Wednesday, July 23, 2008

YaYa and Olivia are the best of friends, as you can tell by the picture they were equally as happy to see each other when they arrived from Northfield last week.

What a happy little 1 year old we have. She endured a very long day on Saturday as guests didn't arrive for her Pink and Orange themed party until 4pm, and she didn't hit the hay until after 9pm, 2 hours past her bedtime. We had about 40 people, including the little ones.

And we have to confess, we were thrilled at how well all the kids got along, it was the first time we had seen Olivia play with other little ones, while we imagine she does it at daycare all the time, it was cool to see it first hand.

Olivia loved having her Grammie and PawPaw around for the day, and also spent some quality time with GG Martin and GG Sandra both of which she is very lucky to have in her life.

Since Olivia couldn't choose her own theme, we went with Hot Pink and Orange, we figured once she is old enough to choose we will be stuck with creatures and Disney characters galore.

Olivia received many beautiful presents, including a beach towel with her name on it that is already packed and ready for our beach trip, which by the way we cannot wait.

Brad's riding buddy Stew and his wife Rita spent the night and hung around for a little while on Sunday, Olivia loved the extra attention and extra people to play with.

As you can tell by the picture below, Olivia did enjoy her delicious UKROPS Birthday cake, however she was far more dainty than we expected. She didn't smash it or stick her face in it, Brad was disappointed.

Later in the evening, Olivia took the party outside, she wanted to roam around in the grass and chase her little friends around, including Mr. Turtle.

We also need to report that Olivia's 12 Month Check Up went very well. She weighed in at 22 lbs 12 oz, and measured 30 inches long. Both of which land her in the 75% percentile.
She is enjoying "Big Girl" food at most meals and is no longer taking a bottle, our little girl is growing up.
On a side note, Leigh heard today that Brittney and Justin are going to record a song together? Seriously?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy First Birthday Sweet Olivia

The big day is here, and we can't believe how quickly the last year has passed, as Leigh woke up this morning and saw that it was already 7am and Olivia was still sleeping she thought back to what she was doing a year ago at 7am, and one thing is for sure, it wasn't sleeping, we believe it was something closer to having her water broken, if that is TMI for some of you, we are very sorry.

Olivia started the day around 7:20 which is on the late side for her, Leigh and Brad loved it since they had both taken the day off to spend it with their little one. Olivia joined the whole family in bed while Leigh sang Happy Birthday to her about 75 times in 75 different voices, Olivia thought it was hilarious, Brad and Riley not so much. We had breakfast and quickly realized that Olivia wasn't feeling so hot, she has been powering through 5 teeth in the last few weeks and some days are better than others, this morning was prooving to be one of the others. So Leigh called the photographer and rescheduled her big birthday shoot and the family decided they would spend a quiet day together at home.

It was a very short nap for Olivia and then it was time for Lunch, which consisted of Chicken Nuggets and Applesauce, she loved it. Then after a few hours of playing with Big Brother Riley and YaYa Worden, it was time for another nap...which is generally 2-3 hours in length....not today, Momma and Dada were home to play with her, so she broke records and was up in a quick 45 minutes.

GG Sandra arrived this afternoon so we all headed over to Leigh's parents for dinner, Olivia had her first full grown up meal: Chicken, Rice and Pudding/Cool Whip salad, she was in heaven. And then we brought out the smash cake for her to play with, we mean eat. She was very calm, but knew exactly what to do.

We will post the pictures after her party tomorrow, but wanted to recount the day while it was still fresh in our minds. Thank you to everyone that called to wish Olivia sweet birthday wishes, she apprecaites it. She is sad to report that her GG Turner won't be able to make the trip tomorrow, she is in Stanleytown Rehab after some serious back and leg pain, we are keeping her in our thoughts and prayers.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Liv takes on The Little Gym

Our little "bird" experienced The Little Gym for the first time on Saturday morning and loved every second of it. She helped demonstrate "The Wheel Barrow", played on the air track with DaDa and rolled over on the Hot Dog like a pro.

