Saturday, July 2, 2011


We needed to run by Stony Point Fashion Park today to pick up our knives, (Sur La Table runs a sharpening special every June), and Stony Point has this fabulous little splash area for the kiddies, so we thought it would be a treat to take the girls, they always ask to run through the fountains, but we are never prepared with their bathing suits, so today we were prepared and the girls had a blast.

Olivia bracing herself...

Avery on her way into the fountains

I love these action shots...

It looks like Olivia is trying to drag Avery away

Probably safer to drink from a water fountain.

We are planning to make Homemade Ice Cream later today with the girlies, and are thinking about trying out a new Pizza Place called Twisted Tomato this evening.  I love, love, love long weekends!

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