Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Olivia's Ocean Bash

The Olivia Shrine...her first Ultrasound Photo through her 3 Year Photos were displayed

Party Favors

Cute Buckets with Vinyl (thanks Jeni)

Even the Lemonade coordinated with the color scheme

The Backyard Bash

The backyard was a complete zoo

Brad & his cousin Alex...and Rhodes & Avery, who happen to look EXACTLY alike.

Olivia's Fourth Birthday Cake - Cakes By Graham

The Birthday Girl, who wore a bathing suit for her entire party, good thing I had two coordinating outfits for her to wear, and didn't think to find a coordinating bathing suit, but she dressed herself, so such is life!

Living the Dream

Where is Avery?

Here she is!

Olivia had a great time at her party, I don't think I saw her come out of the huge water slide/pool once, it wasn't until I told her it was time to eat do I think she even came up for a breather.  She played hard and had a blast.  The weather was perfect. I think this year happened to be the coolest temps we've had for a birthday celebration, it was great, almost everyone was outside the entire time. What a refreshing change from having 50 people and toddlers in our house for Avery's party in February.

I was tucking Olivia in on Saturday night after her party was over and all of her guests had gone home and she was telling me me about all the fun she had, and my heart melted. I love hearing her talk about experiences she enjoyed and it makes you feel good when you had a hand in helping that fun come to light. She also happened to mention that when she turns 5 she would like either a Flower Cake or a Princess...she is her Mother's Daughter, I had already started a page for her 5th Birthday in my planner...we Turner girls love to plan!

I am going to remember this smile...she is one happy 4 year old. I am going to celebrate my daughters birthdays by remembering my favorite things about them at this moment in time.  So my four favorite things about Olivia:

*Her laugh, it is beyond contagious and makes you forget all your cares
*Her imagination, listening to her and Avery play together is pure entertainment
*Her memory, it is insane how much she soaks in, and absorbs, she remembers everything.
*When she reaches up to hold my hand...it is a great feeling.  I know she isn't "all grown up", but I see her growing and changing and I love when things like holding hands remain the same, she still wants to hold my hand and I love that feeling.

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