Monday, July 30, 2007

Latest addition to Red Sox Nation

Its official, Red Sox Nation's latest addition is already one of their biggest fans. Olivia got all dressed up to watch the Red Sox pull it out in the 12th inning, its a shame that we had to stuff her into this adorable onesie just to take a picture, a big shout out to Kristen Schmidt for the appropriate present, its too bad we had a large and in charge child that could only get one wear out of it. We will be sure to save it for the next one, because its too cute.

Yesterday Brad, Leigh and Olivia took their first "for fun" trip in the car, they went to Bruster's to get Ice Cream, none for Miss Olivia of course, but Brad and Leigh sure did enjoy themselves, Olivia was as quiet as a mouse and slept the entire way there and back, we think she is starting to come to terms with her car seat.

This week Leigh is determined to get Olivia out and about and show her the great things in life, such as Target. Their hope is to get there today, but with that as a goal we are hoping to get there by Wednesday.

Its tough taking car rides without bringing Riley along, but when we go in Leigh's car there just isn't room, its scary to think that we thought we would have the first two children before trading the Acura, now it looks like we will be lucky to get through Olivia's first year with the TL, it just doesn't have as much room as we would like.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Miss Olivia is 1 Week Old

July 25th, 2007 Olivia Merritt Turner turned 1 week old - she shared her special day with her Gagaroo Worden, who also celebrated a birthday on July 25th, his however was closer to 3,172 weeks old, but who's counting?

Olivia also hit a major milestone on her big day - her cord fell off, Leigh was thrilled, it was starting to gross her out.

Leigh's parents have now gone back to Massachusetts, but they will be back in a few weeks to close on their new house, Olivia and Riley are already missing them and can't wait for their next visit.

Brad's parents will arrive on Friday to spend a few days with us, we are looking forward to their visit. Leigh is also looking forward to having Brad at home for a week, as he worked this entire week - poor thing, he is exhausted, long nights of no sleep and long days of work make for a tired "Brad the Dad". (His office coined that phrase, not us).

We are more than thrilled to report that Riley has NOT tried to eat his sister...yet. We have high hopes, he is being such a good boy, we couldn't be happier with the way he is behaving, he loves to smell her, but doesn't even flich when she screams right next to him on the bed.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Olivia goes to the Doctor

Miss Olivia had her first Doctor's visit this morning, she isn't quite sure how she feels about her car seat at this point, but one thing she is sure of is that she is not a fan of red lights, we think she gets that from her mother.

Good News to report - she has maintained her discharge weight of 10 lb 4oz, which is a sign that she is eating enough, despite the fact that Leigh is worried she is starving her to death. She was not excited about having to get naked and get on the scale, again, another shared trait with her mother.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Welcome Miss Olivia Merritt Turner

Three days late, but well worth the wait. Miss Olivia Merritt Turner was born on July 18th, 2007 at 4:57pm, weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs 9 oz, measuring 21.5 inches in length and with eye lashes longer than her mothers.

Labor Story:

Leigh had her 40 week Appointment at 4:50pm on Tuesday July 17th, by 5:30pm Leigh was admitted to the hospital, due to "high blood pressure", and Brad was on the way home to get the bags. Leigh's blood pressure was back to normal by the time Brad arrived with the bags, apparently all she needed was to know that she didn't have to wait until July 24th to become a Mom. Both sets of Grandparents arrived at the hospital around 9:30pm. Leigh and Brad attempted to get a goodnights sleep knowing it would be one of the last for many months to come. The nurses woke Leigh up on the 18th around 4:30am, Leigh was already contracting on her own, she was still just 1cm dilated, they started to push Pitocin and broke her water around 7:30am, by 9:30am she was 3cm and "begging" for an epidural. After a two hour nap, it was 12:30pm and Leigh was at 8cm, at 1:15pm Leigh was at 10cm - quick for a first timer, but Olivia was still "too high" so after another 2 hours of strong contractions Leigh was finally ready to push, 30 minutes later Miss Olivia came into the world. The concensus of theBaby Nurse, Labor Nurse, Dr. Davis and Brad was "HOLY $#&*", of course in response to her size. It wasn't until they weighed her did they realize just how big she was, they thought maybe 9 pounds, nope a whopping 10 lbs 9 oz later and Brad and Leigh were parents.


