Monday, February 23, 2009

One more day...

Sweet Olivia has one more day of being an only child, and the poor little thing has no idea that her world is about to change forever. I have been a teary eyed mess lately, I don't want Olivia's world to change, I want her to feel like she is our whole world, and I know its going to be hard to make that happen with another little one to love. All second time Mom's have told me everything I am feeling is normal, lets hope they are right.

Beth arrived yesterday afternoon, it was so great to see her, I am so glad she will be here for the lil' monster's arrival tomorrow, gosh, lets hope its tomorrow. We took Olivia to the doctor this morning, her lungs are on the mend, but now she will have a month or two of inhaled steroids to get her back to a good starting point, only to enter the allergy season in April/May, fingers crossed she cruises through it without illness.

Brad's flight home has him landing in Richmond today at 5:15pm, lets hope everything is on time. Apparently US Airways changed their policy and they no longer allow 'Stand By' passengers if there are open seats, so he has to wait for his original flight even though he is chillin at the airport early...bummer.

We have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 6:45am, I am hoping that I am able to sleep tonight, last night my mind was racing, so I am hoping I am able to catch some Zzzz's. We likely will be home from the hospital on Thursday, so I hope to post some pics of our newest addition.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Avery's Nursery is Complete

View of Dresser and Closet Door

Wall Monogram and Changing Table

Glider and Ottoman

View from Dresser of Doorway and Crib

Monogram Wall Art above Crib

View from the Door

We are thrilled that its ready for her, now all we need is the little angel to make a pain free, quick arrival next Tuesday. We don't want her to show up before then, Beth would miss the big event and there is a chance Brad might as well, so we need Avery to stick with the plan.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

38 Weeks...

A quick update on my 38 Week Appointment...

A little TMI, but I have the start of a bladder infection, which I suspected, and Urine confirmed. Dr. Davis is going to treat it just to be on the safe side so I am symptom and pain free by the time Adorable lil' Avery arrives.

We are still on schedule for 6:45am on Tuesday February 24th.

Measuring - 38.5cm
50% Effaced
-2 Station

And get this...Brad is flying to Charlotte for an interview on Monday, I am beyond excited for him, and hopeful that he won't encounter any flight issues and will be back safe and sound Monday evening and won't miss his daughters arrival on Tuesday.

We got some exciting news today, Brad's sister Shannon is expecting her third child, and due September 29th. Brad's Parents will have a busy busy year with two new Grandchildren.

The Nursery is FINISHED. I will upload some pictures of it tomorrow once the camera battery is charged.

Oh and I can't forget to report how sweet my Dad is, I had mentioned how much I wanted Butter Crunch Ice Cream from Friendly's, so he stopped by tonight with a Half Gallon, how sweet is he? He takes great care of me!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Almost there...

It is almost done...just 3 more frames to hang on the wall and I will be posting pictures, but I couldn't resist, I wanted to get one out there so you had an idea of what it looked like. This is her bedding.

The furniture arrived on Thursday, I was beyond "stoked", I spent the afternoon putting everything away. Thursday Night, Molly, Insley and I went to dinner for our Monthly Girls Night, a delicious meal at Cafe Cattura (sp?) and then cupcakes and presents at Molly's house to celebrate Avery's Pending Arrival, they are so sweet. We are so fortunate to have such great neighbors.

Brad and I watched Blood Diamond last night in bed, my parents gave us a new DVD player for Valentine's Day because the one my Dad had handed down to us didn't work, so we are finally able to watch movies in bed, just in time for some sleepless nights. We went to the Little Gym bright and early this morning and then spent the rest of the morning at the Doctors Office, "Sweet Lips" as Dr. Strehler called her, just can't seem to kick this lung junk, he said after 3 months of fighting these infections, he is just going to classify her as Asthmatic and start treating her as such, sad, but whatever it takes to get her healthy again is A-Okay by us. Back on antibiotics, and 6 days on an oral steroid...he said it will make her "Intense, Angry, Aggressive, and very Hungry", lovely huh? Can't wait to report on how the next 6 days go. HA. We also got a new nebulizer, we are thrilled, the other one just doesn't seem to be putting out the steam like it should, this one works like a champ!!! They are hoping that after 6 days of oral steroids we can move her to an inhaled steroid, which will be much easier to deal with and won't have the same side effects (Angry, etc).

Off to put the little one to bed, its been a long day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Furniture - Yippeeeeee

A quick update, Avery's Furniture arrived in Richmond today and will be at our house sometime tomorrow, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am, after talking to the shipping company yesterday she prepared me to not have it until next week so this was a very nice surprise. So of course I will spend all weekend folding and refolding all her clothes and blankets as I put them away. And we picked up the glider and ottoman yesterday as well, so everything should be in her room tomorrow afternoon - Exciting!

