Saturday, October 15, 2011

This & That

A few very random things to share...
  • I bought the KidsDineFree card when it popped up as a LivingSocial Deal a few weeks ago, we plan to use it tonight for the first time. I can't wait.  It is basically a card that lets your kiddos eat for free as long as you are a paying adult. Bargain! This is great for us, we love to eat out and the girls both get Kids Meals these days, and often times they are $5-$6 each, so this card will save us at least $10 every time we eat out at a participating restaurant. Check out the website, it works in a few different markets.
  • I had my very first microdermabrasion and peel today at "The Beauty School" as Brad calls it. They were running a special, and students actually do the work, but they are supervised, so I had it done for $25 and they don't let you tip.  They do try to sell their products pretty hard, but my face feels fantastic.
  • Gap was having a blowout sale today. Women's Clothing was an extra 50% off sale items and I managed to score 3 pairs of jeans for.....$16 total. (White, Skinny Crops and Jeggings) Kids and Baby Clothing was an extra 40% off. I go a little nutty when they run this sale, I pick up staple items that I know the girls will need for years to come. I can't turn down a cute white button up shirt in a Size 12 for $4.00, can I? I mean I couldn't even procure one at Target for $4.00 and this one is so classic, when Olivia wears a size 12, it will still be super duper stylish.

  • I am working on Olivia's bedside table today. I think we have figured out how we are going to paint and decorate her room (more to come on that in the next 2 weeks, it should be painted next weekend)

  • The front is starting to look more Fall-like, but seriously, who hung that wreath? (Moi?) Don't you think it is a tad bit high? Needs to be lowered stat! I am surprised the neighborhood police haven't issued me a citation.

  • The Mums (just for you Mom T) were procured at Costco, and haven't bloomed yet, don't go getting all worried that they are already dead, that is just their color.  The girls love to help water them, so I am hoping they actually bloom sooner, rather than later!!
  • Olivia just told me that she "Accidentally got a little more hungry and Accidentally had to have a few more candy corn" - she told the truth, which means I can't get upset at her, but of course when I walked away, I did chuckle...."Accidentally" HA!
  • We are having a yard sale next weekend - lots of prep to do, but I am looking forward to a less cluttered house.
  • My Mom arrives on Wednesday and we are all very much looking forward to her visit!
  • I whipped up a few labels with my Silhouette last night and this morning, here is one, but more to come. I also downloaded a ton of new free fonts from, I love fonts that look like handwriting! (You also get a small tease of the Home Office Bookshelf, which I promise The Home Office will be revealed very soon, just waiting for 1 final touch)

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