Saturday, July 30, 2011

Class & Trash Rookie

I follow Richmond Thrifter and she always seems to snag some gems in the rough from this antique/thrift store called Class and Trash, so this morning Molly and I geared up for a trip across the river and sorted through the ruins to find our own little gems in the rough.

A small pedastal table

$12 - and will soon be a bedside table for Avery's Room

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mild Obsession = Shabby Apple

I have become an even more frequent dress wearer than I used to be. I would wear a dress every single day if I could, and some weeks I do just that. I just love how easy they are, love how comfy they are. I have found a lot of cute ones at Target over the last several months, so I have been finding cuteness on a budget, but I have recently been introduced to Shabby Apple , and their dresses make me drool. I can hardly contain myself. And they are running a Summer Sale right now, 20% off...

I just ordered this dress, not sure how it will work with our proposed beach color scheme, but I adore it and could wear it to work, or dress it up for a wedding or a special function (who am I kidding? I am a working mother with two small children, what special functions do I go to these days?)

And I ordered this one too, but in green, not this color. I figured the green was more in line with my color pallet, but I really like this color as well. I hope they fit and hope I love them on, half as much as I love them on the screen.

Mabel & Riley...Sitting in a Tree

Dog & Pig love...

PJ Sisters

I sure hope that when they are older that they can look back on their childhood and have wonderful memories of growing up together.  Being that they are so close together in age, Olivia doesn't have any memories without Avery, so I am hoping that the first memories she can remember involve fun, silly times they shared...not those times where Avery clocked her with a closed fist.

I heart CVS

So I have been quietly continuing on my couponing mission, a few great deals here and there, a few grocery trips with 50% savings, but recently my love has been for CVS and their deals.  This past week I managed to score several great deals on both products that I currently use as well as products I am excited to try.

1 EverSleek Shampoo
1 EverSleek Conditioner
5 Skintimate Shaving Cream/Gels
2 Neutrogena Acne Face Cleansers
3 Packages of Schick Razors
2 Crest Pro Health Toothpastes
1 VO5 Clarifying Shampoo
1 Complete Contact Solution
1 Package of BIC Pens
1 18 Pack of Kotex Tampons

Net Price (Total Cost-Sales-Coupons-Extra Care Bucks) = $11.00

Walgreens has been hit or miss lately, I have had a few small trips lately, and have walked away with products that we can use and for a profit or very little out of pocket costs.

1 EverSleek Shampoo
1 EverSleek Conditioner
2 12 Packs of Women's Schick Razors (only 1 shown)
2 4 Packs of Men's Schick Extreme Razors (only 2 shown)
2 Packages of Hair Elastics
1 Package of Tampons
2 Mitchum Men Deodrants (not shown)

Net Cost: (Total Cost - Sales-Coupons-Register Rewards) = $ 5.38

I need to make a quick trip to Kroger and might actually do that this evening, we are running seriously low on perishable foods, such as bread and fruit, two staples that we need in this house to avoid eating the bad for you foods that are so easy to throw in the microwave.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ride em' girlfriend

There aren't words to describe how funny I find this picture. And it isn't just me. They were passing it around Avery's school, showing all the parents, all the teachers, probably the trash men, they thought it was hilarious, and I couldn't agree more.

And this little gem, she is a natural...that poor pony just looks miserable. Can you imagine 100's of kids climbing on and off all day long? Ick. I would be miserable too.  Olivia told me that there were two ponies, but one got stung by a bee between the eyes and had to go to the Doctor...who knows if that really happened, but I am just glad that didn't happen with one of my children sitting on it. Yikes.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Front Porch Looking In and Out

Crape Myrtle


You might recall from this post, that I was dying for a Lime Green Front Door...but after careful consideration I decided that it just wasn't the right fit for our neighborhood.  Our neighborhood is very cookie cutter and isn't ready for a POP of color like we were hoping to introduce, so I did what any "Lime Green Door Coveting" person would do...I painted (or I should say Brad painted) two planters the bestest Lime Green in the whole wide world...and stuck it SMACK dab on the front stoop.

We also changed out the numbers on the door, they were brass, I loathe brass...can't stand it, would rather poke my eyes out than look at it, so how I tolerated it for 6 years one will never know, but it is gone now, see ya later ugly brass letters, there are new nickle letters in town now.

Our lamp post on the driveway is still holding a brass lamp.  For the record we didn't get to pick that fixture, it was standard with the house, and so now my plan is to Spray Paint it nickle to match the rest of our outdoor light fixtures.

