Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby Flip Flops...its 72 Here...

We are happy to report that Olivia is starting to show signs of improvement, the breathing treatments must be helping!! Her Doc said it would take a good 2 weeks for the cough to go away, that was depressing, but while its still awful, its getting better already, we are all for Baby Steps in the right direction.

If any of you have ever had to give your child a Nebulizer, you know they get super hyped up after, the Albuterol makes their heart pound. Well as soon as we unhook Olivia, put her down, she runs in circles for a good 15 minutes, its hilarious. Next time we do it we are going to get her on video, its like you are watching her on fast forward.

The whole family took a field trip to Sonic this morning for breakfast before Brad and GaGa started work on Avery's Closet, even Riley came along for the ride. Its been a while since we made the trip for breakfast, while we had fun, it wasn't the same without our loyal Sonic companions Brian and Molly.

Olivia has learned how to feed her "Baby" a bottle, its adorable. She is madly in love with her Baby (Thanks Dana), she has to take her everywhere, wants to wrap her in blankets, etc. We are hoping this is a good sign for when Avery arrives that she will at least want to cuddle and comfort her like she does her baby.

Brad goes back to work tomorrow, but will be off starting Wednesday through the 5th. His parents are coming up for a few days to celebrate Christmas since we didn't make the trip down there this year.

Can you believe its already 72 degrees outside and its only 11am...and its December 28th. Its nuts. After Olivia's nap we are planning on taking Riley to the park and hoping Olivia will want to play on her new swing set...can't miss out on this gorgeous weather, but can't do too much since Olivia is still fighting Bronchitis.

Friday, December 26, 2008

For Christmas: Bronchitis and A Tooth

The title of this blog basically sums up our last few earlier reported Monday Olivia came home from daycare with a 104 degree fever. The rest of the week we noticed that she was becoming more and more congested, the fever was clearly the early stages of a yucky cold. Wednesday a.k.a Christmas Eve the cough started, we hosted Christmas Eve dinner here with my parents. Olivia was a champ despite feeling like crapola, she opened some presents, ate about 4 rolls and went to bed around 8pm.

She was up at 11pm, coughing her tiny little face off, it was heartbreaking, we gave her a nebulizer treatment and she was coughing and struggling to breath until she fell back to sleep in the bed with me at 1am. She was up again at 4:45am. Brad took over at 5:45 and by 6am she was asleep, and awake again at 8:30am, a rough rough night for all. My parents arrived Christmas Morning at 8am, and were here when Olivia and I came down the stairs for the first time, her first glance at the tree. Here she is, her first glance of the tree and all the presents.

Olivia was a trooper, she opened presents, played like a rock star and mooched food off of every one's plates. She went down for a nap around 1pm, I napped, Brad rode the bike and then when she woke up we went over to my parents for Christmas Dinner. Olivia was NOT interested in dinner and threw her oranges all over the place. So now we can add "throwing" to the hitting and no phase, what a trio.

We took her back to the Doctor today, another negative test for RSV, but she came home diagnosed with Bronchitis. She is now doing breathing treatments several times a day and is on antibiotics, we are hoping she can kick the cough in the next few days, but her Doctor said he expected a slow recovery, that it would likely take her a good 2 weeks to kick it. Not what we wanted to hear, we are hoping she feels better long before then. We are happy to report that the breathing treatment goes much smoother when she is in front of the TV watching her crazy Nursery Rhymes.

Brad and I need to pick our Avery's Glider this weekend so we can order it, and we were hoping to go to dinner and a movie, but with Olivia feeling like garbage we will likely put that on hold until she is feeling better. Last night we watched What Happens in Vegas with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, HILARIOUS, exactly what we both needed, a light cute comedy. And tonight we are watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall, too much camera time for the Twigs and Berries if you ask me...WOOF.

Brad's parents are planning to come up for a few days starting on the 31st or 1st. We are planning on spending NYE with our neighbors, low key, but lots of fun, the best way to ring in the new year, with great friends.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And her name is....

We have named the littlest one...

