Sunday, October 23, 2011

Better Than a Sharp Stick In The Eye

People have asked how the Yard Sale went yesterday and my response has been "So-So" but at the end of the day, it should be more along the lines of "Better than a sharp stick in the eye", because while it was exhausting and we still moved a ton of stuff back into the garage, and took 2 Yukon XL Loads of stuff to Goodwill, we did make a decent amount and our stuff is going to be used again, which is also important!

As you can see we had a TON of stuff.  I sold an entire crate of the girls clothes, which was nice to get rid of, but I basically gave that away, probably several hundred dollars worth of clothes for $20, and my Mom pointed out this morning that the crate they were stored in probably cost north of $5.00 so I really only sold the clothes for $15. (Thanks Mom, way to rub salt in the wounds of a girl who already felt as though she gave away the farm).  And don't you always wonder when you sell stuff at dirt cheap prices to a woman who already has a car full of random stuff, if she isn't going to turn around and sell it herself at a higher price point - that makes me go "hmmmmm".

I was impressed though, a young man down the street stopped on the way out of the neighborhood, asked how much for the baby swing and stroller, I quoted the price and he said he would be back.  A few hours later his Mom stopped and said "my son asked about the stroller and swing earlier, it is his first baby, and I don't want to do everything for him, I want him to have some responsibility but I also want to help, so I am going to give you a small deposit and he is going to make payments to use when he gets paid every 2 weeks".  And sure enough she came by later in the afternoon to make her deposit and didn't take the stuff, she said he can get the stuff when he is finished paying for is - I got all teary thinking about how tough it must be for her, she wants to help, she doesn't want her grandchild to go without, but she also has the burden of teaching her child responsibility and what it is like to be an adult (he is clearly a teenager). I wonder what my children will struggle with as young adults and I just pray that I have the wisdom to help them in meaningful ways that offer both an immediate help but also teaches them a life lesson that will be helpful for all of their days.

Never in a million years thought that my post about the Yard Sale would end up giving me a lump in my throat...

I am hopeful that in the next few weeks we can clean out the garage so I can set up a craft area for my new found hobby.  We had a glass IKEA table for sale, but since it didn't sell, I am going to keep it in the garage and use it as my craft station - can't wait to get it all set up and get the clutter organized!

All jokes aside, my Mom was heaven sent yesterday. She kept the girls overnight on Friday so Brad and I could get organized and so that Saturday morning would be easier on us.  We were organizing for hours on Friday and up at 6am on Saturday to set up.  The girls had a blast with their YaYa and then she was a big help at the sale as well - that YaYa sure does love a good "Tag Sale" (that is what we called them at home)

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maura said...

Too bad we don't live closer, looks like I could have done some of Nate's Christmas shopping in your yard!