Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mild Obsession = Shabby Apple

I have become an even more frequent dress wearer than I used to be. I would wear a dress every single day if I could, and some weeks I do just that. I just love how easy they are, love how comfy they are. I have found a lot of cute ones at Target over the last several months, so I have been finding cuteness on a budget, but I have recently been introduced to Shabby Apple , and their dresses make me drool. I can hardly contain myself. And they are running a Summer Sale right now, 20% off...

I just ordered this dress, not sure how it will work with our proposed beach color scheme, but I adore it and could wear it to work, or dress it up for a wedding or a special function (who am I kidding? I am a working mother with two small children, what special functions do I go to these days?)

And I ordered this one too, but in green, not this color. I figured the green was more in line with my color pallet, but I really like this color as well. I hope they fit and hope I love them on, half as much as I love them on the screen.

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