Sunday, July 17, 2011

A sneak peek...

The dining room is almost complete, just a few small changes and the dining room will be finished.  I have high hopes of changing out the fabric on the cushions and adding some love to the window treatments, but I don't see that happening this calendar year, that is likely a 2012 project, so for now, this is a peek into what I see when I look into the dining room from the open foyer.

You'll notice below the chair rail is now while, I want to marry it, I luvvvvvvvre it.  And Brad hung the gallery wall for me this weekend so that our birthday guests could fit into the dining room to watch Olivia blow out her candles.  I have a few more frames to add, but for now it is pretty darn perfect to me! Minus the fact that Avery only shows her face in 2 of the frames...I need to work on that, it was okay this weekend to have it be The Olivia Wall, but since her Birthday Celebration will be complete on the 19th, I will have to do something to balance out the frames.

And starting in two weeks, the area rug you see will be gone, and will have taken up temporary or permanent residence in the Family Room.  If it works in the family room, it will stay there, and I will start my search for the perfect dining room area rug, I can see a new rug in the dining room as a way to infuse some color into the room....we shall see what the future holds!

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