Saturday, October 3, 2009

Best & Worst Baby Gear

I follow a blog that does a "Show us your Life" post every Friday, yesterday everyone blogged about their favorite and least favorite baby here it goes.

  • Britax Car Seats - Brad happens to be the biggest fan, mostly due to how easy they are to install, I happen to love them because they are so stinkin' safe. We have 2 Marathon's and 2 Regent's.
  • Baby Papasan - Avery slept in this for the first few weeks of her life, that along makes it worth it, but as a bonus, Olivia happened to love it too, it was a great place for them to rest their pretty little heads while I was running around like a crazy person in the kitchen.
  • Glider - we have a Little Castle glider in Olivia's room and a Wal-Mart glider in Avery's, and while I love the design of Avery's (since I picked the fabric myself), the Little Castle one was well worth the money, much easier to glide and rock.
  • Activity Gym - both girls really enjoyed laying on the mat and batting at all the hanging toys
  • Exersaucer & Jumparoo - both girls loved both of these contraptions, don't know what we would have done without them.
  • Avent Bottles - we used them with both girls, and we have used both the regular ones and the Tempo (disposable liners)
  • Bobby Maternity Pillow - I still sleep with it to this day.

Least Favorite:

  • Bumbo - I can't blame all of it on the actual Bumbo, we just didn't use it very much and neither girl really enjoyed sitting in it.
  • Boppy - no real need for us since we didn't BF, it was helpful in helping Olivia learn to sit up, but I don't think Avery has even seen hers and we have two of them.
  • Bottle Warmer - we had it for a week or so with Olivia and ended up taking it back, Olivia & Avery both drank/drink their bottles at room temperature, so it wasn't necessary.

I think that is about it, in all honesty I could probably go on for a few more lines but I am so excited the girls are down for a nap and I can run to Target in peace I just can't focus. Target happens to be one of my favorite places on Earth.

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