Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An 11?.....REALLY?

So I escaped the whole "your feet grow while pregnant" with Olivia, but I didn't fare so well this time around. And let me just say, I would have no problem, zip, zero, zilch if it wasn't for the size of my feet. If there were an endless supply of Size 11 cute shoes I could care less what size my feet were, BUT you see the challenge is that Size 11's are few and far between, at least in the stores. So yesterday for the first time since becoming a Mom I went shopping after work, let Brad get the girls and I took my time getting home. My mission was to find a pair of black boots, black flats and finally a cute pair of brown flats. I left the office and made a beeline for DSW. I arrived only to find out that everyone else in Midlothian also left work early to buy shoes, the place was a ZOO. So I set out, walking the aisles, enjoying my time alone, perusing the styles, and looking for my dream shoe. Well, it didn't take long to realize that finding a dream shoe wasn't going to be the challenge, it was going to be finding a dream shoe in Size 11. So DSW clearly knows my pain and have solved for the anxiety of those Size 11 shoe shoppers. They essentially light the Size 11 boxes on fire so you can't miss them, they don't want to make you hold your breath when you find your dream shoe only to check box by box, size by size, to end up empty handed. They put this HUGE, BRIGHT yellow sticker on the Size 11 boxes so you can spot them a mile away, so basically I could have run at a full sprint up and down the aisles just looking for that yellow sticker. I ended up buying a pair of Berry colored penny loafers,
that if you recall my list, were clearly NOT on it. But they had the sticker and felt like a little piece of heaven on my feet, what I will wear them with, I haven't the foggiest, but you best believe I am going to find a way to wear those shoes if its the last thing I do.

And then I found a pair of black flats with the buckle on the front that I really liked, only to turn them around and find that the heel had been bedazzled. Seriously, folks? Who in their right mind would bedazzle perfectly cute buckle shoes? Well, I asked 3 ladies that were shopping near me if they were bothered by the metal studs on the heel, they all replied "no, its very in", to which I thought to myself, I clearly need to get out more. So I bit the bullet and bought the shoes, I figure if I can't see the studs, I shouldn't care what people in my wake are thinking about the studs, right?

And then on to the boot aisles...oh the boots...well since I am already an amazon woman, I clearly don't need to add any height to my stature, so I set out to find low heels, the best I could find was a super dorky pair of Aerosoles (need I say more?) round toe boots...I did it, I bought them, brought them home, showed Brad, and needless to say, they are in the car with me today ready to make their way back to the store, I just couldn't do it, and you know its bad when your husband is like "Honey, No". HA.

So after I finished scouring the aisles and clearance section at DSW I thought to myself "How about a Department Store, maybe I will have better luck there"....NOT A CHANCE. I found two pairs I liked at Macy's only to turn them over and find that they only care up to Size 10 - GIVE ME A BREAK. So I made my way over to the Clinique counter and bought some eye gel stuff that will hopefully shave 10 years off of my wrinkles overnight. And the best part, it was Free Gift Time, my favorite and only time to purchase Clinique stuff, I do have to say though, the apple pouch is just too cute, and I have a slight obsession with pouches, just can't get enough.

And for Megs, I am sorry you had to read this again, the poor girl had to hear me complain about my foot size all the way home.

So after a mediocre shopping experience I headed home, arrived home to two starving little girls who were happy to see their Momma, which happens to be the best feeling in the whole world.


Megs said...

It was actually funnier the second time :)

Jeni said...

Funny story :) I too have a hard time finding shoes for my flipper-wide feet. It's rare I can find anything remotely stylish. I remember when I was shopping for prom and couldn't find wide heels anywhere. The salesman at Burlington Shoes told me to try a drag queen shop, really?!?!?!

Good for you for taking some time to do something for you :)