Miss. Avery Emerson Turner
Emerson is Brad's Grandmother's Maiden name, just as Olivia's middle name is in honor of my Grandmother's Maiden name. Avery has always been our #2, behind Olivia, however I learned on Olivia's first day of daycare that there was another little girl there named Avery Turner...what are the odds? We immediately gave up the hope of having a little girl named Avery, but then when we found out we were having another little girl we just couldn't let go of the name, its our favorite and we love it, so we decided that at the very most they will be in daycare together for a year or so, but won't be in school together, so we are okay with it, and trilled that we have found a name we love.
I had a prenatal massage today at Salon del Sol, it was nice and relaxing. I wish they had the prenatal table like Nesbit does, since they don't I had to lay on my side for her to get my didn't work so well and that was what you would call my "problem" area, so my back didn't get the attention it needed, but my face, feet and hands feel a little like a slice of heaven.
Poor Olivia, still isn't feel so well. She did have a pretty good day though, the fever didn't spike again until this evening, so she was comfortable most of the day. She took a nice 3.5 hour nap this afternoon, I don't know if she has ever napped that long. Had I been home with her (Brad was) I probably would have checked on her about 32 times to make sure she was still breathing. If the fever is still present tomorrow we likely won't make the trip to Bassett. Bummer. Its tough to change Holiday plans at the last minute, but that's what happens when you have little ones, they get sick and plans go right out the window...I just hope she is on the mend and feeling better soon.
And I am happy to report that Baxter (Shannon's Dog) just has a liver infection, no tumor, which is great news. They picked him and some meds up today and he is back at home with them. They think it might be a case of food contamination...Shannon was going to call PetSmart tonight.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A very mixed day...

Bad News for the Day:

#1 - Beth e-mailed and gave me some sad news, her poor sweet kitty, Cole passed away yesterday, in her lap on the way to the ER Vet...they think maybe a heart attack, so sad huh? Handsome Austin just wants Santa to bring Cole back...but I am betting he will change his mind once he sees that XBOX 360. And Sofia just keeps saying "Cole died".

#2 - I went through all of Olivia's baby clothes and can't find some of my favorite gowns and outfits, where in the world could they be? And do I now need to get this baby some new clothes? It isn't in the budget...

#3 - Ellie (niece) went to the ER last night, has Croup (sp?) and Strep...

#4 - Baxter (Shannon's Dog) is sick, jaundice and is staying at the ER Vet...

#5 - I got a call today at 3:45pm, Olivia was running a fever of to the Doctor we flu and no RSV, so the Doctor just said to tough it out, could be up to 5 days of high fevers, the viruses going around are nasty, she said if it hit 105 to call her back...I felt like saying "Lady, if my daughter's fever hits 105, you bet your bottom dollar I will call you...on my way to the ER"

Good News of the Day...

#1 - I was found a changing pad cover at Pottery Barn Kids for $9.99 today...

#2 - Andrea, one of my friends from my March 2009 Birth Club delivered her little girl Madison Dawn over the weekend at 28 weeks, the little darling had a full head of hair. She is holding her own, breathing on her own, and is taking breast milk. Andrea gets to go home today to spend the holidays with her family, but of course is sad to leave sweet Madison...

#3 - My OB approved my prenatal massage for tomorrow mid-day, I can't wait, my back has been killing me.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 Days and Counting...

Olivia is loving the Countdown Santa, she changes the blocks on a daily basis, numerous times a day and today we were able to change it to 04 days, and she seemed to be okay with that number so left it alone for the rest of the day. She loves the Christmas Tree and at first never touched a thing, but has started to point and look back at us to ask whether she can touch the ornaments, of course the answer is no, so she just keeps pointing and eventually walks away.

She has also found a great deal of satisfaction in opening her presents, however we realized the trick is, don't give her the present, if you give it to her and ask her to open it, you get nothing, no interest at all, but if you just leave it on the floor, she will gravitate to it and begin opening it. Of course the same holds true for all presents that are on the floor, so you have to be careful about leaving presents around, especially those for others, I have had to re-wrap a few presents...

