Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Befores...

Here are the "Before" shots of two of the House Projects Brad and I have been working on this weekend.

A bookshelf that will take up residence in the Home Office

A Trash Can that will soon become Riley's Food Container

I decided to pass on the doormat projects, the patterns that were once bright and vibrant on the mats are still a little too visible, despite being dull and just making the mats look dirty, so I don't think my plan will materialize quite as well as I had hoped so I am just going to scrap that one all together. People can wipe their feet on the dull mats this summer and I will worry about pretty doormats next year.

Also, we got the quote back on having Hardwoods installed in our family and it and looks like that might be our big project for this year...Hardwoods, an Area Rug and hopefully a new couch for the Family Room. I can't wait to see how it all comes together! 

I hope by Tuesday to be able to update you on:

1) Home Office Lamp
2) Olivia's Lamp
3) Olivia's Window Treatments
4) Home Office Bookshelf
5) Morning Room/Toy Area re-arrange and organization
6) Riley's Food Container
7) "T" wall

We still have a lot to do to pull it all together, but we are making progress...hope ya'll are having a great Holiday Weekend!

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