Wednesday, April 29, 2009

South...then North

We have a big two weeks ahead of us. Tomorrow we head to Bassett for a long, long weekend. The girls and I will hang out with Grammie and PawPaw while Brad works the Southern Part of Virginia on Friday and Monday and then we will head back to Richmond late Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday will fly by as Brad travels to Virginia Beach and the girls and I hold down the fort until we all jump on a plane on Thursday morning to head home to Northfield.

I am beyond pumped, when we land on Thursday we are heading to our Wedding Photographer's place so that he can photograph the girls, I cannot wait to see what he comes up with, he is a true talent.

More later, I am off to get my hair did...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

...and we are not talking about how I like my alive, its a hot one. Of course it doesn't help that we are cheap and don't want to turn on the A/C, however I have to admit, if its going to be like this for the next few days, I believe the A/C will be turned on, our poor children look like trailer trash kids laying around in their diapers. See what I mean...

Miss Avery turned 2 months old on Friday and with that came 5 shots right to the thighs, the poor lil darlin was non too pleased. She stopped screaming long enough for us to leave the Doctor's Office, then she wailed until we got through the first red light, then she slept while I trucked it around the neighborhood in an effort to shed these extra lbs and keep my daughter quiet, after about an hour I was a tad thirsty and my water bottle was empty, so we came in for a break, well....that didn't go so well, the little darlin screamed for a good 30 minutes and when I say scream, I mean scream. Then it was back to dream land until 2 when she woke up to eat, then she screamed again...then slept again. Finally she woke up happy at 6pm and the rest is full of happy baby moments. Here are her stats and a Happy Baby Moment.

Weight - 12lbs 7oz - 90%
Height - 24 inches - 97%
Head - 15 - 75%

And Dr. Shook said that "average" babies don't sleep through the night until they are closer to 6 months old, that their little brains just can't do it, I guess Olivia spoiled us, because I was getting ready to have the "What is wrong with my daughter, why isn't she sleeping through the night" talk with Dr. Shook, but she quickly told me to count my blessings that at least my child falls asleep on her own, amen to that.

Friday night the Koehlers came over for a beer...okay, just Justin had a beer, Insley is still with child and Zack is about 19 years too young for a beer. But everyone played outside, okay, just Olivia and Zack played, Justin and Brad chased them around the neighborhood while Insley, Avery and I sat on the deck. All you can see is Avery's bottle because I cropped out Brad's beer bottle, but it was a pretty funny shot.

Aunt Ali (my close friend Allison) came to visit this morning, it was the first time she had met Avery and she hadn't seen Olivia for about 9 months. We all piled into the Yukon and headed off to Lindsay's Baby Shower. I felt bad bringing the girls but she insisted I bring them since there would be a lot of other kids there too. They were so well behaved, if I could give them a medal I would. Lindsay is due in June with a sweet baby boy, he is named, but she isn't sharing the name yet, I can't wait to find out what it is.
Last Night the Koehler Family and the Harris Family (which BTW will be expanding on or around November 3rd- WAHOOOOOO, we couldn't be more excited, that is going to be one lucky lil one) came over, we grilled out and had a grand ol' time. Zack and Olivia got along SO well, and really played together the whole night. We finally broke down and put the AC on later in the evening, it was HOT.
This morning all the eyes opened around 8am, which is FABULOUS, but I am guessing its because Olivia didn't take a nap yesterday and went to bed last night around 8:30pm. She was a little party animal. We took a walk and then played in the Koehler's backyard while the bible beaters circled the neighborhood for recruits.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pray for Sweet Stellan

I know I have mentioned him numerous times, but I just can't say it enough, this little boy has been through an ordeal over the last month, and it doesn't look like his fight is over just yet, I try and put myself in his Mom's shoes and my heart just breaks for her. That woman is BEYOND strong, yes, she has faith like I have never seen before, but still, I give her so much credit for the smile she puts on her face every single day so her little boy doesn't see her sadness.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Phew...Good News

The layoff announcements were made today at Capital One and I was spared, I have a job. THANK THE LORD I HAVE A JOB. After the last few days with Miss Fussy Pants I wasn't sure I was going to make it as a Stay at Home Mom so he must have heard my prayers, and made sure that I had a job to go to every single day so that I could come home to my little darlings every single night refreshed and ready to be the best Mom I can be.

