Saturday, October 3, 2009

God Bless YaYa

Brad and I are going on a D-A-T-E and YaYa is staying with the girls. We have reservations at 8pm at Bonefish Grill, so we will put Avery down and then head out. We've already had a glass of wine, so I am guessing we will be ready to fall asleep at the table by the time we get there, we are both starving and have already cooked up a batch of Seasonings (I think that is what they are called, the frozen appetizer things....) and we are still hungry. We usually eat dinner at 8pm or later, but for some reason tonight we are both ready to eat our our limbs.

I had a blast just strolling around Target, taking my sweet time, not worrying about when Avery would need to eat next, or if Olivia would need a snack that I didn't bring along for the ride, it was a little bit of heaven for this Momma of two...and did I mention that I found some SUPER cute clothes for the girls? Yup, and bought a waste basket for their bathroom, we are almost there, just 1 or 2 pieces of wall art and then it will be complete.

Tomorrow morning we are off to the Pumpkin Patch.

I am thankful for:
  • Not having to pay $10 an hour for a baby sitter while Brad and I get out on a much needed date-night.
  • Modern Medicine - October is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, so I am thankful for all the developments in medicine to help these little ones fight the battle of their lives.
  • My neighbors - I am so thankful to have the best neighbors in the world. I just love walking out the door, seeing them standing outside and catching up on our days, nothing better than meeting the neighbors at the mailbox...I am so thankful they are in our lives.

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Megs said...

Hope you had a happy date!