Sunday, October 4, 2009


So I am beginning to lose my patience with Olivia. And it isn't an all the time type of thing, its usually once a day...she will deliberately ignore me, stare at me and continue to do exactly what I am telling her not to do, and I find myself raising my voice far more than I would like. I don't want to be a "yeller". I know that I need to get up, go to her, get down on her level and talk to her in a stern voice, all while making good eye contact. I have been slacking and haven't done a great job with that, so I find myself just raising my voice, and that clearly isn't helping. Any advice? I would love to hear it.

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Mark and Amy said...

My Mother In Law gave me a book called "1-2-3 Magic" by Thomas W. Phelan. She (My MIL) was a Pediatric Nurse and apparently this book is all the "rage". We can't use it yet b/c it is for kids 2-12, so I can't say that it is effective for us, but I did recommend it to another friend and she said it was "magic"! Good Luck!