We can't begin to express how thrilled we are to finally have her in our arms, speaking of arms, Brad is on his way to Dicks to pick up some weights so he can carry around his daughter, he needs to bulk up.

Both sets of Grandparents meet Olivia for the first time.

Daddy's Little Girl

The Turner Family was discharged early morning on Friday July 20th and arrived home to a very excited Big Brother Riley, who took it upon himself to kiss her feet with his large, wet tongue. She loved it.

We've only been home for a few hours and already Olivia has had numerous visitors to welcome her to the world, she is very lucky to have such a great group of friends so early in life.

First Visitors at Home: Brayden and Ellie Gordy, Kaylee Rogers and Anna Tillar.

Monday, July 16, 2007

She's Late, She's Late, for a very important date.

Well its official, our little one is TARDY. She missed her due date - July 15th.

Leigh is very ready to be a Mom, while physically she has had a great pregnancy, emotionally she is just ready to be done with this chapter, and is ready to kick off the next chapter of taking care of our little one.

Brad is looking forward to her arrival, but is spending his last few days of freedom on his bike in the trees (Mountain Biking) and watching the Tour de France.

Riley is enjoying his last few days as an only child by eating an entire one pound bag of Twizzlers, peeing on the floor (which he hasn't done in over a year) and wanting to go outside 3-4 times a night. I am sure he thinks he is doing us a favor, just preparing us for many sleepless nights, silly dog. He is looking forward to his Grandparents arrival on Wednesday (Worden's are coming to town) because YaYa (Grams) spoils him rotten and he enjoys all the attention he can get.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

She's NEVER coming out.

We just got back from our Doctor's Appointment and according to Dr. Davis since Leigh is so "Healthy and Boring" there is no reason to induce her any earlier than July 24th, yes you read that correctly, July 24th. She is still hopeful that our little one will work up the energy to get things started on her own, but worse case we will have her in our arms on July 24th.

Stats: 80% Effaced, 1cm dilated and -2 Station
Stats as of 7/2: 60% Effaced, "Finger Tip" dilated and -2
Stats as of 6/26: 50% Effaced, 0cm dilated

The silver lining in this waiting game is that she will always share her birthday parties with her Gargaroo (Gramps Worden) since his birthday is July 25th. We are still open to her sharing her birthday parties with the Worden Anniversary as well, which is July 17th, but she seems to have her own agenda.

We, both sets of Grandparents included are anxiously awaiting her arrival. We go back to see Dr. Davis next Tuesday for another check up, we'll post the update.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Where is our Little One?

Well its July 5th and we are now 10 days away from her "due date". Leigh is convinced she is never coming out, Brad is betting she arrives on July 12th. Dr. Davis said that if our daughter can't get her act together on her own by July 15th she will intervene and help us along, so we know for sure she will arrive on or before July 20th. We are hoping she arrives before July 20th, because Auntie Megs will be leaving for Los Angeles for a week and it just won't be the same without her here.

Leigh's parents are anxiously awaiting the "phone call", the car is already packed. They are hoping that if we give them a call at the first sign of labor they will make the birth, as much as we would love to give them that pleasure, we are selfishly hoping that labor doesn't last 12+ hours (the time it will take for them to make the trip). Brad's parents are also waiting for that special phone call, and with them only being 3 hours away, chances are they will make it with plenty of time to spare.

Big Brother Riley is getting himself ready for his sister's arrival by napping in the Nursery, sharing his toys with her room, at any given time you can find at least four of his toys on the floor, oddly enough, for those of you that know him well, he has yet to touch one of her toys, we are just waiting for the day he comes downstairs with her stuffed animals in his mouth.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July, we were hoping Leigh would feel some "fireworks" and that she would be an Independence Day Baby, but no such luck!!

Introducing Miss Kaylee Rogers

Our little one's friend Kaylee Elizabeth Rogers was born around 10:15pm on Friday June 29th, 2007. She weighed in at 6 lb 13 oz and was 19.5 inches long. Her parents Greg and Amber Rogers live just down the street from us, Kaylee is one of 5 babies due in our neighborhood this summer, she was #2, hopefully our little one will be #3.

