Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bout' Time..

I am beyond thrilled that Will and Alicia have finally given into the chemistry that has been brewing for the last two seasons, it was starting to get on my nerves. I have a hard time staying interested in a show without the potential for love, and then when they just drag it on and on, it really gets my goat.

I thought it would be a good time to share how my Fall TV shows are shaping up. My favorites haven't changed all that much, and I haven't had much time to watch TV, so honestly my TV time has decreased quite a bit and I haven't tried out many of the new shows, so this list hasn't changed all that much.  My one regret to date is that I haven't made time for Modern Family, I have heard nothing but rave reviews, and I have let the TV Nation down, I haven't made time to preview it and I need to turn that around, jeesh!

1) The Good Wife (CBS)- the photo above says it all. I am a sucker for the law and love...and I don't know what it is about Will, but he does it for me.

2) Private Practice (ABC) - this one isn't knocking it out of the park for me these days, but I am still loyal.  I need something to happen between Addison and Benjamin Bratt's character to keep me interested...

3) Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - this one is actually moving up on my list. Last season was a snooze fest for me, but this season I am back in the game. I think Jackson Avery is A-DORABLE.

4) How I Met Your Mother - enough already, i just want to know who Ted marries...but Barney keeps me laughing for 30 minutes straight, and Lily is a hoot.

5) Mike & Molly - I haven't watched any yet this season, but this show has me rolling in the aisles. I can't figure out who is funnier, Mike, Molly, Mike's Partner, Mike's Partners Grandma, Molly's Mom, or Molly's Pothead sister, they all crack me up. This show was cast VERY well.

6) NCIS & NCIS LA - love both of them, but Tony and Ziva just need to make out already. And Deeks and Kensi...come on people, without some love interests, these two are on the chopping block.

7) 90210 - this one keeps me going, but I am not looking forward to it every week like I am The Good Wife...and lets be honest folks, it still doesn't hold a candle to the real 90210...I am beginning to think nothing ever will.

8) Gossip Girl - love it, and with Blair pregnant it keeps you wondering who the father really is, despite what she said. I love her and Chuck together. I used to loathe Chuck Bass, but now I fancy him.

9) Parenthood - come on people, can anyone get through an episode of this show without tears? I lose it every single week. Last week when Kristina was standing at Hattie's door after Hattie had just been broken up with, I was a wreck. I can't imagine the pain I will feel the first time the girls have their heart broken. I empathize with Kristina every week, even when she is acting like a hormonal, crazy person.  I just love Lauren Graham, I miss The Gilmore Girls.

10) Castle - this is another one that really frosts my cookies. If Castle and Beckett it don't share a few smooches sooner rather than later I am going to boycott this show. I find Castle to be annoying and adorable all in the same breath...how is that possible?

There you have it, my favorites so far. I am sure I am missing a few, and I've seen a few others that I could come to love, but I just don't have the time, its amazing I get through these during the week, which BTW, I don't. Some I have yet to see a single episode...but they are waiting on my DVR.

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