Now on to Miss Fussy Pants...I am not sure what her deal is. I am guessing its a combination of Acid Reflux issues and possibly even her formula. I am wondering though, is it possible that she could be reacting to the formula change 3-4 weeks after we made the change? The RN at our Pediatrician's Office seemed to think that we should know right away whether she would tolerate the lactose or not, but now I am wondering. She seems to be extra gassy lately, and is clearly fussier than normal. My Mom reminded me that Olivia went through a fussy stage too, that I would threaten to put her on eBay, but I can't recall what age that was, and honestly looking back I can't even remember those days, I just remember her being a great baby, so maybe I just tuned it out. And Avery isn't a great sleeper these days either...she goes to bed at 9pm, eats between 1:30-2:30 and then again around 6am. And she is a terrible napper, she just doesn't nap. I am wondering if she is hungry...our Ped told us to keep the oz's down and just feed her more frequently, she drains her bottles and sometimes cries after, I am guessing she wants more. Alright, thats it, next bottle she is getting 6oz, maybe that will help.

So on to my diet progress. I didn't weigh myself this morning, frankly, I just plum forgot. But from Monday to Tuesday I had lost 2.5lbs, not really possible, but thats what the scale said, so I am going to roll with it until I get back on the scale tomorrow and see that it was a big fat lie. Anyways, I have done relatively well with the "eating healthy" part of my plan, however my Mom brought over Baked Spaghetti last night and of course I couldn't turn down the garlic bread that came along with it, DELICIOUS. But instead of a huge portion of pasta, I packed my plate with salad, but don't get me wrong, the pasta was delicious. I have tried to walk every day, but this weather isn't cooperating. I took one loop today and it started to rain.

And news on Sweet Stellan - he made it through his surgery, but it wasn't a complete success, only a 65% success, so the experts say, he still might need a pacemaker, I am waiting for another update. Check out this site: there is a Praying for Stellan Tee Shirt on this site, its adorable, I am thinking about getting them for Olivia and Avery, but they are a little steep. These shirts are adorable, I am going to have to get one for the girls, maybe one of the birthday shirts, they are too cute.

My parents left this morning and are making their way North, they plan to arrive in Northfield tomorrow mid-day. We sure are going to miss them, they are so helpful and so great with the girls. We are counting down the days for our trip to Northfield, it should be interesting considering how fussy Avery has been and considering the fact that Olivia can't sit still for longer than two minutes. We are planning to buy a portable DVD player for the plane, any suggestions on which one to purchase?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Wedding and The Ice Cream Truck....not in that order.

