Sunday, October 23, 2011

There's a Party In My Tummy

So Yummy, So Yummy....

Brad and I got tickets to take the girls to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live, but since my Mom was in town she took Brad's ticket and it was a Girls Night Out...we dined at Arby's first, using our KidsDineFree cards and then headed downtown.  The show was at The Landmark (same as Wicked) and we were in the last row of the Balcony, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me considering the place was empty and we bought our seats at the Pre-Sale Event...odd huh, but the seats were actually great, and our view was just perfect!

The girls had a blast dancing around in aisles, so it was nice to have a lot of space, and Biz Markie was the highlight of the show for me, besides of course watching my Mom bust a move - that lady has some dance moves ya'll. I wish you could have seen them. One of these days I will have to Flip myself doing a YaYa impersonation...because folks, it is THAT funny. Olivia was scared to death and didn't want to go in, similar to the Disney on Ice experience, but once the show started, she was fine (despite asking my Mom to cover her ears because it was so loud).

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