*I know the random photos of the trees is a bit peculiar, but I like to track their growth and this gives me a platform to do it*


My bestie Kristen flew down from Boston for a long weekend, too bad for all parties involved that it happened to be one of the hottest weekends we have had, but despite the heat we had a great time doing what we do best...chatting and shopping. Kristen and I could talk for hours, we are those girls! Our friendship story isn't text book, in fact there was a time that we would have admitted to not even really liking each other, however in all fairness to both of us, that was long before we really knew each other, and once we got to know each other, it was rainbows and puppies from there on out.

Kristen is the girl you want in your corner. She is the girl who calls you to ask you if you've seen a commercial that makes her cry, because she knows you well enough to know you would be crying too.  If she thought you were making a mistake with a decision you were about to make, she is the girl that with kindness and tact,  she would share her concerns and urge you to reconsider, because she only wants the best for you and is afraid the decision isn't best.  She is a great mirror, she is the friend that you can talk to about anything, and you always know that her advice is coming from a very safe place. She is the friend who knows you so well that she can be objective when you are caught in the moment.  I adore our friendship and hope that everyone has a friend like Kristen in their lives. I can honestly say she makes me a better person, and I love her for it. She is forgiving and generous, and loves to give, yet expects nothing in return.  And, the girl can eat...her nickname in high school and college was "Shortie Well Fed", and oddly enough it was given to her by one of my other besties, Adam.  Oh, and I should also mention that Kristen and I "met" in the Nursery at Franklin Medical center on March 9th, 1979...we were born in the same hospital, two days apart, and likely had some quality wailing sessions together in the Nursery while our Mom's snoozed.

Friday I picked her up and we enjoyed a relaxing lunch at Feathernesters, we checked out the white slip covered couch they have to offer and I bought some adorable vintage looking earrings, like the ones above. I can't wait to craft an outfit around these earrings. We then set out for Short Pump, where Janie and Jack was having an amazing sale. I got the girls dresses for our beach photo shoot in September and picked up another set of beach photo dresses for 2 years from now, the total for all 4 dresses was $70, and the original retail price of 1 dress was $69.50, so I basically saved 75%. Can I get an AMEN? I got several other things for Olivia, tank tops for $6.99 and skirts for $7.99.

They even mismarked a Chambray Dress for $9.99 and honored the pricing, it should have been marked $34.00. Isn't it adorable. I would love it in my size!! Oh and for you skinny Minnie's out there, they go up to Size 12 online, I bet some of you could easily wear a Size 12 in Girls...some of the dresses are just precious!

Gap was also having a stupendous sale. I got 2 pairs of jeans, 1 for $4.97 and the other for $9.58. I got 2 tank tops, each $5.00, I got a pair of black dress pants for $8.00 and Brad got a dress shirt for $11 - can you say JACKPOT?

Kristen managed to snap a cute pair of Sperry Flip Flops from Saxon Kids for way cheaper than adult version...if you have small enough feet shopping in the kids section is the way to go! I am jealous with a capital J.

We also saw Friends with Benefits and laughed our faces off. JT is an entertaining guy, but it is hard to take him serious as an actor sometimes, because I am so used to his comedic presence, that serious moments were hard for me to take.  When he started rapping like Cris Cross I almost peed my pants - hilarious.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hardwoods...don't mind if I do.

August 2010

Brad and I had been debating for the last year or so whether we should get new carpets, ours were G-R-O-S-S, between the parties, the dog and the children, they had seen better days...and I was having a hard time walking on them without wanting to shower. So when we brainstormed what our 2011 House Investment was going to be, we landed on redoing the flooring in the Family Room, and turns out we decided that it was time to explore finishing off the Hardwoods and getting rid of the carpet all together.  We made the Hardwood decision a few weeks ago, but if you recall my panic attacks over the right area rug and what it would mean to the curtains I adore, we ended up delaying our install and that lead us to today. 

6am - Monday July 25th, 2011

The furniture had to go somewhere, right?

And the red chairs are in the Home Office, but I can't show you that just yet, it isn't complete!

The boys from Costen Floors arrived around 8:30am and were DONE with the Family Room install around 1pm, it was amazing how quickly they worked. I would hear the saw, then hear the nail gun/hammer going to town.  I was home sick, so I was able to check out the progress during the day.


Existing Hardwoods vs. New Hardwoods. You can really see it in the photos, but in normal lighting it isn't as obvious.

Best Guard Dog

His attack face...

Riley kept me company today. He is one lazy, lovable dog that Riley Duke of Fenway Turner.  I can't imagine my days without him!

The rug is down
You'll recall the stress over finding the perfect rug, and now you will take a gander at the boring, plain, couldn't even use real decorating type words to describe it area rug I landed on and you will wonder what in the world I was stressing over.  However, if you jumped into my head for a second, you would come to realize that this is far from what I desired to lay on our new hardwoods, but the panic attacks got the better of me, and I decided that cheap and versatile was the way to go for now until I land on the long-term look of this room.  I am already thinking about a few changes, one involving paint and the other involving molding.

