Monday, July 25, 2011

Hardwoods...don't mind if I do.

August 2010

Brad and I had been debating for the last year or so whether we should get new carpets, ours were G-R-O-S-S, between the parties, the dog and the children, they had seen better days...and I was having a hard time walking on them without wanting to shower. So when we brainstormed what our 2011 House Investment was going to be, we landed on redoing the flooring in the Family Room, and turns out we decided that it was time to explore finishing off the Hardwoods and getting rid of the carpet all together.  We made the Hardwood decision a few weeks ago, but if you recall my panic attacks over the right area rug and what it would mean to the curtains I adore, we ended up delaying our install and that lead us to today. 

6am - Monday July 25th, 2011

The furniture had to go somewhere, right?

And the red chairs are in the Home Office, but I can't show you that just yet, it isn't complete!

The boys from Costen Floors arrived around 8:30am and were DONE with the Family Room install around 1pm, it was amazing how quickly they worked. I would hear the saw, then hear the nail gun/hammer going to town.  I was home sick, so I was able to check out the progress during the day.


Existing Hardwoods vs. New Hardwoods. You can really see it in the photos, but in normal lighting it isn't as obvious.

Best Guard Dog

His attack face...

Riley kept me company today. He is one lazy, lovable dog that Riley Duke of Fenway Turner.  I can't imagine my days without him!

The rug is down
You'll recall the stress over finding the perfect rug, and now you will take a gander at the boring, plain, couldn't even use real decorating type words to describe it area rug I landed on and you will wonder what in the world I was stressing over.  However, if you jumped into my head for a second, you would come to realize that this is far from what I desired to lay on our new hardwoods, but the panic attacks got the better of me, and I decided that cheap and versatile was the way to go for now until I land on the long-term look of this room.  I am already thinking about a few changes, one involving paint and the other involving molding.

After the girls went to bed we got everything situated. Most pieces were back in place before we picked them up, but the finishing touches came after they were off to dreamland.

You will notice that the huge black frames are missing from above the red will see the new and improved frames in the next week or so.

I found the new lampshades on clearance at Target over the weekend and snagged two of them to reduce some of the red in the room and turns out I love the look of the simple white and navy trimmed shade.

Now if it would only stay so orderly...I was telling Brad this afternoon how much I L-O-V-E instant gratification type projects, I love it when they are knocked out in a day, and I double love it when they only disrupt your life for one or two meals.  I had to resort to a box of Wheat Thins for lunch since I couldn't get to the stove, but I was willing to take one for the team, it was the least I could do. And by box, I mean BOX. I almost ate the entire thing.

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Jeni said...

Beautiful floors and I think the rug looks great :)