We plan on signing her up for the Fall Semester, we wish the Summer Session would have worked, but our schedule is too busy, we would have missed too many.

Olivia had a blast playing in her pool on Sunday morning as well, you can see by the towel picture that coming into the frigid AC filled house caused her to need some extra cuddle time with DaDa.

The whole family is looking forward to YaYa and GaGa's visit, they arrive tomorrow afternoon. Olivia has a lot of QT coming up with her Grandparents, as YaYa and GaGa will be around for a few weeks and then Grammie and PawPaw Turner are coming up for a few days to watch Olivia while Miss Donna takes a week of vacation.

Have we mentioned that we are looking forward to our week at the beach? Good Gracious, we are counting down the days, it can't come soon enough.

Brad had a quiet riding weekend as his Mountain Bike is in need of some part that does something important, so he had to cut his Saturday morning ride short.

If anyone has any good ideas to reduce the frequency and intensity of the odor coming from Riley's behind we are open to suggestions, its becoming a serious problem

Also, have we mentioned how Olivia has completely given up crawling, even when she only has a few inches to cover to reach her prospective toy she stands up and reaches down to get it, makes no sense to Leigh or Brad, but she just loves to be standing, she will even squat to pick something up and play with it in a squatting position instead of sitting down, very odd.

Another tooth for Olivia, she is now working on #8 and #9, both on the top, she is no longer a toothless wonder. And its tough to reach in there and check things out, she just chomps down...

Olivia has started eating more "People Food", she had cottage cheese on Sunday afternoon, at first it was touch and go, and then she packed her cheeks with the curds until they were going to burst and then finally swallowed, Leigh just laughed at her.

Brad came in the door the other day and Olivia clearly said "DaDa"....we are making progress.

Still no juice for Olivia, we are going to keep her away from that as long as we can, she is happy with water and milk. Speaking of milk, she is no longer drinking formula, she is drinking 100% Whole Milk, what a big girl. And only one bottle a day, the rest of her liquid intake is from her Sippy Cups...she is growing up before our very eyes.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

T- Minus 8 days until the big 0-1

We can't believe, our little "crumb snatcher" is almost a year old. We didn't make it to the fireworks this year, it was too late for our little patriotic baby, however we did dress her for the occasion, as you can see by the picture to the left. The hair clippie is a little much, Leigh knows she is approaching "cheesy" with the red/white/blue clippie, but she couldn't resist.
Olivia is making big strides in the walking department, she can clear the entire room in 2.2 seconds...she is still wobbly, but its adorable to watch her, she gets so excited when she just keeps going and realizes that she is still standing.
She is working on tooth #'s 7 and 8 right now, which means she is a bit snotty again. I can't believe how quickly she went from a 2 toothie wonder to a 8 toothie wonder. Brad calls her "Snaggle Tooth", nice huh?
YaYa is always asking whether Olivia has started playing in the cabinets yet, well up until last week the answer was no, however she found the "Tupperware" cabinet and went to town, as you can see. She loved it.

We are looking forward to Olivia's Birthday party next weekend, we expecting 35 adults and 8 children, we can't wait. We are all very excited that Leigh's Grams will be making the trip for the party, which means Olivia will have some QT with GG Sandra as she likes to call her. And YaYa and GaGa arrive next Tuesday for a few weeks.
Leigh has a work trip coming up at the end of July, San Angelo, Texas here she comes...sound familiar? Of course it does, that's where the press is reporting on the "Ranch" in Texas...Leigh has high hopes, her peers have told her that once you visit San Angelo you will understand why people want to live on the ranch - HA.
Summer vacation here we come....The Turner Family is renting a house with Justin, Insley, Zack, Brian and Molly in Duck, NC for a week beginning on August 2nd. We can't wait.