Friday, October 9, 2009

With Thanks...

I am thankful for:
  • Asiago Loaf from Panera - I just ate almost the entire thing
  • DVR's - I don't know how I kept up on all the TV shows I am now addicted to without them, they have revolutionized how I spend my free time.
  • Romantic Comedies - I love, love, love them. I love to laugh and I love, love, so its the best of both worlds, by far my favorite genre of movie. I am very much looking forward to Couples Retreat, I wish I could put Vince Vaughn in my pocket and just carry him around with me, he lights up my life.

1 comment:

The Bannister's said...

Well, you could totally put VV in your pocket, once he is released from mine that is! :) I think he is super duper funny! We were planning to go see Couples Retreat tonight, but that will depend on the little fella- I will give ol' V a good rub on the noggin for ya!hehehee