Its true, Brad chased down the Ice Cream Truck yesterday morning in an attempt to add some life to our rather routine lives, and by routine I mean, take care of the kids 100% of the time, and do nothing for ourselves, thats the routine we are living these days. Well that isn't entirely true, Brad has done a few things for himself, but he has only managed to log about 4 miles on his bike in the last 7 weeks, thats nothing for a guy who is used to riding 40 miles in an afternoon. So back to the Ice Cream was a FABULOUS treat that the whole family, minus Avery enjoyed on the back deck, Avery was with us, not to worry, we didn't leave her inside to fend for herself, she just didn't partake in the ice cream yumminess. Take a look at our lil Messy Molly...and notice her "sweet" new Little Gym outfit, the girl has style even when she works out, thanks to her YaYa.
Brad and I quickly showered while the girls were napping and got ready for a night out...Dan and Allyson's wedding started at 5:00 and we are proud to report that we were NOT late. For those of you that know me well, I am an "early person", rarely late, almost never late, and usually a good 5-10 minutes early. And everyone told me that would change when I had Olivia, nope, not at all, still on time, but now, when the whole family has to go anywhere we racing against the clock and rarely make it anywhere on time, let alone the usual 5-10 minutes early, I vow to work on that in the next few weeks before I start back to work, KNOCK ON WOOD that I go back to work, still no word on the layoff situation.
So here is a pic of Brad and I before the wedding, this photo session likely added to our "almost lateness". This is also the only photograph we have of my new haircut, and no, I didn't blow dry it for our big night out, there was no time, so I went the route of curls. Please don't mind the extra 60 pounds I still have to lose, not from pregnancy, but from Thyroid Disease that snuck on my body after we got married in 2005. I am DETERMINED to get it off this year, stay tuned for more posts on that.
Avery had an "okay" weekend. We are still experiencing spells where she arches her back and screams, BUT we are hopeful that the meds will cure the majority of those instances and she will be back to her happy self in no time. We did however get lots of smiles and chatted quite a bit, so we know that happy baby we knew for the last 7 weeks is still in there, she is just a little uncomfortable. I love her Little Miss Giggles shirt, I loved those books growing up. Olivia has the Little Miss Chatterbox shirt...I will have to capture that on film.
I finally did something for myself tonight. After we got home from my parents, I snapped Avery into her stroller, got my "work out shuffle" and we strolled around the neighborhood while Brad got Olivia ready for bed, administred all of her meds and sat with her while she did her Nebulizer. Have I mentioned that I cannot wait for June 1st? That is when our Ped said we can STOP the breathing treatments, the poor darling has been on them twice a day since December 22nd, its exhausting. So back to my walk, my girl Brit Brit and my main man MJ (Michael Jackson) kept me company on my stroll and I look forward to the rest of my play list on my next stroll, hopefully tomorrow if the rain holds off.
A confession that I am NOT proud of: I have gone grocery shopping ONCE in the last 8 weeks. Once...yes, you read that right. Pathetic huh? In my defense, and also so Brad's Mom doesn't freak out that I am not taking care of her baby, he hasn't been home for two of the last three weeks, so I haven't needed much food in the house. But that is all about to change. The Diet starts tomorrow, so off to Kroger and UKROPS I go tomorrow morning with my meal plan in hand.
I have about a trillion errands to run this week since Avery and I didn't leave the house much last week, rain really ruins my errand running plans, lets hope it doesn't put the ka-bash on my plans for this week.
Side Note: My favorite little boy that I don't know, Stellan, is prepping for surgery on Tuesday on his 5 month old little heart, he is at Boston Children's Hospital, so keep those prayers coming for him and his family.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Acid, and not the trippy kind...

Well, I don't know about economic stimulus, but one thing is for sure, we are keeping our Pediatrician's Office in business, I can't even begin to count how many co-pays we have made since December, its insane our sick our girls have been. So here it is...

Olivia - double ear infection, horrible cough, tons of snots = Antibiotic for 5 days

Avery - tons of snot, cough, and acid reflux = Antibiotic, even though they aren't approved for infants under 3 Months AND Zantac for her reflux.

Hopefully the Zantac will eliminate the screaming fits we have been experiencing today, and for the record, she is still crying. Brad has been walking the house with her in the Baby Bjorn. I just took over and decided to try the swing, I have done my fair share of walking today, and so far so good, she is in the swing in a semi-peaceful state, fingers crossed, you never know how long its going to last.

Our Ped had some interesting insights, apparently Colic doesn't exist anymore, its all reflux and now its treatable since we know what it is, antacids do the trick...AND another trick is to feed them often but in small amounts, I had never heard that advice before. Before today I would have said "Yeah Right, not going to work with Avery" because she is a piggie, BUT today she isn't eating well at all, she gets 1-2oz down and starts to scream, so the advice is easy to follow so far.

Also, her weight, 12lbs 3oz at 7.5 weeks old. She goes for her 2 Month Check Up a week from today. Brad and I were trying to remember how much Olivia weighed at 2 Months, I will have to go back and look...

Fingers still crossed and knocking on wood, but her eyes are CLOSED.

Brad and I picked up Mexican on the way home, Olivia is spending the night with my parents, I just enjoyed a Magic Hat on the deck and we are hoping to watch Marley and Me, don't worry, I have a box of tissues handy, I am likely to ball my eyes out...I made a fool of myself reading the book on a plane, and I am guessing the movie will be even more traumatic.

Wooooo Sawwwwww

Thats me, rubbing my ears like Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys. Its been a rough, rough 12 hours. Poor Avery didn't sleep well last night at all, she barely ate at 1, and fussed and coughing, and gagged until she woke up for good at 7am and then continued to scream her face off until 11:30 when she finally settled down and fell asleep. I did however truck it around the neighborhood several times in an attempt to keep her quiet, Riley was huffing and puffing trying to keep up with us. Silver lining - I got some much needed exercise.

