Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Great Pumpkin....Olivia & Avery Turner.

Yes, I know, its really The Great Pumpkin Charlie with me here, I was trying to be clever, clearly it didn't execute like I imagined it would in my head.

We set out for Chesterfield Berry Farm (aka The Pumpkin Patch) this morning after waking Avery up from a nap (poor thing, no wonder she is a bad napper). We arrived around 10:15 and quickly made our way to the Bouncy House as Olivia is obsessed with them and talks about them on a daily basis. "Bouncy House is Fun Mommy" that is one of her favorite quotes...

We bypassed the animals with a quickness we rarely see from our child, she was terribly afraid. I am beginning to wonder if I have done something to instill this fear in her, I hate that she is so scared of everything, but on the other hand want her to operate with a small degree of caution, is there a happy medium out there? Its not like I wanted her to run up and make friends with the big, scary, Rooster, but when he "cockadoodle dos", I didn't want her to run for the hills either...I am going to find a way break this girl of her fears sooner or later.

We stopped at the "food" area for hot dogs and BBQ sandwiches...and I ordered a what I can only dream about was a delicious pumpkin milkshake. You see, the reason I don't know how it tastes, is because my darling daughter snagged it from me before I even got a sip, and proceeded to scream the second anyone laid a finger on it, so instead of causing a huge scene at the Pumpkin Patch...I gave in and she enjoyed the pumpkin milkshake until she spilled it on herself in the car....and then threw a fit.

After lunch we rode out to the Pumpkin Patch to find our Avery & Olivia pumpkins, clearly they had to be relative in size to the girls, so one larger than the other (if you weren't following what I was saying with the relative part). Mission Accomplished and then we headed back to the car for the longer than it should be, ride home. Seriously, that place is out there, just when you think you are going to come up on it, you have another few miles to go...down a windy, country road.

A great time was had by all. We are very glad that YaYa was able to join us this year!

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