Sunday, October 30, 2011

School Photos - Fall 2011

I can imagine you have all had your fair share of dreadful school photos, I sure did, but I get giddy when the girls have school photos, just the thought of gathering their photos year after year until they graduate thrills me.  My Parents had my class photos lining the walls of our staircase, talk about embarrassing...yikes. I don't plan to do anything of the sort to my beauties, but I do have their hilarious horse photos hanging in my cube area at work...I laugh every time I look up.

So here are my beauties...

 Olivia - Fall 2011 - Pre-Kindergarten - Age 4

Avery - Pre-School - Age 2.5 Years Old

You might notice how busy the backgrounds are, and how they compete with the girls print dresses, well, lets just say, the background wasn't what we had planned on, and Olivia picked out her own dress...a double whammy. And I love that Olivia's face says "I am too cool for school and can't give you a real smile" .  Avery actually looks like a little bronze beauty...despite all the colors going on.

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