Sunday, October 4, 2009

Date Night

That's right...Brad and I went out on a date last night. Fairly spur of the moment, which by the way, isn't the way we roll these days, nothing really happens around here in the spur of the moment fashion, most things are planned, and planned well in advance, we don't do so well with spur of the moment, wait, I take that back, we do well with it, but it just doesn't happen all that often due to the fear that we won't do well with it...did you follow that?

So YaYa (my Mom) came over and watched Olivia for us last night, we put Avery down before we left. We left around 7:20 and made a beeline straight for Bonefish Grill, we were STARVING. We had a reservation for 8pm, but when we got there the bar had several empty seats so we grabbed two and placed our orders. For those of you that haven't been to a Bonefish before...I could seriously eat my weight in Bang Bang Shrimp. It is a party in your mouth, to die for if you will...I happen to be madly in love with it, if I wasn't already married I would consider marrying it I love it so much. Get the point? Its good stuff. We called the movies to see what was planning, BUT movies around here are either 7pm starts or 10pm starts, that is just a little too late to be keeping YaYa out, so we bailed on the movies and headed for Coldstone Creamery. Yum. We sat outside and ate our ice cream, Brad said it was a bit too chilly to be sitting outside, but I insisted it was more romantic than eating it in the "Honeywagon". Speaking of Honeywagons...I never in a million years imagined I would be going on a date in a Mini-Van. I am so not the Mini-Van type, yet we now have one. I never, ever, ever, thought we would be going on a date in one. We both commented on how much we missed the TL last night, its the perfect date car. But we continue to remind ourselves that the Honeywagon is we will deal, plus, when the kids are with us, its super practical.

We had a great evening together, very little talk if any about the girls, which is our goal for date nights, just to focus on us, and leave the kid talk at home.

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Jeni said...

The shrimp sounds good. I'm so glad you got a date night. They are so important. We're due for one too, actually.