We are heading to the Pediatrician this afternoon at 3:15, both girls are going to be checked out. I am wondering if Avery is suffering from reflux...and both of the girls still have crazy snots going on. WOOF.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

There is a God..

My good friend Megs is a HUGE American Idol fan, we used to watch it together all the time, but the little traitor moved away and can no longer come over to watch TV like the good ol' days...anyways, she just started her own blog and posted about AI, and that reminded me that I needed to send out my AI love for one of my favorites, MATT, who almost left the show last night, AMEN for the ability to save someone. I hope he gets with the program and picks a better song next week, but seriously, is there really a good disco song to pick - WOOF. I hate disco.

Off to the dentist I go, I am dreading it. I figure if I have to go to the dentist and all the way to the West End I might as well reward myself with a little trip to Pottery Barn Kids, makes sense right?

And another AMEN goes out to the sunshine...can I get a Halla-lu-ya?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One more night...

Brad will be home tomorrow night after a long week in Atlanta. There have been moments of pure chaos, but also moments of peace, its hard to believe you have many of those with two children under the age of 21 Months, but its possible. I can't imagine being a full time single Momma, BUT every single day I realize just how blessed I am to have this time with the girls. This afternoon all of us were on the floor doing tummy time, I looked at both of them and got teary eyed, they are so lucky to have each other, I pray every single night that they will be the best of friends.

Outside of taking Olivia to and from daycare I haven't left the house since Monday, this rain is depressing me, I was hoping to get a few walks in, but no dice. It looks like the sun is going to come out tomorrow though, AMEN. I am looking forward to the gorgeous weather on the horizon.

Recently we have noticied a new trend in Olivia's vocabulary, she is starting to put words together, its adorable. "La-La's House" "More Pizza", whereas before it was "House" and "More".

Avery is "talking" a lot more these days, she coos with the best of them, and is a smile machine, her little personality is starting to come out more and more. She is still waking once a night to eat, usually between 2-4, it all depends on when her last feeding of the night was.

Brad and I have a wedding to attend this weekend, we are looking forward to a night out, it will be the first time we have left both of the girls when both are awake, God bless my parents.

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Official, she's part of the family.

The Hunt...and Easter Dinner...I mean playtime.

Playing at The Koehler's after Easter Dinner

Riding on Zack's Craftman Tractor

Her Eggs...from the Hunt

Finding an Egg

On the hunt...

HOPpy Easter....

Olivia has this new thing, she likes to climb inside EVERYTHING...well she has this little baby doll didn't go so well, someone got "uck" or stuck as we would say.

Easter Weekend -Fun was had by all...except maybe Avery, I am not so sure she knows how to have fun yet, but you better believe we are working on it, a child of mine will know how to have fun just as soon as its physically possible.

Egg Coloring Smock - highly recommended

The end result...

Saturday YaYa came over and helped Olivia color eggs...she wasn't thrilled with it, but she liked the end result. She did however have a blast playing on the deck in her "not really my Easter dress" dress. Brad spent the better part of the day mowing the lawn and spreading stuff on it so it grows and so the weeds die. Oh and I should mention...Olivia skipped her nap, she coughed her face off and couldn't settle down.

Sunday we went to Breakfast with my parents and then they came back to the house so Olivia could open her Easter Basket from the Easter YaYa. She had a blast opening her presents and playing with the grass then it was off to the Easter Egg Hunt in the Koehler's backyard with Zack. Brad and Justin were in charge of hiding the eggs...Insley and I watched from inside as they chucked them all over the yard, MEN. Olivia and Zack had a blast hunting for the eggs, it was adorable to watch them spot an egg and rush over to it...Olivia had a coughing attack so we brought her home for another breathing treatment and then it was nap time...oh wait, thats right, she skipped her nap again on Sunday. GIVE ME A BREAK. If this girl is giving up her naps, and I get laid off and become a stay at home Mom I will lose my mind. Sunday evening we went to The Koehlers (my parents joined) for Easter Dinner, Insley and her Mom prepared a fabulous meal and Olivia devoured about 4 rolls...but did manage to eat a few bites of Ham and Sweet Potato.

Brad was on an early flight to Atlanta this morning, he will be back late Thursday night so after Olivia went to bed he packed and finished up a few things for work and then hit the hay so he could get up at 4:45 to catch his flight, poor thing...and then the flight was delayed, go figure.

