Saturday, October 29, 2011

Before & After: Woods-ie to Beach-ie

I might have mentioned that when my fake sister Sibille stopped through Richmond on her way to South Carolina she brought a few things from my Parents house...and one of those things she brought was this dark and rustic medicine cabinet that had been hanging in the basement bathroom for many, many moons. In fact, I am guessing it went up in that bathroom when the bathroom was built...not sure it was ever used, since that bathroom was never used, but it was there, collecting dust...

There she is, in all her glory....

A closer look...

Step 1...primer, primer and more primer...that wood just kept soaking it in. 

The finished product hanging in our bathroom, right next to my sink

A closer view of the fantastic fabric & starfish

This was a fairly quick, easy and very affordable project to tackle.  I did have to use a few different cans of White Spray paint (including Primer) and then I procured the fabric at JoAnn Fabrics and I already had the starfish laying around, so I put it to good use with some super duper glue. 

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