Saturday, January 31, 2009

18 Month Pictures

So sweet

Not so happy

Our little Olivia

Amazing that she sat still as long as she did

She did love the chair though

Our giggle face

Date Night...36W Pregnant Style..

So Brad and I have the night to ourselves, Olivia is spending it with YaYa and GaGa, we told them they didn't have to, but I think its more for their sake than for ours, they love their time with her. Being the romantics we are, we picked up a pizza at Costco and plan to watch a movie on the couch, jealous aren't you? HA.

Olivia went back to Dr. Shook yesterday for a check up, her lungs and ears are clear - the best news we have heard in a while. She is still suffering from a new cold she picked up at daycare, but that is nothing compared to what we have been going through, she takes it like a champ. She started her new Little Gym class today, she is now a Beast. She had a blast. The class is HUGE, we are hoping that a few of the kids move to another class to give them more room, but it didn't seem to phase Olivia, she was wide open the entire time.

Yesterday the whole family went to Shoney's for Breakfast before Olivia's Dr's Appointment, YaYa and GaGa met us there, you should have seen how much Olivia ate, we have decided that while she is young and free at buffets its the WAY TO GO with her, she ate more than all of us combined, it was hilarious. And then last night at dinner, we went to Don Pepe, she ate all of her meal and then ate Brad's Taco, hilarious.

Brad called Stanley yesterday to check on the status of Avery's Furniture, it was scheduled to ship on the 19th, turns out the shipping company picked it up on the 19th, but they are holding it until they have a "full truck" GIVE ME A BREAK. Like that is MY problem? So if they don't have a full truck until APRIL we won't get our furniture? I am going to give them another week and if we still don't have our furniture...I will go hormonal on them.

And let me just say, people commenting on Jessica Simpson's weight is pee my pants funny, seriously people...she's beautiful and WHO cares.

I am so hoping this sore throat I have had for the last 4 days goes away SOON...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

35W 1 D

Quick report from my Doctor's Appointment this afternoon....I am 1-2cm dilated and 50% effaced, and she is head down. I thought for sure it was her head trying to escape from my belly button, but nope, that is her very firm tushy. She clearly doesn't get that from her mother. My next appointment is a week from tomorrow at 8:30am, and we will get my induction date on the calendar. I can't believe I only have 3 more appointments left, where has the time gone? I was hoping Brad would make the appointment with me today since it was the first of the big ones, but he had something come up, hopefully he can join in the fun next week.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

18 Months Old...

With all the sickness going around I forgot to report out on Olivia's 18M Check Up...we were hoping to consider it a well check up, but it turned into a sick visit, with several more tests. But we still got all the stats...

Weight: 24 lbs 4oz - 50%, she weighed 24lbs 7oz at 15M, and had weighed 27lbs the week before, so this weight isn't very accurate, its due to her not eating and throwing up for a week.

Height: 33 inches - 75%.

Head - still a HUGE melon - 97%

We are happy to report that Olivia is finally home with us, its been lonely here without her, but we know she had a great time with YaYa and GaGa. She is so lucky to have them here, and they love spending time with her. GaGa calls her "Buddy".

Olivia is still doing 3 breathing treatments a day and her lungs still sound junky, we are hoping it clears up soon, oh how we wish it was bacterial so meds would help, but no such luck. We suspect she will go back to see Dr. Shook later this week to have her ears checked again, we are hoping her lungs are sounding better by then.

We are hoping to spend some time in Avery's Nursery today, but since its right next to Olivia's Room we can't really do all that much while she is napping. I have ordered a few things from, one has already arrived, and we are still waiting on a few others, I can't wait to get everything up on the walls. I am addicted to that site.

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I didn't lead with this...Westchester Commons on 288 will be opening soon, but that isn't the best part...I was reading an article today in the informative Chesterfield Observer that there will be a Noodles and Company opening there this summer. I was reading it in the car on the way to pick up Olivia and when I screamed Brad almost drove off the road...I am SO excited.

Olivia has her 18M pictures tomorrow morning at 9:30, we are hoping for some good ones since we were deadbeats and didn't have her 12M pictures taken other than at Heather House. I will be sure to post them when we get back.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Frosty and Baby Go For a Walk...

Brad and I are still recovering from the lovely stomach flu. Olivia has spent some quality time with YaYa and GaGa over the last few days, we are so thankful they were here to watch her while Brad and I POOKED (puked and pooped) for a few days. I am feeling better, not great, and still weak from not eating for 3 days, but since Brad caught it about 24 hours after me I suspect he won't be back on his feet until this time tomorrow. I am amazed in just 2.5 days I lost 8lbs, if only this could have happened AFTER Avery was born...

