Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Almost Four...

1 Day Old

1 Year Old

2 Years Old

3 Years Old

She makes my heart soar.  Looking through photos from the last four years to pull these out brought tears to my eyes.  I am continually amazed at the force in which I love my children.  Just their sweet little faces as innocent little beings brings forward the miracle that they are, oh how blessed I am to be their Mommy.

I came across this photo that my friend Becca took of Olivia and I at Lewis Ginter when Olivia was just turning two years old. I never really gave this photo a second glance when she shared the images with me and now it makes me smile, one of those sweet smiles, a smile that is filled with nothing but sheer pride and gratitude. I think about the photos the girls will have of us together as Mother & Daughter or Mother & Daughters, and I think about how one day they will only have photographs to look back on. I hope they cherish them when I am gone, which hopefully isn't for a solid 65 years...but I think about the scene from the Family Stone, when Merideth (the hated girlfriend of Everett) surprises all the siblings with a photo of their mother, who at the time of the photograph is pregnant with one of her 5 children, so it is a classic, old, photograph, and it is perfect! Perfect because it is a fantastic photograph, but perfect because she is sick and dying and they know one day sooner, rather than later, this photograph will be so much more important than it is in that present moment. Sad I know, but also sweet, reminds me why capturing these memories is so important.

I love how a photograph can take you back.  Bring upon emotions that you haven't felt since you experience the moment the first time around.  I can't wait to start my photography class in a few weeks!

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Jeni said...

Aw. I can't wait to see photos from her birthday and from your classes!!!!