And it looks like I will be able to take between 12-16 Weeks off after Avery is born, more than likely closer to 16, which I am thrilled about.

Brad had his testing yesterday, he was so out of it for most of the night, he doesn't even remember putting Olivia to bed with me last night. Scary huh? We are waiting for biopsy results, but the Doctor said everything looked good to him.

Tomorrow Molly, Insley and I are going to dinner and having a quiet little girls night, I am looking forward to the QT.

Valentines Day is just around the corner, along with my 30th Birthday...but we don't have anything planned, we are making Filet and just dining in for Love Day and since we will have a 1 week old on my Birthday I can't imagine any big plans for that night either. My Aunt Martha will be in town for my Birthday Weekend, she arrives on the 5th, so we are all looking forward to her visit.

Monday, February 9, 2009

72 in February - Heaven On Earth

How about this gorgeous weather? It was 72 on Sunday, we had a blast playing outside most of the weekend. Of course we had The Little Gym on Saturday, Olivia's good friend Isabella is going to have a little brother in a couple of weeks and their furniture hasn't arrived yet either, so Babette and I complained together while the kids ran around and played. So onto the Furniture Issue, they weren't able to deliver on Friday, apparently the driver was new to the area so he wasn't able to finish his route and our Nursery Furniture went back to the Shipping Warehouse, and they aren't sure when they will have a full truck to bring it back to Virginia, so WHO THE HECK knows when we will get our Furniture. I was not so pleasant on the phone with the Customer Service Lady, she didn't have any details and couldn't answer any of my questions. So needless to say its likely this furniture will arrive POST Avery's arrival. The good news is, the Glider and Ottoman are covered so we should have those in the Nursery by Thursday - WAHOO.

We bought the double stroller over the weekend, only a few more weeks before we can use it.

Samantha and Matt (our neighbors) welcomed Maya Saras Fahy into the world late Saturday Night, after what appears to be a long long labor. We can't wait to meet her. Her and Avery will be great friends.

And Justin and Insley (neighbors as well) found out they are expecting a little girl in June, she will be a lucky little girl to have a big brother like Zack, he will show her the ropes. Lots of girls for the neighborhood. When Olivia was born 4 out of the 5 neighborhood babies were girls and now 3 out of the 4 neighborhood babies are also girls.

Have I mentioned how thrilled I am that Beth is going to be here for Avery's arrival, I can't wait to see her. Only two more weeks. I go back to see Doctor Davis tomorrow morning, I will post an update.

Tomorrow Brad has an Endoscopic Procedure scheduled for tomorrow, so that means he starts taking 30 pills this afternoon and can't consume any solid foods until after his procedure tomorrow afternoon, the poor guy. I will be taking him and staying with him at the hospital and I am guessing he will have some food demands once he is done. For this pregnant girl I am hoping they don't involve Chinese Food. HA.

I had girls night out with April and Courtney on Friday Night, it was great to catch up and hang out for a little while, they were so sweet and brought my shower gifts, I can't believe how hard it is to get together with your friends more often than once a month, but boy is it great to see them when it happens.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week 36 Report...

For you ladies out there that don't mind the TMI, keep on reading...

I saw Dr. Davis yesterday morning, Brad was able to join me for the first time since our first appointment which was nice, she "checked" and I am now a "good" 2cm and 60% effaced and Avery is still head down (AMEN). She is guessing Avery will be smaller than Olivia was, not just because she is going to take her at 39W, but because she just thinks she will be (who knows why she thinks that or what that means). But at the end of the Appointment she called the hospital and put me on the calendar for 6:45am on Tuesday February 24th. I am excited that we know the "end date" if she doesn't come on her own before that. I will be 39W and 1D on the 24th, so that will be 9 days earlier than when Olivia was born.

And the best news of all is that Beth is flying down on Sunday the 22nd to be here for Avery's Birthday, she will arrive mid-day, and will head home on Wednesday evening after Avery's arrival. I cannot wait. It will be her first trip to Richmond, and she hasn't seen Olivia since she was 3M old, so a lot has changed in the last 15M.

Olivia is having a rough spell at daycare, she cries when Brad drops her off and Donna says she isn't sleeping well, Brad is going to get the full report today, I hate thinking about her being unhappy there.

My great friends at work threw me a surprise Shower yesterday at lunch, they were so cute and SOOO generous, and of course the cake was delicious!!

Only two more weeks of work...the countdown is on.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fess Up...


And no, my CAPSLOCK didn't get stuck, that was me YELLING! :)