Sunday, February 24, 2008

Snots, an ear infection and....a toothie.

Phew, the longest week of Baby Olivia's life is finally over. The poor little monkey starting coming down with what we thought was just a little cold on Sunday, a temp of 99 and a running nose, but she appeared to feel fine. Well Monday morning was a different story, her temp had crept up to 101 and she was coughing her little face off. YaYa kept her at home on Monday. Leigh was on Olivia duty Monday night, and spent the majority of the night sleeping on the couch with Liv in her arms (sounds comfy right?) and at about 6am her temp had peaked at 103.5 so of as soon as the Pediatrician's office opened Leigh called and took her in right away...and just as we thought, her first ear infection. So a few days of Leigh and Brad working from home and YaYa keeping her on the off days when they couldn't stay home, she was out of daycare all week. It wasn't until Friday morning that Leigh checked in her mouth to see if we had any progress as far as teething goes, keep in mind she had been drooling for months, but no signs of an actual tooth, but much to Leigh's surprise one of her bottom middles had popped through and the other was on its way.

So what a week!! Despite her infection and crazy amount of congestion she has learned to laugh, and by laugh we don't mean giggle, she actually goes "Ha ha ha ha", sometimes in a deep voice you would expect from an old man...its adorable. Now she pushes buttons on her toys, the music starts to play, she bounces up and down on her bottom and she laughs.

On a side note, Leigh is getting her hair cut on Wednesday and cannot wait!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Allergic to Cats...

No, we aren't talking about Baby Olivia, or Brad, or even Leigh. We are talking about Big Brother Riley. The big guy had allergy testing done last weekend and the report is in, he is allergic to many things, including cats, tobacco and wool. Riley is going to have to deal with allergy shots just like a human, poor guy, we are not looking forward to it either.

Baby Olivia has been up and at um early in the morning all week, usually she is chatting to herself in the crib by 5:30am, some mornings as early as 4am. She had a wonderful First Valentine's Day, she played at school with all of her friends and then came home and spent the evening with Momma and Daddy. And by 7pm she was on her way to dreamland and Brad was busy in the kitchen making a romantic dinner for Leigh. Filet and Shrimp Cocktail, delicious. And little did Leigh know, but there was a surprise tucked inside her napkin...pearl earrings - and they are beautiful.

The weather has been mixed, but today is sunny and beautiful, a little on the chilly side, but still beautiful. We are all happy to have YaYa and GaGa back, they came over for dinner last night and spent some time with Olivia before she headed off to dreamland. And I should also mention that while YaYa was at home she couldn't tear herself away from the Carters Outlet, Olivia couldn't wait to get her mits on her new clothes, the little fashionista.

Leigh is enjoying being back at work, however loves being able to work from home when she doesn't have big meetings in the office. Brad has a new VP and is loving work again, its funny how things change.
It sounds like Baby Olivia is waking up from her nap, time to hit the dog park for a little exercise while Brad is riding at the park.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Woof Momma...I hate Peas

We went through a phase where Olivia pretended to gag while eating and then we realized that Momma was making the cereal and oatmeal a little too thick and on top of that she really wasn't a fan of peas. So now that we have thinned out the cereal and moved along to Sweet Potatoes and Carrots we are back to being a good little feeder. We only have Green Beans left to try on the Veggie side of the house and then we will be making our way to the Fruits, we we are guessing she will love, we will probably start with Applesauce and then move along to Bananas.

Leigh had a long week at work and couldn't wait for the weekend. She spent the day hanging out with Baby O while Brad went for a long ride at the park.

The whole family is looking forward to an evening at Stony Point Fashion Park with The Koehlers for some delicious dinner at Champps and then a little shopping while the weather is so beautiful.

We are missing YaYa and GaGa and can't wait for them to return on Friday or Saturday or this week, they have been "clobbered" with the normal New England Winter Weather while they have been at home, so we are hoping that convinces them to spend more time down here where its warm and sunny.

Our content, quiet little one is no longer content to sit still and by no standards is quiet. She loves to flail around and loves to scream at the top of her lungs, which of course makes her laugh, its a fun cycle.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Go Pats!!!

Olivia is very easily distracted, as soon as she sees something she would like to "touch, feel or eat" she goes right for it, even if it means going head first off Mommy or Daddy's lap. She especially likes to reach for Riley, and when she makes contact she grabs ahold for dear life, something I am sure he could do without, but he takes it like a champ. As soon as the little monster goes to bed in the evenings, which is usually 7pm on the dot, Riley makes his way back on the couch and hunkers down for the night, he's a good sport. Little does he know, it will only get worse, as soon as she starts moving, he will know what its like to have a shadow.

A quiet weekend, which is something we love around here these days. Leigh worked from home on Friday and picked Olivia up early at Miss Donna's, but instead of spending some quality time with Mommy, Olivia decided it would be a good idea to take a 2+ hour nap. Late Friday afternoon Olivia had an appointment for her 6 month pictures at Heather House, we can't wait to see how they came out. Now that she is becoming more and more aware of her surroundings getting her to focus is more of a challenge, she loves to take in everything around her and sometimes gets so fixated on her little feet that she can't even look up at the camera. Saturday Brad went for a long road ride while Leigh and Olivia went to visit Leigh's friend Susan, who is due with her first February 27th, a little girl to be named Mary Caitlin. And Sunday the family spent a few hours running errands, of course a visit to Babies R Us was in order, we started to look at the baby gates, but realized we have some time, she isn't really moving yet, plus its going to take some serious thought to figure out how to gate the first floor. And Sunday Night the family got a delicious pizza from Sal's and watched the SuperBowl, we had planned to watch it with the Koehlers, but Insley wasn't feeling well so we didn't want to risk Miss Olivia coming down with her yucky cold.

YaYa and GaGa Worden are heading home to Massachusetts tomorrow morning for two weeks, Olivia is very upset about it, she is counting the days until they return.