Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Front Porch Looking In and Out

Crape Myrtle


You might recall from this post, that I was dying for a Lime Green Front Door...but after careful consideration I decided that it just wasn't the right fit for our neighborhood.  Our neighborhood is very cookie cutter and isn't ready for a POP of color like we were hoping to introduce, so I did what any "Lime Green Door Coveting" person would do...I painted (or I should say Brad painted) two planters the bestest Lime Green in the whole wide world...and stuck it SMACK dab on the front stoop.

We also changed out the numbers on the door, they were brass, I loathe brass...can't stand it, would rather poke my eyes out than look at it, so how I tolerated it for 6 years one will never know, but it is gone now, see ya later ugly brass letters, there are new nickle letters in town now.

Our lamp post on the driveway is still holding a brass lamp.  For the record we didn't get to pick that fixture, it was standard with the house, and so now my plan is to Spray Paint it nickle to match the rest of our outdoor light fixtures.

*I know the random photos of the trees is a bit peculiar, but I like to track their growth and this gives me a platform to do it*

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