Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So very thankful...

I have been slacking on my "thankful" posts, so here is a post dedicated to being thankful to get me all caught up.

I am thankful for:

  • Each and everyday I have with the ones I love. One of my good friends, Susan, takes her daughter Mary, to a sweet woman JoJo for daycare, and on Saturday JoJo had an aneurysm and was taken to VCU and then med flighted to UVA, but good news, the surgery was successful and they were able to contain the bleed with just a "coil" instead of massive brain surgery.
  • My friend Susan, for being such a great person. She took today off to work at the daycare to help out JoJo and Papa while JoJo is recovering from the surgery, she will likely be in the hospital for two weeks. Susan is always the first person to offer to help, anytime anything happens with one of the girls she is always there to listen to me and offer to do anything that I need. When Avery was in the NICU she slept with her Blackberry because she was so worried and wanted to be there for me if I needed her.
  • Childhood Memories. I have always loved dogs/puppies, and as a child we had a good family friend that raised Huskies and I loved when they had new litters, my Dad would bring me over to their house and I would let those puppies crawl all over me. I remember getting so excited walking into their house and hearing the puppies downstairs. Bill Walker, the man who raised the pups, who was also a close family friend just passed late last week, so I have spent a lot of time thinking about those great memories, I can even recall the smell of the house...
  • The health of my daughters, while Olivia has had her fair share of colds/allergies/asthma issues, the girls have been very healthy. Everytime anything happens with either one of them I always say "How would I handle it if something was really wrong, man oh man, I give those Mom's a lot of credit". I read blog after blog about sick children and I just don't know how those parents do it.
  • Crystal Light - I just love it.

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