Sunday, October 30, 2011

Declared: Bike Race Season 2011 Over

Today marked Brad's last official Mountain Bike Race of the 2011 has been a long one filled with ups and downs, but today he will hang up his Mountain Bike, likely break it apart and sell it off in parts in the attempt to make enough moula to buy a new bike for the 2012 Season...

My Mom, the beauties and I set out mid-day, figuring we would have a casual lunch in Williamsburg, hit the outlets for a little shopping and then make our way to his race, which was set to begin at 3:30pm.  Luckily for us it was a beautiful Fall day here, I can't say that my Dad is enjoying the weather he was dealt in good ol' Western Mass...where he is stuck without power, cable, phone or Internet, and digging his way out from under 14-18 inches of snow - ICK.

View from my Parents front porch area - yikes.
So my plan didn't execute as I would think after 4 years of being a Mother I would set more realistic expectations, but no, I just plan and have to adjust on the that meant 15 minutes in Carters looking for matching Christmas PJ's before it was time to leave and we hadn't made a single purchase...I went into the trip looking for some pants for work, and came out empty handed.

Avery waiting for the race to begin...

We did make it to Brad's race before his group went off, and we were there when he came down the first hill, and cheered him on...imagine two beauties yelling "Go Daddy" at the top of their lungs...pretty darn cute if you ask me.

Olivia is working on her smiles, and this is one of her new ones...I consider it to be more of a smirk than a smile, but she is working it...

The lone photo I got of Brad all day, but at least its an action shot and proof that he was out there doing his thing...we are so very proud of him and sorry that his race ended with a mechanical issue and a sore back...looks like he is headed for the heating pad tonight.

Notice Olivia's chin...that is her "Bike Race Tattoo"...courtesy of Avery who pushed her off a log and her chin happened to slam into the log on the way down...that was the end of the bike race for us. And it happened just as Brad was rounding a corner that we had walked to in the hopes of catching him on the way through, lucky for him he knew we were there, he could hear both of the girls wailing at the top of their lungs...just what every Dad wants to hear on the course.

Hard to see in this photo, but the facial expression paired with the chalk stained face gives you a glimpse into the Avery of today...I can't wait for her Ped to call me tomorrow morning for our long overdue chat.

And I just love this photo of Avery and Campbell in the driveway/road - it looks like they are in deep thought. This photo was snapped after we got home and the girls were playing outside for a little bit before dinner...I think they missed Campbell, with the rain yesterday this afternoon was the first time they had seen her in a few days. I love their friendship with the neighbors kiddos, they are lost without them and miss them when they go a few days without seeing them - so cute. I hope they are always that close!

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