After a few hours of working from home this morning I headed over to my parents house to play with Olivia for a little while before her nap, since its so nice outside, almost 55 already and should be close to 60 by this afternoon, she got her coat, put her hat on and pushed the stroller towards the door, clearly she was trying to tell us something. I even took a few videos of her on the "walk" but for some reason they won't upload correctly.

Olivia has her Little Gym Recital tomorrow, but with her still recovering from Bronchiolitis we aren't sure whether she will participate or not, but we are hoping she can at least go for a little while. We don't want her to miss the medal ceremony, she will graduate from Birdie to Beast (very ladylike huh?). Other than that I am guessing we will have a low-key weekend, I was hoping the Nursery Furniture would be here so I could organize the Nursery, but no such luck, it will likely ship today or Monday. I can't wait to have the room put together, only a few more weeks before this little devil child arrives...and for those of you that don't know, she is called devil child because she never, I repeat NEVER stops moving...and now that she is large and in charge it isn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but she is still getting her 98 somersaults in every single day...sometimes twice a day.
I go back to Dr. Davis on Tuesday, hopefully we have some progress and we will have a better idea as to whether February 24th will be Avery's Birthday or not...I also see Dr. Wagner (my Endo) on Monday, lets hope my levels are back to normal.
TV: As always 24 is FABULOUS. We have yet to watch LOST, but are hoping to catch up tonight. And of course I didn't make it through Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice without multiple bouts of sobbing, I am hoping its the hormones and that when I am no longer pregnant I won't cry like a baby at these shows.
Books: The Mother of All Toddler Books...can't say I recommend it since it isn't relevant for all, but I was looking for some guidance on how to prepare Olivia for Avery's arrival and it had some good ideas, so for that I can throw out a recommendation.
I expect to have some Movie Recommendations after this weekend...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Healthy yet....not so much.

As you can probably tell by the title, we still have a sick little one. We thought she was on the mend, and would be back at daycare on Tuesday, but Monday night brought on more throwing up, and now its coming out of both ends, if you catch my drift, the poor thing. She does great during the day, but then makes a mess of the nights. Last night we had to change the sheets 3 times, and she saw 4 different sets of PJ's. And I think I changed clothes twice...its awful. I am waiting for the Doctor to call us back to see if there is something more we could be doing for her.

A quick update on Brad's issues...he is still taking his POTS Meds and initial results from the Hematologist tell us he isn't bleeding internally, but that isn't surprising, we didn't suspect he was, they just needed to rule it out to move forward in the testing process, he goes back in two weeks.

No other big updates to report....however we are pumped that LOST is on tonight! Wahoo.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


What a week!! Jeesh. Poor Olivia fell ill again on Saturday, but it was thought it was just another cold, she had just finished her meds for Bronchitis on Monday the 5th. Tuesday morning she woke up at 5:45am, pointed to her ear and told me "Ears Mommie". So that coupled with a low fever (that had been around for a few days) I called the Doc and took her in. Yup, Ear Infection...just starting though...a round of Antibiotics and she will be as good as new.

NOT so much.

She woke up from her nap on Tuesday with a fever of 104.2...Motrin and another temp check 2 hours later and it was up to 104.9...on the advice of our Doc off to the ER we went. Not a great experience, slow and the triage nurse basically stripped me of my Mother of the Year award. Here is how the conversation went...

"What brings you in?" - Nurse I hate

"Fever of 105" - Leigh

"That's it?" - Nurse I hate

Then we went into the details of the day, how she just started on meds, etc.

"You know the meds will take 36 hours to kick in?" - Nurse I hate

"Yes, but she has never had a fever of 105 with an ear infection and our Doc told us to bring her in" - Leigh

Then she proceeded to tell me that Olivia should be taking Children's Motrin NOT Infant's and that I just wasn't giving her enough and that is why her fever is so high. I seriously wanted to knock this lady's block off. Not to jump ahead in the story here, but that ER Doc and NP told me to stick with Infants Meds as long as possible, the strength isn't different, just the volume they have to consume, infants is concentrated so its easier to dispense, they still give infants to children as old as 11 in some cases.

A chest X-Ray, lots of Motrin, and a Popsicle later she was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis and we were on our way home....just after midnight.

So back on the Nebulizer, continue with the Meds for the ear infection and she should be as good as new in 7-12 days...

Wednesday - Olivia has trouble be expected, breathing treatments do help. She throws up twice, and doesn't eat all day. Doesn't sleep well....poor thing.

Thursday - No eating or drinking....back to the Doctor, appears to be getting worse. Doctor says she is NOT getting worse, but the illness is just peaking, so she is on the way down now. She takes a great nap and sleeps better.

