thing happened today. Leigh watched as Olivia played by herself, she even shushed Brad as he came in from the garage so as to not disturb Olivia. It was priceless.

As you can see, eventually she turned around to check on her Momma, and of course displayed one of her heart melting smiles. When it comes to attention spans, she probably doesn't lead the group, but she is up there, she can entertain herself far longer than Leigh ever could.

As for other updates: Leigh is still sick, she finally went to the Dr. yesterday and they confirmed, Bronchitis again...she had it at the very same time last year, even saw the same Dr. who at the time was 5 months pregnant (Leigh was 8) and both remembered each other, very funny. Brad got a ride in on Saturday late afternoon.

The Turner household is looking forward to YaYa and GaGa's arrival later this week, they will be in town for a few weeks. GaGa will go for a quick trip to The Diamond Ranch in Montana to help with Branding, but other than that they will spend some quality time with their favorite person in the world, Olivia.

Tomorrow is a big day in the Turner House, its Riley's THIRD Birthday...only four more years until they consider him a Sr. Citizen. Its about time Riley gets his teeth cleaned, so that is what he will get for his birthday present - knocked out to get his teeth cleaned, sounds like a real treat huh?

Brad and Leigh are looking forward to their long weekend in San Francisco, they leave on May 9th. Olivia will be in great hands, both Grammie and PawPaw and YaYa and GaGa will be here to take excellent care of her.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Weighs In At...

Happy 9 Month Birthday Baby Olivia...while at the Doctors Office today they weighed her...21 lbs 12 oz. But no height check yet. We will post all her stats when she goes back to the Doctor on May 2nd for her 9 Month Check Up

Baby N' The Beach

This cool little chick had her first Beach experience last weekend. The family sent Riley to Stay N Play for the weekend and packed up the Yukon XL and headed south to Wilmington, NC and Wrightsville Beach, NC. Brad and Leigh would live their in a heart beat if they could find jobs, its their favorite place to visit. Along with visiting their favorite place they were able to spend some quality time with Greg, Angie and Baby Ford Butner. Ford is now 5 months old and Baby Olivia had a sweet little baby crush on him.

The family had a great time at the beach, Olivia looks cool in her shades, however they don't seem to stay on her face, so we made a purchase while at the beach....her very own pair of Baby Bans...they freak Leigh out, but they do the trick.

Brad and Olivia had fun playing on the beach together, he even bought her a little pair of Baby Reefs. Adorable huh?
Leigh has been super busy with work, rarely picking Olivia up during the week, which was originally part of the deal, but Brad has been a trooper and has been picking up the slack.
Brad is in Northern Virginia this weekend for a 13 hour Mountain Bike Race....yup, he's nuts. Check back for a report on how he fared in the standings.
Leigh is at home with a sick lil' Liv, Liv had to have a "breathing treatment" this morning at the Doctor's Office, needless to say it freaked Leigh out and she called Brad at work crying her eyes out, so he did the honorable thing and met her at the Doctor's Office. While she isn't feeling her best, she is still the happy baby we know and love.
Leigh & Olivia are having breakfast with Debby and Jim Bangs (from Bozeman Montana) and Tyler and Angela (from Raleigh) on Saturday while they are in town and then they are heading to Isaac Tan's First Birthday Party, but only if Liv is feeling better...
We'll keep you posted, but we are hoping she is on the mend and will be back to her million dollar self in a matter of days.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bye Bye YaYa & GaGa

Well its a sad day for all of us, YaYa and GaGa have returned to Northfield for the Spring, Summer and Fall and will be back for Thanksgiving, Olivia is counting down the days. She loves to grab the phone away from her Momma when YaYa calls and sings to her, she pushes the buttons and more often than not she hangs up on YaYa, at this point its still cute, not sure how long that will last.

Megs was in town this past weekend, everyone enjoyed her company and can't wait for her to return again in May. Baby Olivia sure does miss her Auntie Megs.

Leigh has been very busy at work and Brad is busy training for a 13 hour Mountain Bike Race in Leesburg, Virginia in Mid-April. But next weekend the family is heading to Wilmington, NC to visit the Greg, Angie and Baby Ford, check back for pictures, we are all looking forward to Olivia's first trip to the Beach.