Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Being a single Momma to two little girls can be the most rewarding feeling in the world....and also the most challenging. And don't freak out, nothing has happened to Brad, he has just been traveling a lot, and it will continue for the next two weeks...I have started to read 1-2-3 Magic (Thanks for the recommendation Amy!) and so far I am working on "stopping obnoxious behavior", but I haven't gotten to the chapters about "reinforcing good behavior", which would include getting out the door in the morning, putting your shoes on, going to the potty, etc. But I am proud to report that so far so good with the stopping of the annoying behavior, I haven't had to count to 3 once!! BUT being consistent and being engaged in all aspects of Olivia's discipline is at times a challenge, like when she chooses to do something wrong and I am feeding Avery, or changing Avery's diaper, or trying to put Avery to sleep, or feeding Avery...you get the picture. I am getting better and working on my patience, I was doing a remarkable job (If I do say so myself - ha) until tonight when Olivia just wouldn't brush her teeth, she just loves to suck the toothpaste off but refuses to brush upstairs and downstairs (top and bottom). I almost lost it, I had to turn around and take a deep breath...now why in the world am I getting worked up over her not brushing her teeth you say? The only solution I can come up with is that I don't get a break...I need to get better about taking a break when Brad is around, leaving the house and spending time by myself. On Sunday I asked Brad to watch the girls for an hour so I could update our blog, list a few things on eBay and upload pictures...that was like heaven to me, outside of the face that I could hear each and every peep...its amazing to me how sound carries in this house. Anyone else feel like they never get a break? Or for those of you that DO get a break, how do you do it? I just feel so guilty. I would love to work out after work, but that would mean I would likely miss dinner with the girls, and potentially miss putting Avery to bed...and that is one night of her life I missed to do what, sweat? Are you kidding me? I can't rationalize that in my Momma-Heart. But I know I need to work on that...Brad is willing to support me in whatever I choose, but it isn't that easy, his schedule is all over the place and a lot of nights I don't have that option, he isn't home...

Okay, I am just babbling now...enough of that, and on to my things to be thankful for.
  • I am thankful that Avery is doesn't get upset when I have to put her down to play with her toys in order to attend to Olivia.
  • I am thankful for Advil/Motrin, I honestly don't know how I would get through the week without it, after hours of staring at my laptop, my eyes/head are screaming at me.
  • I am thankful for off switches on baby toys. So many of them these days just don't have that on/off switch so they end up just starting up at random times, when you are sitting across the room and your child has been asleep for a good 3 hours...its freaky and annoying all at the same time. God Bless those off switches.

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The Bannister's said...

Oh sister, if there ever was a post that spoke my words it would be this one! I too have a TERRIBLE, horrible time getting away. I have been completely neglectful in updating my blog for that very same reason. The one thing I believe is that in order to be the very best Leigh/mommmy/wife is to make sure that you do stuff for you.... you know if you feel better then it all works out that way. I know advice I should take myself. But I do know for me, when I do things for me- I am better at my "job" of being a mom because I am happier and less stressed. I hope things go smoother today :)