Friday - Wakes up wanting to eat, I was so happy I had tears in my eyes. She eats two pancakes and drinks some water...plays for a while, watches Nursery Rhymes for hours, doesn't eat lunch, and takes a nice long nap. Wakes up, eats almost an entire canister of Gerber Veggie Crunchies. Goes to bed, is restless, but sleeps great and until 8am.

Saturday - Wakes up at 8am...fussy...first day without a fever...wahoo. Eats 2 Kix and a Banana for breakfast, devours Pasta Pick Ups for lunch...goes down for a nap...shortly after being put down, starts fussing. I go to check on her, just in time to catch her throwing up her lunch...poor thing. She starts saying "uh oh" and "its yucky". She gets up, no nap. Plays for a little while, crawls into my lap, watches some TV (dee-dee) and pukes all over me a few times. Bath Time...lays around, head in my lap for over an hour....takes a sip of Gatorade and Water...pukes again...I call the Doctor...

Doctor says NOROVIRUS..he saw 50 patients today, 30 of which were puking their little brains out and he too is sick. She likely got it at when she was at the office on Thursday getting re-checked for Bronchiolitis.

The poor thing has had a rough go of it, her body has taken a beating the last month or so...first Bronchitis over the Holidays, then an Ear Infection, then Bronchiolitis and now Norovirus. Good Lord. So needless to say we all had to miss Anna Tillar's 2nd Birthday Party, we hear that April did a fabulous job with the Clifford the Dog Theme...I can't wait to see pictures. And my Baby Shower has been cancelled for tomorrow as well since I have been exposed, I don't want to get anyone else sick...can you imagine me puking my brains out 9 months pregnant, lets hope it doesn't come to that.

A quick update of all other weekly events:
  • Megs arrived late last night, so great to see her.
  • I will likely be changing "roles" at work in the near future, and will transition full time to this new role when I get back from Maternity Leave in June
  • No major update from my OB Appointment - everything is moving along well, strong heartbeat, measuring right on schedule, no concerns. If all goes along as planned she will induce me on the 24th if I don't have her before then.
  • Our friends Lindsay and Karl Tuhey found out they are having a little boy...she is due in June.
  • We had a Neighborhood Girls Shower for Samantha on Thursday Night, she is due with sweet Maya on Feb 6th
  • We celebrated YaYa's Birthday last night with Chinese Take Out so we could keep Olivia in the house. Aunt Sue drove up from NC to surprise her...
  • Brad had another Doctor's Appointment with a Hematologist, more blood work and still no diagnosis on the Hemoglobin issues...another appointment and more tests scheduled for Tuesday


TV - Madly in love with 24, love me some Jack Bauer, oh how I have missed him. And AMEN, Friday Night Lights is back...Tim Riggins is a dreamboat.

Movie - We are getting ready to watch The Women and 21, I will report back

Books - Just started The Kite Runner...not far enough along to report

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh Maggianos How I love thee....

Brad and I had a triple date last night with our favorite pals, Justin and Insley and Brian and Molly. We all piled into the Yukon XL and headed West to good ol' Short Pump Town Center to partake in the delicious nourishment that Maggianos has to offer. Family Style of course, and we ate like an 18 person family...we got our money's worth, that is for sure. Delicious...and always a blast with such great company. Olivia had a sleep over at YaYa and GaGa's house, she loves the time she spends with them. I am so thankful that she has them here for several months out of the year, she is a lucky girl.

Brad had a "Team Ride" today and spent the morning riding in the mud, needless to say he was stinky and dirty when he got home.

Football Munchies...oh how I love to prepare them and eat them, but its so hard to stay interested when both the Redskins and the Pats are O-U-T. We did have a delicious pot of Chili on Friday night...

We are all looking forward to next weekend. YaYa will celebrate her 65th Birthday on Friday Night, we are planning to have dinner out as a family and toast to her 65 years. Late Friday Night Megs arrives, we can't wait to see her and are so glad that she will be in town for the long weekend to join in all the fun. Saturday Morning Olivia will have her 18 month pictures taken at 9 and then will head off to the Little Gym. Then Saturday afternoon we will head to The Tillars to celebrate Anna's 2nd Birthday, can you believe its already been 2 years? And Sunday April and Megs are throwing me a Baby Girl Brunch, so nice of them and then Sunday Night will be Olivia's Half Birthday Party...

So about the Half Birthday...I am a huge fan of celebrating everything Olivia. A Half Birthday in this house just means cupcakes and likely pizza or lasagna with a few friends and close family, no presents and nothing "party like". When she is older I plan to make half a cake, let her invite a few friends over and have a sleep over and just have a pizza party with a few age appropriate movies. I read about it in Real Simple....or maybe it was Parents, and it was adorable. I just hope she remembers them as special days as she gets older and creates memories for her children.

