Saturday, April 2, 2011

Door Envy...

Brad and I have been chatting about getting our shutters re-touched on the front of our house.  We get full sun all day long and the sun is quite hard on our navy shutters, so during those conversations I asked him what he thought of adding some color to our entry way and by color I meant, a lime green front door.  Our house is gray, we have navy shutters and currently a navy front door and navy back door, but here is the question...can we paint the front door lime green and leave the back door navy? Or does that break some front door - back door rule? What do ya'll think? Is it too much? I have to admit, I am a bit worried that our neighborhood just isn't ready for a door like this one, that it won't fit in, that however doesn't change my love for the door.

We've also talked about getting a screen/storm door for the front to help bring some light into the front of the house. I find it odd that you can't get a navy storm door, navy isn't a standard color, and its even hard to find a door that has navy as a special order what is a girl to do?

Another quick update to the front is going to be replacing the brass numbers with "silver" ones, I loathe brass (no offense Mom).

And of course our homeowners association would have to give us the green light...but being that our close friends kinda run the board, I'm not all that worried about getting their blessing.

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