Olivia and Dada had a blast messing around the other night, Brad ran around the entire house bouncing her around, of course it was right after dinner, but thank god no vomit :) This afternoon she was so clumsy, she could barely walk more than a few steps without falling flat on her face, silly girl.
Olivia is obsessed with the bathroom, if I am in the bathroom she HAS to be in there with me, and likely she will stay long after I am finished. She loves to help flush, sometimes she just likes to play on the floor, take note, this is her in the half-bath downstairs. Crazy little girl.
We are heading to Bassett on Wednesday Mid-Day and will spend a few days with The Turner Family, and will be back in Richmond for dinner on the 26th with my parents. We will then have a traditional Christmas Morning/Day here on the 27th, filled with yummy breakfast casserole, mimosas for those who aren't with child, and lots of presents for the littlest one. Everyday my Mom gives her a present, because she is afraid she will be overwhelmed on Christmas Day...I think its more than my Mom can't wait to watch her open them...
Friday Night I had a girls night out with April and Courtney. It was so great to catch up with the girls, we haven't all been together in months. It was also great for April to get out and get some time to herself away from the little ones that keep her busy 24 hours a day. We had dinner at Brio and walked around Stony Point.
Last night Brad and I had dinner with his two Uncles (Darrell and Bernard) that live here in Richmond, his Cousin Alex and his Grandma. It was great to see everyone. We dined at The House of Vietnam, (No more Asian Food for a while for this girl) and then went back to Darrell and Boozie's house to visit. We had planned on seeing Four Christmases, but missed it, so we are hoping to catch it before it leaves the theaters. I have decided that I won't be able to see Marley and Me in the theaters, I will have to wait for it to come out OnDemand...
Tomorrow my Mom and I are headed to Short Pump to return a few things and run an errand or two. Hopefully I will get the "Okay" from Dr. Davis to have a prenatal massage on Tuesday, my back has been killing me, so I am hoping she gives me the green light.
I haven't watched a single Christmas Movie this season, depressing isn't it? We have just been so busy, I am hoping to get one in before we head to Bassett.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who knew...

That you could glue ears...I mean in all seriousness it isn't as far fetched as you might think, but it still is strange. The poor dog...its always something with him. He has had open wounds on the tips of his ears for the last two months, its not uncommon, usually they heal on their own with a little special potion, but not this time, so after two months of him painting our walls and doors with his blood, not to mention our carpets and windows we decided we need to take some action. So off to Dr. Bills he went...Dr. Lauren took him to the back, glued his ears, brought him back to the exam room, one shake of the head and the room was coated in his blood, a lovely shade of Holiday Red...take two, Dr. Lauren took him back again and this time he came out with these lovely WWII bandages...he looks like a homeless doggie, poor thing.
Olivia is off to The Little Gym this morning with Brad while I finish wrapping our Christmas Presents. We had all the carpets cleaned yesterday and the nursery is empty now, the furniture will arrive early this week and then I can start decorating, I can't wait. Olivia walked into the nursery today and just danced around in the open space, we tried to tell her that her little sister would be living in there soon and she just pointed up at the fan and said "Wow"...I guess its a start, at least she didn't yell NOOOOOOOOOO, which is quickly becoming one of her favorite responses...and the hitting, will it ever stop? Our darling little angel is now morphing into a 2 year old right in front of us...where did the time go?
Off to wrap the remaining presents...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Case of the Mondays

That would be Olivia, not me. She is a mess on Monday Nights, can't form a word, just whines, and needs to be in her crib at 7:00pm SHARP, not a minute later, and if we would allow it, she would gladly go up at 6:30pm, she just can't hold it together. Last night she started to get overtired around 6:30 and then her running in place dance started, and it doesn't stop, she was cracking herself up, at least she went to bed happy after spending the whole evening whining her face off. Adorable Lil' Brat that she is.