Avery has been fairly consistent with her night time feeding schedule, she usually eats between 2-4am, and then gets up for the day around 7:30-8:30am. Last night she ate around 8:30pm, but didn't fall asleep until after 10pm, woke to eat at 3:30am and then was up for the day at 7:30am. The poor thing is so congested after she eats she has to sit up right for a while to let the formula pass so as to not create extra mucus. GROSS.

I am happy to report, one of my close friends from home had a darlin' baby boy at 2:16am on Easter Morning. Evan Michael weighed in at 7lbs 12oz (just like his big brother) and happens to look just like his adorable big brother as well - congrats Theresa and Roman, and of course Big Brother B. I can't wait to meet him when we head to Northfield in a few weeks.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cough, Cough, Cough, Cough...

That is the theme in the Turner Household these days. We can't seem to shake this snotty, coughy, sore throaty mess we all have. Olivia coughed so hard on Wednesday night that she managed to vomit all of her hot dogs up on me - lovely I know. Even lil A's cough has gotten worse. I put a call into Dr. Shook this morning, hopefully she has a brilliant idea to heal these poor girls. Sweet Olivia has been sick on and off, mostly ON since December 22nd.

I took my butt to Patient First this morning and got some meds, lets hope it knocks it out and I am back to normal this weekend because Brad heads out Monday morning for the week, it won't be an easy week alone if I feel like this. And I should also mention that Brad feels like doo doo as well, we are pathetic.

I took Avery to Captial One yesterday to meet the guys and gals I work with, we had a good time, but its very clear that layoffs are on the horizon, we will likely know more in the next two weeks. I am not very optimistic, if the layoffs are deep and wide I am certain I will be caught up, I just hope we know before I have to pay the daycare bill for May, maybe I will pay weekly until we know for sure - great idea Leigh.

I wish I felt better and could really enjoy this gorgeous weather, we did manage to take a walk on Wednesday, but we should be walking every single day...these pounds aren't just going to fall off...oh how I wish they would.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A step in the right direction...

Good News: Wahoo - Miss Avery went down last night around 9pm and didn't wake to eat until the math...that's right folks, a sweet 7 hour stretch...and a quick slugs of formula and then she was back in dreamland and didn't wake again until 8am for her breakfast bottle of delicious yummy goodness.

Bad News: ...she was a FUSSY mess all day. If she wasn't eating, which she didn't do well today, sleeping or hanging out in my arms, and even that wasn't full proof, she wasn't happy. Today was the first day I actually hear her cry during the day, usually she doesn't open up her lungs until Brad gets home and even then its usually just fussing, not real exert my lung capacity cries.

I am addicted to I cannot stop reading her blog...

And if any of you watch House...I totally didn't see Kutner's death coming...I wasn't prepare for that at all. What the heck was that? And why wasn't it advertised? Good God.

It is amazing how children can bring a smile to your face even in a dark time. Mike's oldest son Mikey was jumping on his bed last night in an attempt to get closer to his Dad in heaven. And his youngest son Mason wanted to sing his Dad the ABC's and Old MacDonald Had a Farm before he went to bed last sweet. While Robin is likely thinking "why am I a widow at 33 years old", she is very fortunate to have such loving little boys to help her through this tragic time.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Coughs all around...

Our whole house seems to be fighting off a terrible cough, we sound pathetic. Brad and I had date night last night, we went to Bookbinders, Brad enjoyed a delicious Filet and I enjoyed a yummy in my tummy Lobster. We devoured a nice bottle of Barborsville, Pinot Grigio, gotta support the local folk when you can...

Brad spent several hours organizing the garage and putting stuff up on the shelves, we can actually fit a car in there now.

I am addicted to the blog, I can't imagine what McMamma is going through her sweet lil Stellan suffering in the PICU. Please keep your prayers headed in their direction.

My TV World...
  • ER is over...and they went out with a bang, the last several episodes were great
  • Next week is the last episode of Friday Night Lights for the season...I don't know what I will do without my weekly dose of Coach Taylor and Timmy Riggins.
  • I am excited about the new show Southland, good ol' Ryan Atwood from The OC is going to be representing...

No overnight travel for Brad this coming week, but his boss will be in town so that means long days and likely a few business dinners...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail...

