Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Crafts 2011

Better Homes & Gardens (Source)
I have seen a lot of fun pumpkin craft ideas out there on the WWW, specifically on Pinterest, and so I am going to attempt to do something new and fun with Pumpkins every single year, at least while the beauties are young and appreciate it. So this year I followed some inspiration I found on BH&

I added my own vinyl-loving flair by whipping up their names using my always trusty Silhouette SD. I didn't get them exactly right and you can tell by the amount of ribbon I have left in Avery's colors that I was more generous with Olivia's than with Avery's, but I happen to be a big fan of how they turned out.

Their current home is on a little stool thingy that my Aunt Martha gave us a few years ago for Christmas and it sits right by our front door. I suspect the girls will move them around a bit, but for now, they look perfect perched just so.

I thought this shot of Avery touching her stem was precious...

And Sunday afternoon look what we saw flying overhead...a bomber from WW2 (I believe...) and from what Justin tells me after a trip to the Chesterfield Airport, this is the last operational one around...someone paid $400 to take a ride. Not sure I would pay $400 to take a ride in the last one that flies...there is probably a good reason why all the others that flew back then, no longer fly...

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Jeni said...

The pumpkins look great. I've also been motivated through pinterest! I painted mine white a couple of weeks ago, but need to get some vinyl cut. Yours look fabulous!!!