We are on a mission to capture the perfect picture of Olivia for our Holiday card, but we aren't having much luck, we might just have to send out New Years Cards. I am going to start checking Costco for their New Years Card selection. I mean really, this is her last chance to steal the spotlight, next year she will have to share the card, I don't understand why she isn't being more helpful - LOL.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tons of Tack & Terror

Yup, that was the only emotion I could think of to describe how Olivia reacted to Santa today at the Amberleigh (my parents Neighborhood) Holiday Party. My mom tried to take her up to see Santa, he even knew all about her, her favorite toys, her dogs name (all supplied by my mom prior to the party) but once she saw where my mom was taking her the tears starting and they weren't quiet tears, they were loud, loud, loud tears. We didn't push it, let her play around for a little while and then I tried again, oh boy, not a chance, as soon as I picked her up she knew where she was headed and the screaming started, I couldn't stop laughing. I even tried to stand behind Santa while holding her to get one picture and that didn't work even for a second, you would have thought I was pulling her finger nails out or making her chew on tin foil, it was awful. I am so thankful we didn't wait in line at the Children's Museum or at the Mall, and then paid $30 for a single 5 X 7, only to find out she was going to scream the entire time. Maybe we will get a picture next year...My Mom said I did the same thing when I was her age.

Now on to the 3rd Annual Tacky Sweater was all I had hoped for and more. It was a smaller group this year, a lot of people had work holiday parties on the same night and couldn't make it, but we had a blast. Olivia had a sleep over at YaYa and GaGa's house, they hung out until about 7:15 and then headed back to their house, Olivia was so sleepy, I wish she could have stuck around for some pictures, but we did our best to capture her in her Tacky Sweater before the party kicked off. I turned in around 12:30am and I believe Brad came to bed around 2am, I can't wait until I can actually part-take in the spirits next year, I have been pregnant for 2 of the last 3. Lord help us if I cannot kick back some bubbly next year...

Have I mentioned that Olivia calls herself "LaLa". Zack calls her LaLa so we are guessing that is where she gets it from. When she sees a picture of herself, she says "LaLa", its hilarious. And she is madly in love with my Dad, she can't go more than a few hours without asking for GaGa, its her new favorite thing to say.
This is Justin's annual cone shot...

This morning Molly, Amy, Lauren and I headed out to the Bizarre Bazaar, it was fabulous, I can't wait until next year. Molly won a door prize, and got a free jar of jelly...HA!.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

POTS and Pans...

Well its official, Brad has POTS. We are thrilled to finally know what is causing all his dizzy spells, but now its a matter of him getting used to the meds, because right now he feels like Riley is sitting on his chest. We are hoping it will just take a few days for the meds to get into his system and make him feel better. The Doc thinks he will be on meds for 6 months and will then likely be able to come off, clearly isn't a severe case, but it still isn't fun when your husband has to spend his day in the Cardiac Cath Lab.

Olivia had her second flu shot today, she took it like a champ, not a single tear, of course when the doctor tried to listen to her heart you would have thought he was stabbing her with a knife, he said its normal, that after a year they are more and more scared of the doctors and it lasts until they are about 3 years old, something to look forward to. HA. And it wasn't her normal doctor, so maybe that was it.

We are looking forward to the 3rd Annual Tacky Sweater party this weekend, I can't wait to share the pictures with you all on Sunday. They should be GREAT. I have high hopes for the tack. And then Sunday its girls day out at the Bizarre Bazaar, I am so excited.

Speaking of excited. Yesterday afternoon I went online to look at the Winter Wonderland Bedding at Pottery Barn Kids, the quilt was sold out, I slipped into a deep depression. I decided to call the local store and see if they carried it, and JACKPOT they did and they had 4 in stock, so I ran by today and pick up the bedding set for Olivia. I am madly in love with it. I couldn't stop myself, the Holiday stuff in that store is adorable, a fortune, but adorable. I can't wait to put it on Olivia's big girl 2010. She will likely be in her crib again next year, so we won't get to use it for a little while, but I couldn't pass it up. And did I mention that while I was there I bought the baby her Jumbo Christmas Stocking, I couldn't risk them selling out and her not having a Jumbo Stocking like Olivia's, that just wouldn't be fair.

Work is BUSY...Capital One bought Chevy Chase Bank today, that isn't making me busy, but just wanted to throw that out there. Usually work is quiet and slow in December, but not this year, its craziness. I can't wait for a break, hopefully the week of Christmas will be slower.