Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mom of the Year

I am afraid to even admit this on my blog since my darling MIL reads this, but its just too funny to keep to myself. Picture this: Me carrying Olivia's 3 babies down the stairs, two empty bottles from Avery's room, an almost empty glass of Ice-Tea...oh yeah, and OLIVIA. So I am trying to make my way safely down the stairs with precious cargo in my arms...Riley is at the top of the stairs as well, and as soon as I take my first step down, he takes off like a bat out of helicopters (my new term for the H-E-L-L word). He almost knocked us down, so I yelled, ever so lady-like "Damnit Riley", not a proud moment of mine, but I saw our lives flash before our eyes, I didn't have time to search my vocabulary for an appropriate word to express my fear and emotion. And I bet you are asking yourselves, what happens next? Well, we made it safely down the stairs, but not before Olivia yelled "Damnit Riley". She annunciated like a champ...her vocabulary is really coming along. And I must add that she used the same exact tone...hilarious.

Oh my goodness...what am I teaching my child? Like I said before, I am not proud of this, and I immediately told her it was a bad word and that Mommy was sorry for saying a bad word, but she is one funny little girl. We shall see if the word surfaces again in her daily chatter.

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