Friday, July 15, 2011

Family Room Re-Do

I have been having small panic attacks all week about the unplanned Family Room re-do that we have going on at our house.  We made the decision to have hardwood floors installed in the Family Room, and then it has spiraled out of control, every decision forces me to make three new, unplanned decisions.  So for now, this is what is planned:

Hardwood Installation - 7/25
Move Area Rug -7/25
Search for a New Sofa and figure out what stays and what goes - Soon
Figure out if Curtains are going to make it - Soon

We have struggled to find an Area Rug that suits the space just right, so to protect the floor and not pick the wrong solution we are going to move the current neutral rug from the Dining Room into the Family Room while we decide what the future holds for the floor space. I am struggling because I found a rug I absolutely love, but I am just not certain it goes with the rest of the decor, so I am hesitant to make a decision.

I love our fancy/loud/bright/busy curtains, but I am just not sure they are going to survive this re-do, they are tough to coordinate with.  Why is it that I see other homes, they mix and match patterns so well and when I try the same thing I get hives? I don't get it. And I love the look of mis-matched furniture, but in my house, it gives me the shakes, why is that? I think I need some help!

Oh and the sofa, I haven't even begun to tell you all about our sofa dilemma...that might have to wait for another day.

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