And speaking of traditions...when the kids get their report cards, there will be no "awards" just family time to celebrate their hard work. I could never understand how parents rationalized paying their children for good grades...we will likely celebrate with a dinner out or a favorite dinner in.

I am going to start a new blogging tradition, I am stealing it from our Card President at work, he always closes out his blog with TV, Movie, Book and Music recommendations and/or reviews, they generally consist of things he has watched, read or listened to throughout the week.

Movie Recommendations:
  • Hancock with Will Smith, its out on DVD....and it was FABULOUS. - I give it at 9
  • The Great Debaters with Denzel Washington....I have to say, I had very high hopes for this movie and while it was inspiring and I shed a tear or two, it was a bit slow and left me a tad disappointed - I give it a 7


  • Lipstick Jungle - LOVE IT, and I am praying that it won't be cancelled.
  • And I am very much looking forward to Friday Night Lights...bring on Mr. Tim Riggins...holla.


I got nothing...however, I did listen to Michael Buble a lot this week in the car, and I adore him.


  • Second Glance - Jodi Picoult. I can't seem to get into this book, and usually I soar through her books.
  • Harvesting The Heart - Jodi Picoult. I finished this book before the Holidays, it was tough to get into, but it turned out to be well worth the time.
  • In an Instant - The Bob Woodruff Story - loved it. Highly recommend it.

Have a great week!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years Resolutions...2009

Clearly some of these won't work until Avery is born...
1) Continue to take vitamins once I am done with the prenatal vitamins
2) Jump on the Weight Watchers Band Wagon, and don't get off until I am old and gray, and drink 8 glasses of water every day.
3) Read to Olivia every day
4) Spend quality one on one time with both Olivia and Avery each and every day
5) Call my friends more often


1) Take Vitamins every day
2) Spend more quality time with my Wifey (he came up with that one on his own)
3) Be better about communicating with my family (for example: let my Mom know when I am going out of town for a week)
4) Eat healthy
5) Make sure Olivia brushes her teeth every day

1) Reduce the number of times I say NO every day
2) Stop hitting my Momma and Dada
3) Be gentle and kind to my little sister
4) Give Doggie a break and leave him alone when he is sleeping
5) Continue to be a happy, lovable little girl

1) Come into this world quickly and without inflicting any pain on my Momma
2) Cry as little as possible, only when I am hungry and they are ignoring my need to eat
3) Sleep through the night as soon as possible, ideally by 2 weeks of age
4) Let my Momma read to me
5) I will schedule my crying time so as to not wake up my sister

1) Stop "tooting", or at the very least, stop with the smelly toots
2) Stop bleeding all over the walls
3) Stop burping in my Mom's face
4) Continue to get the Sunday Paper since its the only chore I have
5) Be nice to my new sister and tolerate Olivia's pokes, hugs and kisses

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009....

Its hard to believe that its 2009, that Brad and I have been married since 2005, that I graduated from high school in 1997 and college in 2001 and that Olivia was born 2 calendar years hard to believe.

Olivia got her second hair cut on Tuesday, she was a tad freaked for the first second or two, but I can't really blame her, the lady who was cutting her hair needed a serious make up lesson, but she calmed right down and let her cut away, she just added trimmed it up a bit, nothing major.

Brad's Parents arrived on Wednesday afternoon, we opened presents with them, Olivia had a blast. She loved her Rocking Horse, we will post pictures soon, she can now get on and off by herself, so its a constant on and off. Wednesday Evening Brad and I headed over to Justin and Insley's after putting Olivia to bed, I love low key NYE's. Last year we started the tradition of watching the crazy guy jump his motorcycle a trillion miles on ESPN, and this year we continued the tradition by watching another crazy guy try and flip his truck, and a twitchy crazy guy jump his motorcycle on top of a replica of the Arc de Triumph, idiots. But we have a blast, the girls get super nervous and have to look away...Insley and I enjoyed some sparkling grape juice that tasted just like melted Welch's Grape Popsicles.

We enjoyed our time with Brad's Parents, we got some projects done around the house, Brad's Mom helped me organize the Laundry Room Closet, I have major issues with folding sheets, so she was a savior. They are heading out in the morning, they need to get back to Bassett, Grandma Martin isn't feeling so hot.

Brad and I are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. We just signed up for the Blockbuster Movie Package Thingy, we figure we won't be getting out much in the next several months so its a good time to catch up on all the movies we have missed since Olivia was born. We are hoping to eat at Chipotle at least once this weekend, we have both been craving it like crazy. I could survive on their chips and guac, and its always 100 times better when pregnant.

Olivia is finally feeling better, her cough is still "yucky" as she calls it, and we are still doing breathing treatments 3 times a day, but those will decrease to 2x a day once she goes back to daycare on Monday. Back to work for both Brad and I on Monday...