Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My bestie Kristen flew down from Boston for a long weekend, too bad for all parties involved that it happened to be one of the hottest weekends we have had, but despite the heat we had a great time doing what we do best...chatting and shopping. Kristen and I could talk for hours, we are those girls! Our friendship story isn't text book, in fact there was a time that we would have admitted to not even really liking each other, however in all fairness to both of us, that was long before we really knew each other, and once we got to know each other, it was rainbows and puppies from there on out.

Kristen is the girl you want in your corner. She is the girl who calls you to ask you if you've seen a commercial that makes her cry, because she knows you well enough to know you would be crying too.  If she thought you were making a mistake with a decision you were about to make, she is the girl that with kindness and tact,  she would share her concerns and urge you to reconsider, because she only wants the best for you and is afraid the decision isn't best.  She is a great mirror, she is the friend that you can talk to about anything, and you always know that her advice is coming from a very safe place. She is the friend who knows you so well that she can be objective when you are caught in the moment.  I adore our friendship and hope that everyone has a friend like Kristen in their lives. I can honestly say she makes me a better person, and I love her for it. She is forgiving and generous, and loves to give, yet expects nothing in return.  And, the girl can eat...her nickname in high school and college was "Shortie Well Fed", and oddly enough it was given to her by one of my other besties, Adam.  Oh, and I should also mention that Kristen and I "met" in the Nursery at Franklin Medical center on March 9th, 1979...we were born in the same hospital, two days apart, and likely had some quality wailing sessions together in the Nursery while our Mom's snoozed.

Friday I picked her up and we enjoyed a relaxing lunch at Feathernesters, we checked out the white slip covered couch they have to offer and I bought some adorable vintage looking earrings, like the ones above. I can't wait to craft an outfit around these earrings. We then set out for Short Pump, where Janie and Jack was having an amazing sale. I got the girls dresses for our beach photo shoot in September and picked up another set of beach photo dresses for 2 years from now, the total for all 4 dresses was $70, and the original retail price of 1 dress was $69.50, so I basically saved 75%. Can I get an AMEN? I got several other things for Olivia, tank tops for $6.99 and skirts for $7.99.

They even mismarked a Chambray Dress for $9.99 and honored the pricing, it should have been marked $34.00. Isn't it adorable. I would love it in my size!! Oh and for you skinny Minnie's out there, they go up to Size 12 online, I bet some of you could easily wear a Size 12 in Girls...some of the dresses are just precious!

Gap was also having a stupendous sale. I got 2 pairs of jeans, 1 for $4.97 and the other for $9.58. I got 2 tank tops, each $5.00, I got a pair of black dress pants for $8.00 and Brad got a dress shirt for $11 - can you say JACKPOT?

Kristen managed to snap a cute pair of Sperry Flip Flops from Saxon Kids for way cheaper than adult version...if you have small enough feet shopping in the kids section is the way to go! I am jealous with a capital J.

We also saw Friends with Benefits and laughed our faces off. JT is an entertaining guy, but it is hard to take him serious as an actor sometimes, because I am so used to his comedic presence, that serious moments were hard for me to take.  When he started rapping like Cris Cross I almost peed my pants - hilarious.

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