Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First: Field Trip

Olivia had her first real field trip yesterday and not only was it her first real field trip, it was her first visit to a library (shame on me, I know).  She had to wear a red shirt, so she rocked her Patriots T-Shirt with some adorable little navy leggings, she was stylin! Her favorite part....the bus ride! And she told me all about the book she picked out.

Next week she is going on another field trip...to the Pumpkin Patch this time around, and guess who is going as a chaperon? You guessed it, MOI! I am so excited to be able to share this with her, to take a morning off to spend it with her and her class, these are the things I thought about while I was pregnant with her.  I also can't wait to show up at her school when she is a little older and take her out early for cupcakes and pedicures...but these days, with the SOL requirements I can imagine it won't be that easy. Shucks!

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