The Worden's "Move" to Richmond

As many of you already know, Carolyn and Ralph are making the big move to Richmond, Virginia to be closer to the apple of their eye, nope, not Leigh. At this moment in time its Riley, however in a few weeks the attention will shift and Riley and our Little One will share their love and affection. They will be in Richmond for part of the year, but will keep their "home base" as Northfield, Mass. Thank God Comcast has the MLB Package so Carolyn can keep an eye on "her" Red Sox's while she is here in Richmond.
*Please excuse the large green dumpster in front of their gorgeous new house, we hope the view will include lovely landscaping within the next 2 months, as they hope to close and "move in" late August - early September.

Sibille gets Engaged

Sibille is engaged, to a hunk named Markus. They are still in the early planning stages, but hope to be married by Summer 2008. The Turner Family, including Our Little Girl hope to make the trip to Europe for the big event.

Raleigh - March 2007

Downtown Raleigh - the home of our favorite breakfast place in the world - Big Ed's.

We took a quick weekend trip to Raleigh to celebrate Leigh's Birthday and of course visit all of our favorite restaurants while Leigh was pregnant and could consume an unlimited number of calories.

We made sure to visit Brad's old Condo in Downtown Raleigh - Founder's Row

We re-created our first date dinner with an evening at our favorite Raleigh Restaurant, Cafe Luna with our close friends Greg and Angie Butner, they joined us for the night from Wilmington, NC. We shopped in the adorable baby boutiques in Cameron Village, despite the fact that we didn't yet know the gender of our Little One, ate lots of yummy food and relaxed. We love Raleigh.

Jayden Philip Michael Harrington - February 2007

Welcome Jayden, you sure do look cozy in Uncle Justin Daly's arms. We can't wait to meet you! Your parents Adam and Kearstin sure are lucky to have such an adorable little man in their lives.

What a good little snoozer - too cute.

Anna Wrenn Tillar - January 16, 2007

Welcome to the world Miss Anna Wrenn Tillar, your parents April and Addison couldn't be happier that you are here safe and sound and of course Auntie Leigh and Unkie Brad are thrilled to meet you.

Hawaii - Maui and Kauai - September 2006

We took a 10 day trip to Hawaii just before Leigh started her new job at Capital One. We spent 6 days in Maui an 4 in Kauai and loved every single second of every single minute of every single day. The delicious food and wine were plentiful, yet expensive. We stayed at the Wailea Marriott in Maui and the Kauai Marriott Resort and Beach Club, and highly recommend both options for anyone visiting Maui and Kauai. We took a Helicopter Tour on Kauai and it probably topped the list of our favorite adventures, I can't imagine the trip without it. And who could ever get sick of the gorgeous weather in Hawaii, the breeze however in Wailea can be a little strong in the afternoons which make laying on the beach a little painful, the sand can be dangerous. We can't wait to go back and visit Hawaii, we hope to visit the other islands on our next trip, which probably won't be until our 10 year Anniversary.

The Sunset at the Old Lahaina Luau

You can't go to Hawaii without a Helicopter Tour - Kauai, Hawaii

View from the Kauai Marriott Resort and Beach Club Pool

Vegas Vacation - January 2006

Who would have known that Leigh would have fallen in love with Las Vegas? One minute in front of a slot machine and she was hooked. Check out the "Big Winner" - $166 in the first afternoon. If only the rest of the trip would have been so profitable.

The Strip - we can't wait to go back for our next visit.

Riley's First Trip to the OBX - October 2005

Riley, just 6 months old takes his first trip to the OBX, Corolla specifically. We went to visit Crystal and Keith and stayed in a gorgeous house just 100 yards from the beach, too bad Riley was terrified of the ocean. He was however a big fan of the lounge chairs at our pool.

Brad tried to "Hang Ten" like the big Kahuna that he is, however the waves didn't really cooperate, he is hoping for a rematch on our next visit, which we hope to be either Late Fall 07 or Summer 08.

Wedding Memories - May 2005

Miss Leigh Garfield Worden and Parents

Mr. L. Bradley Turner and Parents

Leigh's Best Friends - Beth and "my" Brad

The JMU Girls with Brad

The Radford Boys with Leigh

Our Second Set of Parents - The Messers