After the girls went to bed we got everything situated. Most pieces were back in place before we picked them up, but the finishing touches came after they were off to dreamland.

You will notice that the huge black frames are missing from above the red will see the new and improved frames in the next week or so.

I found the new lampshades on clearance at Target over the weekend and snagged two of them to reduce some of the red in the room and turns out I love the look of the simple white and navy trimmed shade.

Now if it would only stay so orderly...I was telling Brad this afternoon how much I L-O-V-E instant gratification type projects, I love it when they are knocked out in a day, and I double love it when they only disrupt your life for one or two meals.  I had to resort to a box of Wheat Thins for lunch since I couldn't get to the stove, but I was willing to take one for the team, it was the least I could do. And by box, I mean BOX. I almost ate the entire thing.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Where does she get her fashion sense from? Lord, I hope it isn't me! Because if I walked around looking like this, I would hope someone who cared for me would send our flairs to alert me to the catastrophe I had become. But for now, when Olivia sports these types of threads, I just smile and think....oh to be young again! Notice, from the leg warmers, to the shorts, to the belt, to the t-shirt, she is a fashion mess, but one I adore.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some like it hot...

I guess that is true...some do like it hot, but right now it is pretty frickin' hot.  When I got in my car this afternoon it said 107 degrees, and then held steady at 101 for the rest of the ride home. Ick.  I was just outside putting a coat of paint on some of my home office beauties and I think I lost a few lbs in sweat...not that I should complain about that since my dinner consisted of Cold Stone Creamery, I could stand to work some of that off.

When its this hot...I so badly wish we had a pool in our backyard.  Growing up with a pool was so nice, I didn't realize how good I had it, and I hope that some day we can give our kiddos a pool, but for now we have to resort to creative solutions when the temps start to get to us.

Some of us act like fraternity brothers during h-e-double hockey sticks week...

Others hold our kids hostage and run through sprinklers...

We snuggle...even when its hot

Some of us carry our children like little sacks of potatoes

But in the end, we all love that summer days and nights mean plenty of time together as a family.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am about to take the plunge, into the world of time suckage, into the world of inspiration also know as: Pinterest.  I am beyond excited to jump in, but slightly frightened that Pinterest will begin to interfere with my other responsibilities such as keeping my children fed, bathed and alive...but lets just hope it doesn't come to that.

 Inspiration for my "T" wall....

Inspiration from a craft room I will never have....but always dream of

The color of the dress I am searching for to pull our beach photo outfits together....

I have just scratched the surface and I have fallen hard...I have a serious virtual crush on Pinterest, and I am wicked serious!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cutest Buns on the Block

Olivia's Ocean Bash

The Olivia Shrine...her first Ultrasound Photo through her 3 Year Photos were displayed

Party Favors

Cute Buckets with Vinyl (thanks Jeni)

Even the Lemonade coordinated with the color scheme

The Backyard Bash

The backyard was a complete zoo

Brad & his cousin Alex...and Rhodes & Avery, who happen to look EXACTLY alike.

Olivia's Fourth Birthday Cake - Cakes By Graham

The Birthday Girl, who wore a bathing suit for her entire party, good thing I had two coordinating outfits for her to wear, and didn't think to find a coordinating bathing suit, but she dressed herself, so such is life!

Living the Dream

Where is Avery?

Here she is!

Olivia had a great time at her party, I don't think I saw her come out of the huge water slide/pool once, it wasn't until I told her it was time to eat do I think she even came up for a breather.  She played hard and had a blast.  The weather was perfect. I think this year happened to be the coolest temps we've had for a birthday celebration, it was great, almost everyone was outside the entire time. What a refreshing change from having 50 people and toddlers in our house for Avery's party in February.

I was tucking Olivia in on Saturday night after her party was over and all of her guests had gone home and she was telling me me about all the fun she had, and my heart melted. I love hearing her talk about experiences she enjoyed and it makes you feel good when you had a hand in helping that fun come to light. She also happened to mention that when she turns 5 she would like either a Flower Cake or a Princess...she is her Mother's Daughter, I had already started a page for her 5th Birthday in my planner...we Turner girls love to plan!

I am going to remember this smile...she is one happy 4 year old. I am going to celebrate my daughters birthdays by remembering my favorite things about them at this moment in time.  So my four favorite things about Olivia:

*Her laugh, it is beyond contagious and makes you forget all your cares
*Her imagination, listening to her and Avery play together is pure entertainment
*Her memory, it is insane how much she soaks in, and absorbs, she remembers everything.
*When she reaches up to hold my is a great feeling.  I know she isn't "all grown up", but I see her growing and changing and I love when things like holding hands remain the same, she still wants to hold my hand and I love that feeling.