Hopping down the bunny trail...
I took the girls to get their Easter Pictures taken this morning, I am THRILLED to report that both of them were angels. Not a single whine or fuss from either of them, I was so impressed. And what an improvement for Olivia over her 18 Month session, she didn't listen to a single word we said at 18 Months and today she was all about following directions.

I took the girls to see Dr. Shook on Wednesday, both are just fighting allergies, no infections and their lungs sound good. She did increase Olivia's Pulmicort dose and frequency and added a dose of Singulair for good measure, the poor little thing shouldn't have to deal with a nebulizer twice a day and another dose of Asthma meds in the evening, hopefully she grows out of this before too long.

And speaking of her meds...I have "good insurance" and they are STILL a fortune. No generic on the market for that means $50 a month...and that could be the math...$600 a year JUST for that one med.

Brad and I are going on a "date" tomorrow night, our first in what feels like 47 years. We are going to Bookbinders for Stuffed Lobster least that is the plan now, likely we will end up in bed with a Pizza watching reruns of NCIS on USA.

I had hoped to take the girls to Maymont for some Spring Fun tomorrow morning, but with their allergies and not feeling so hot, we are going to have to make a game time decision. Olivia has missed the Little Gym so we are going to give it a go tomorrow morning, lets hope we can keep the coughing under control.

As I type we have men working in the garage, building us HUGE storage shelves, my head won't stop pounding, I don't think Riley has sat down for longer than 45 seconds, with every bang of the hammer he is up looking around for a "robber".

And I almost forgot...I am furious. I have been checking EVERY single day to see when their Easter Baskets and Liners were going to go on sale...well Ta-Da, they went on sale YESTERDAY...and guess what...they are NO LONGER AVAILABLE. How do you like those apples? I am so mad I could spit...I have always wanted to use that phrase, but it never seems to be appropriate and today it is...mostly because the phrase is silly, and being upset over sold out Easter Baskets is also silly.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Over the last week I feel like on a daily basis I am smacked in the face with perspective. With the tragic diabetic coma of Chris, to his passing a few days later, to the tragic and sudden heart attack and death of Mike, to now the story of a 5 month old fighting for his life. This woman is amazing, her words move me to tears, but her strength leaves me in awe. Her little boy, Stellan has been in the hospital for the last week fighting for his life and she is so thankful for the day he was born and took his first breath, she isn't worried about tomorrow (even though at times she does, her real perspective is on being thankful for the seconds and moments you have and have had). At 20 weeks pregnant they found out that Stellan had SVT (super fast heart beat) and they never imagined he would take a breath on his own, he was born healthy and remained healthy for the first 5 months of his life, but the last several days he has been fighting for every breath and beat of his very tired heart. Its in over drive right now...

I have to admit, while I didn't want to feel sorry for myself after Avery was born, a part of me felt cheated, she had been healthy in the womb, the pregnancy had been easy, delivery and labor quick and complication free, yet moments after her arrival she was taken from me and the next few days were scary, filled with fear, not with the joy I should have felt after just giving birth to a beautiful little girl (keep in mind, I am using the term little loosely). I thought I was handling it well at the time, I knew we were lucky, that things could have been a lot worse, it just wasn't what I was expecting when I arrived at the hospital that morning.

Over the last week I have spent a lot of time thinking about how my life is going to go, and I have realized that I have no idea, and likely very little control over how its going to go, but the one thing I can control is how I live it. I can treasure each and every moment I have with the ones I love, I can treat my loved ones with tender loving care every step of the way, I can forgive those that let me down and I can focus my energy on seeing the good in people.

It doesn't matter that my hair is dry and I can't style it the way Heather does (my hair lady), what matters is that Olivia loves to play with my hair.

Please send your prays out to the McKinney family who are praying day and night for their little man Stellan and please keep your thoughts and prayers coming for the Stolarcyk family, Mike's widow (I can't believe Robin is now a widow at the age of 33) and his two little boys are falling back into the daily routine. She said to Brad before he left the funeral on Monday that it was back to the real world, back to saying no to the boys, and back to just being a Mom...but now without a Dad to balance her out. Last night she posted on Mike's facebook page...his youngest son Mason said "Momma, the boo-boo on Daddy's heart is all better now that he is in heaven". Those simple, yet profound words...all from a 3 year old little boy.