Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Lil Bun Bun

Olivia's First Easter was spent both in Bassett and in Richmond. We spent the first part of the weekend with Brad's Family to celebrate GiGi Ora's (as Olivia calls her) 91st Birthday, Brad's Mom hosted a wonderful little open house type party to celebrate, Olivia did steal some of the show from GiGi Ora, but I think she was happy to share the limelight with her youngest Great Grandchild.

We headed home on Sunday morning to have Easter Dinner with YaYa and GaGa. Olivia couldn't have been happier, she got lots of lovin from her Grandparents.

Just to recap the recent events for Olivia:
  1. Olivia has found a new love, sneaker (or Tennis Shoes, depending on where you were raised), laces. She loves to play with her YaYa's shoe laces, it can occupy her time for HOURS. She picks it up and swings it around.

She loves to eat, while that isn't a new thing for her, she is loud and clear when she is ready for another bite. She opens her mouth as wide as it will go and will yell to get your attention if you aren't waiting with another bite. She will eat anything you put in front of her, she is even enjoying peas and green beans more these days, no more gagging.

She is "slithering" backwards, she pushes herself backwards with her arms, one after the other and slithered herself under the couch the other day, she let me know she was stuck and I quickly rescued her, but it was hilarious.

From a sitting position she tries to propel herself forward, sometimes she gets there, other times she just teeters back and forth without making it all the way other. She is working more on the physical milestones these days, you can clearly tell that she wants to move, this is encouraging since a few weeks ago she was very content to just stick her feet in her mouth. While this is still one of her favorite pastimes, she now likes to move around, she tries to get down out of your lap while you are holding her, its cute.

She still loves to read books, or rather loves you to read to her, she likes to hold the book and turn the pages, never at the right times.

Her favorite bath time activity is to stuff Duckie's head into her mouth, and you never get the Duckie away from her until she is on the changing table playing with something else, she holds on tight.

An update on her toothies...both are through the gums, but neither are making huge strides upwards, so they are just hanging out.

She is still madly in love with her Jumparoo, she is especially fond of the sounds it makes when she jumps now that Brad installed the batteries. We avoided it for as long as we could, but she was getting a little bored with it, the batteries gave it another life.

Olivia is in for a rude awakening, YaYa and GaGa are heading back to Northfield for the Spring/Summer and Early Fall, we know Olivia will miss them dearly, we are betting that YaYa gives in and comes to visit before her Birthday in July.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Spring....not so much.

Well Brad has his first mountain bike race of the year this weekend, holy cow was it cold? Leigh decided it was too cold to bring Olivia so Leigh and Riley froze together on the sidelines, Leigh is not a good cheerleader, but she is there to support him and drive him to the ER should the need arise...thank god it didn't this time! We are happy to report he came in 6th...and no, it wasn't out of 7 - hahaha.

We had a big weekend, Leigh turned the big 2-9 on Friday, so she spent the day with Olivia and they met Brad for lunch. Friday Night Leigh's parents came over for Pizza and Carrot Cake, which thank god every enjoyed on Friday Night because Riley ate the ENTIRE thing on Saturday morning - needless to say, Leigh tried to give him away at the Mountain Bike race today, no takers.

YaYa was worried that Olivia's feelings would be hurt by Leigh opening her birthday presents, so she of course brought over some of Olivia's Easter presents so she could open them before Leigh opened her presents.
Saturday Morning, YaYa and Leigh took Olivia to have her Easter pictures taken, super cute, she loves an audience, she had the entire studio laughing at her. Then Saturday night 18 friends went to Mexico to celebrate Leigh's birthday, nothing better than a few margaritas!!!

Brad is looking forward to kicking off a few house projects Leigh has lined up for him. First task will be to install the new kitchen sink and faucet, Leigh is super excited about it and is hoping it will be done by the end of the week. Next will be Chair Rail Molding, that might take a week or so, so she is going to be patient.